Palm oil benefits and harms to human health

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Despite its great popularity, there is a lot of controversy around palm oil regarding its benefits and harms. Although this product was known to mankind more than 5 thousand years ago. It was imported to Europe as a valuable product along with silk and gold. Nowadays, this oil is inexpensive and is sold in most grocery stores.
Contrary to popular belief, it is not prohibited in most developed countries, and the share of its consumption among all oils is 58%.

Red oil is classified as one of the most useful products, it is produced using the most gentle technology and retains most of the useful components. Deodorized or refined is a completely different product and has much less benefit. Oil for cosmetic products is made from it. It differs in the degree of purification and acid-fat composition.

Calories per 100 g, (kcal):899
Protein in 100 g, (g):0.0
Fat in 100 g, (g):99.9
Carbohydrates per 100 g, (g):0.0
Glycemic index:0

Palm oil composition and calories, vitamins and minerals

The oil has a rich assortment of vitamins, these are B6, E, A, D and F. It contains coenzyme, no cholesterol and trans fats, but we are talking about a liquid consistency. The solid form of the product is obtained by hydrogenation, resulting in the formation of trans fats.

The calorie content of the product is at a high level – 899 units.

Palm oil beneficial properties

Natural palm oil has a deep red hue. This is due to the large amount of carotene.

Due to the high content of vitamin A, the oil improves visual acuity and helps prevent the appearance of cataracts.

The product is good for the heart, it stabilizes blood pressure and minimizes the risk of atherosclerosis. It is used in diet food and is beneficial for diabetics.

The oil helps to cope with liver diseases and stimulates the digestive tract.

The benefits of palm oil for women

The high content of vitamin E protects the female body from the appearance of cancerous growths.

The oil has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it is often found in cosmetic products for the skin of the face. They can even simply lubricate their hands instead of a cream to moisturize and get rid of the signs of aging. It is recommended to use it in small quantities before the onset of menstruation and during menopause in order to reduce the manifestation of hormonal changes.

The benefits of palm oil for men

When consumed regularly in small amounts, palm oil will give a man a lot of energy, especially in adulthood. This effect is achieved through triglycerol. Due to this, it is also recommended for athletes.

Palm oil consumption during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Some doctors recommend using a tablespoon of oil per day throughout the entire period of bearing the baby. This will avoid infectious diseases and will have a positive effect on the correct formation of the baby’s bones.

During lactation, oil will help to quickly cope with cracked nipples. And for the baby, this product, which comes along with the mother’s milk, will become a real helper in the process of forming teeth and bones.

Can palm oil for children

Despite a lot of negative reviews, it is good for the child’s body. Only we are talking about the product that is made according to the traditional method, without the hydrogenation process. But in this case, you have to take the manufacturer’s word for it, since it is quite difficult to prove the presence of trans fats.

If the oil is of good quality, then it will have a positive effect on strengthening the immune system, improve vision.

Is palm oil good for weight loss

There are no contraindications to the use of palm oil during the diet. The main thing is to always remember that everything depends on the quantity, if we are talking about a couple of spoons, then such an amount will only saturate the body with useful substances, and will not harm in any way.

In addition, the oil quickly saturates and prevents constipation.

Eating palm oil for diabetes

There are no contraindications to the use of this product in the presence of diabetes. The main thing is not to forget about the measure, and it will help stabilize sugar levels and even improve glucose metabolism.

What palm oil treats and how to take it medicinally

The oil is used in folk medicine. It helps to cope with inflammation in the mouth. To do this, a piece of gauze is moistened in oil and applied to the inflamed gums. Oil tampons are used to treat anal fissures and in the process of getting rid of hemorrhoids. This technique is even recognized by proctologists.

Palm oil helps speed up the wound healing process. It removes pressure ulcers and cures psoriasis, but at an early stage. It relieves inflammation well and has a calming effect.

Include this product in the course of treatment for gout. The mixture is prepared from palm fat, pine and lavender juice, grape seeds. All are mixed and applied to injured limbs.

For medicinal purposes, only natural, unrefined oil is suitable, and it should not be heated either.

Early skin conditions can also be treated with oil mixed with birch tar, crushed walnuts.

The use of palm oil in cosmetology

Palm oil is widely used in the cosmetic industry and is also ideal for home use. It helps hydrate and saturate skin cells with vitamins. For these purposes, you can use seed and pulp oil, they have almost the same effect on the skin.

To reduce age-related changes, the oil is slightly heated, to about a temperature of 55 degrees, and the skin on the face is treated, perhaps the area around the neck. It is allowed to add ether components to it. To give elasticity to the mixture add egg white and a little lavender oil. And just to look good, add freshly squeezed juice of some fruit, a little wheat flour. The composition is thoroughly mixed and wiped on the face. And to activate metabolic processes, mustard powder and a little boiling water are added to the oil.

Palm oil harm and contraindications

In general, red oil does no harm. But if it has undergone additional heat treatment, then its calorie content immediately rises significantly, carcinogens appear. Accordingly, margarine from this fat is dangerous for humans, as it contains trans fats. They increase the cholesterol content, they are a provoking factor for varicose veins, heart disease.

Palm oil. Myths or reality

There is a myth that palm oil is a real carcinogen, and most of the world has refused to use it. Not true. This product is no less popular than sunflower, rapeseed and other vegetable oils. Harmful substances are contained only in hydrolyzed oils. For example, rapeseed has a lot more carcinogens than palm. And in Europe, the consumption of this fat has only increased.

It is also not true that bad oil is sent to poor countries, and to the rich of better quality. In fact, the manufacturing technology is absolutely the same, if it is natural oil, then it is the same in all countries, if it is already processed, then the margarine is supplied exactly the same to all countries.

It is believed that most manufacturers are hiding the true composition of their products, or rather, that they contain palm oil. There is responsibility for this, and few people agree to this. It is also not faked, but still sometimes dairy producers are cunning and hide the presence of vegetable oils in their products.

How to determine the presence of palm oil in a product

Each manufacturer is obliged to indicate the present composition of their products. Therefore, if you carefully read the composition, you can always find “incomprehensible” ingredients. The oil is similarly named “palm olein”.

Pay close attention to the names, if it is “sour cream”, “milk-containing” product, then almost 100% that they contain palm oil.

The legislation of our country obliges all manufacturers to devote 30% of all information on the label to inform the buyer about the presence of vegetable fats.

Why is palm oil so cheap

In just one year, one plant bears fruit 4 times, and there are many plantations all over the world. The fat is obtained from the fruit of the palm tree. Hence the cheapness of the final product. That is why it is used not only in the food and cosmetic industry, but also in the chemical industry. 

Palm oil is safe for the heart and blood vessels

The belief that this product leads to problems with the heart muscle and clogs blood vessels has existed since the 50-80s of the last century. It was then that low-fat food products began to be produced. Although modern research completely refutes this belief. The risk of these problems can arise when you exceed the daily intake of vegetable fats. Their share in the diet should be about 20% -30%. 

Palm oil against trans fats

As stated earlier, there is no fat in the liquid red palm oil. This is confirmed by the fact that in countries where it is consumed more, mortality from cardiovascular diseases is much lower.

Why is palm oil used in baby food

High-quality butter is as close as possible in its structure to breast milk. Because of this, it is used in baby food. Scientists have also failed to establish links between the onset of diabetes and obesity and palm oil. But you should always remember that there should not be a lot of such a product in the baby’s diet.

So why is palm oil considered harmful

The main argument that this food is unhealthy is that it is high in saturated fat. On the other hand, there are a lot of them in other vegetable oils as well. It is also believed that palmitic acid is present in the oil, which enhances the formation of cholesterol. Indeed, it is, but if you do not exceed the daily dose of 80 g, then there will be no problems with this acid.

How to choose and store palm oil

The best oil producer is Indonesia. Store the oil in the dark and cool. The room temperature should not be higher than +18 degrees, otherwise the oil will turn into a solid state.

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