Diets can cause serious mental abnormalities

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The sooner women start to get involved in diets, the higher the likelihood of acquiring various health problems, including alcoholism and eating disorders. Scientists at the University of Florida for a long 10 years watched the condition of 1340 women who tortured themselves with diets.

It turned out that under powerful social pressure, women tried to lose weight by resorting to various diets. And this applies to women of all ages.

Some even at the age of three tried to monitor weight and began to actively diet. And others began to control the calorie content of their daily diet at only 26 years old. “If people start experimenting with diets at an early age, then health problems can occur even 10 years after graduation,” said Professor Pamela Keele. So this is a long-lasting effect.

Or, it is likely that the matter is in the presence of health problems, both due to the influence of the environment and genetics. In fact, eating disorders are the result of social, biological and psychological effects. If you stop such deviations immediately, then in the future you can avoid the development of problems with food, weight gain and alcohol. It is best to bet on proper nutrition (an abundance of fruits and vegetables) and physical activity. A healthy approach should be promoted in elementary school. Because then, when puberty begins, many children will begin to grow rapidly and gain weight, which will plunge them into distress.

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