Linden tea benefits and harms to human health

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How pleasant it is to drink a cup of fragrant linden tea on a cold winter day, remember summer and walks through a flowering forest. This drink is considered to be a real invigorating and healing tea. It has a pleasant and slightly sweet aftertaste, light aroma.
Usually linden tea is consumed in its pure form, but it goes well with the leaves of other plants, with black and green teas.

The Slavs have a lot of traditions associated with this tree. It was believed that after the birth of a son, it was necessary to plant a linden tree. And if there is a thunderstorm outside, then it is under this tree that you should hide, since it never hits it.

The composition and calorie content of linden tea, vitamins and minerals

Everyone knows that with a cold, it is best to drink linden tea. The drink contains a huge amount of glycosides, phytoncides, vitamin C, flavonoids, tannins and essential oils.

At the same time, the calorie content of linden is 0 units, since the plant has neither carbohydrates, nor fats, nor proteins.

Benefits of linden tea

In addition to the ability to quickly cope with viral diseases, tea helps with the pathology of the respiratory system, reduces coughing.

The drink has a beneficial effect on the elasticity of blood vessels, prevents the appearance of sclerotic plaques in them.

Tea stimulates the secretion of bile and activates the digestive tract, has a diuretic effect and stabilizes blood pressure.

Linden drink helps to reduce depression and helps to cope with headaches, dizziness. It has a beneficial effect on the work of the stomach and its mucosa.

Tea is suitable even for gargling, it disinfects the mucous membrane well, kills microbes. Drink can be washed, it gives a rejuvenating effect.

How to brew linden tea

To get fragrant and healing tea, only dry flowers of the tree are used. A glass of boiling water will require 1 tablespoon of raw materials. The flowers are poured with boiling water and infused for 10 minutes – all the tea is ready to drink. This decoction will help to lose extra pounds.

To cope with colds faster, it is recommended to mix linden leaves with raspberry flowers, they are mixed in equal parts and boiled in a steam bath for about 10 minutes. This tea is ideal for eliminating the first symptoms of the disease.

In the same way, you can prepare a cough remedy, both dry and wet. Only instead of raspberry flowers put elder flowers. And if you add chamomile flowers, you get a tea for sore throats.

To calm down and cope with strong emotional overstrain, lime is mixed with mint or lemon balm. You can add motherwort. Or you can just brew 2 tablespoons of flowers, such a strong decoction will help you quickly calm down.

Benefits of linden tea for women

For the beautiful half of humanity, linden is extremely useful. It normalizes the menstrual cycle and is very useful during menopause. Tea makes it easier to transfer the restructuring of the body, prevent constant jumps in blood pressure and hot flashes.

It is used as a remedy for mastopathy, it is included in therapy in the presence of fibroids, fibroids, and even in oncological diseases.

During menstruation, linden tea helps to cope with pain and reduce bleeding.

Tea is of great benefit to women who wish to conceive a child, it stimulates the resorption of adhesions and reduces the risk of miscarriage.

Benefits of linden tea for men

For a strong half of humanity, linden tea is useful not only for colds, it has a positive effect on sexual function and is an effective prophylactic against the development of an inflammatory process in the prostate.

It cannot be said that linden affects potency, but it is a remedy that will nevertheless improve the state of potency and help to cope with hemorrhoids.

Linden tea during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Linden tea is one of those drinks that is suitable for drinking before and after childbirth. It will help prevent colds, reduce fever, and reduce coughing. Linden will help to cope with emotions, calm down and eliminate swelling.

There are no restrictions regarding the use of tea during breastfeeding, it even stimulates milk production.

Linden tea in childhood

You can start giving tea to babies only from 6 months. It is commonly given during colds and virus season to reduce the chance of catching a cold. Tea helps to reduce body temperature and eliminate coughing. Its daily use is unacceptable.

Before introducing into the diet, you should check for an allergy to lime blossom. The first time they give a small spoonful of tea and watch the child throughout the day. If there are no negative manifestations, then the drink is suitable for consumption.

Tea will help calm the baby, improve the functioning of the digestive tract.

Is linden tea good for weight loss?

Linden tea does not have a direct effect on the process of losing weight. However, the drink removes excess water, relieves swelling. The main thing is not to drink tea with sugar, but to replace it with honey or drink without any sweeteners.

Linden tea harm and contraindications

You should always remember the norm, and you should not abuse even linden tea. It can overload the genitourinary system, and even the heart.

It is recommended to drink the drink no more than 3 times a day. Don’t drink it every day either. No more than three times a week is allowed.

An absolute contraindication is an allergy to the linden itself. You do not need to drink a drink at reduced pressure and during the acute stage of heart failure.

Despite the huge benefits for women during menopause, if there are heart problems, then it is also better to refuse the drink.

Linden tea – how to choose and store

Usually linden flowers are collected independently. The flowering period usually falls at the end of June. For drying, both opened buds and bracts are suitable. In no case should you collect linden from the roads and within the city. Linden can be purchased at almost any pharmacy.

If you carry out independent drying of raw materials, then do not do it under open sunlight, refuse to dry in special apparatus and ovens.

In warm weather, the crop will dry out in just 4 days, most importantly, lay out the flowers in a thin layer. It is necessary to store linden in a dark place, preferably in a cool one. It is better to place the inflorescences in a rag bag or in a glass container.

Do not collect a lot of linden, it is consumed in small quantities, and it is not recommended to store it for more than a year.

Linden tea is a healing drink that is absolutely not suitable for daily use. It can only be used if there is a specific problem that this drink can solve.

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