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There are a lot of rumors, speculation and outright misconceptions about fitness and physical training in general. We can say that, how many people have so many opinions. But there are facts that are proved and confirmed by science. And there are those who are not unreasonably refuted.

Nevertheless, beginners on the way to a healthy lifestyle and maintaining physical fitness are faced with difficulties due to false information about sports and fitness. But what can we say about beginners, sometimes even experienced regulars of the gyms believe unreasonable sports myths.

Female representatives are not allowed to do strength training

This myth is as old as life itself. Beginners who take the first steps in fitness, believe that power loads are contraindicated for women because of possible problems with the reproductive system, hormonal levels. They also say that the adjusted silhouette will not look aesthetically pleasing.

In fact, all this is nothing more than a delusion. Strength loads are not able to harm women’s health if they are performed correctly, in an optimal volume and under the guidance of a trainer. And pumping up muscles like a bodybuilder without taking steroid drugs is unlikely to succeed. The fact is that the female body produces a small amount of hormones that are responsible for the set of muscle mass. Strength training is useful, because with the help of them you can give the muscles a smooth, confident contour, then the whole body will look toned, young, beautiful.

To achieve an early result, you need to do daily

Surely all pros are aware that this is a completely wrong statement. Daily training will not speed up the result. After intense exercise, the muscles need rest. Depending on the muscle group, their recovery takes from a day to three days. For beginners, this process takes even longer. Therefore, the first months are recommended to be practiced no more than three times a week. An important role in muscle recovery is played by heredity and the type of muscle structure. Excessive and intense workouts can lead to overload, cause poor health and apathy to fitness.

Muscle pain is a good sign.

Muscle pain after physical training indicates a sharp excess of the permissible load. Especially often this is noticed by beginners who start with a quick start, believing that training “to exhaustion” will achieve quick results. With excessive physical exertion, microcracks occur in the muscles and lactic acid accumulates. This, of course, helps to build muscle, and the likelihood of injury is also increased. This can happen if, before the start of strength training, a person does not warm up the muscles with simple exercises, exercises. Pain is a good sign only if it manifests itself as pleasant muscle fatigue. In other cases, this myth is unfounded, false.

With training, you can lose weight locally.

Some girls set themselves the goal of removing body fat from only one or two zones, without affecting others. For example, they want to lose weight in the hips and waist, but at the same time stay with the same bust size. In fact, this is extremely unlikely. Yes, indeed, there are exercises to work out certain muscle groups. But if the process of burning fat is started, then it will act on the whole body. Due to strength training, you can pump up certain muscles, but no exercise will help to lose weight only in a certain area.

The main thing is training, not nutrition

This myth was probably invented by lovers of a tasty and tight meal. The error is absolute and unconditional. In losing weight and maintaining good physical shape there are no priorities between training and nutrition. Physical activity should be regular, feasible. The food is only healthy, in reasonable amounts, balanced in the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. If you do not fulfill one of these conditions, then the result will upset you. You will not achieve what you want if you do not work on yourself comprehensively.

Creating a greenhouse effect burns the weight loss process

Now there are many reviews, advertisements for wrapping, the use of sports suits made of neoprene. These methods have helped many lose weight. Who used it will not let you lie, the effect is not bad, it is felt, as a rule, already after the first, second procedure or classes in special clothes. There is, however, one big “but.” After that, few managed to maintain the achieved result for a long time.

The fact is that the greenhouse effect obtained in this way does not burn fat, but only evaporates the liquid from the body. It is dangerous by dehydration, increased stress on the heart. Therefore, it is better to immediately abandon the wraps and impermeable clothing. This method can be useful only if the kidneys do not work at full strength and some of the unnecessary fluid begins to accumulate in the muscles.

Do not do fitness during illness and critical days

This statement can be considered partly true, but only half. If the disease is a commonplace cold, then you do not need to cancel classes. On the contrary, physical activity will improve blood circulation, disperse blood through the lymphs and increase immunity and vitality. But if the disease is more serious, accompanied by fever, then it is better to postpone classes. As for menstruation, these days fitness is not prohibited, if the discharge is moderate and there is no pain in the lower abdomen. But at the same time, the volume and strength of training for the period of such ailment should be halved.

Home workouts are ineffective

This myth is very controversial, you can agree with it, but you can refute it. The gym has all the necessary equipment, a variety of simulators for working out all the muscles. There is also an instructor who can prompt, advise and adjust your system of exercises. But not all people like others to watch them train. It is not always convenient to come at a certain time and place to classes.

At home, there may be a minimum of equipment. This is undoubtedly a big minus, because some exercises cannot be performed. But at home a free, relaxed atmosphere is created, a person chooses the music to which he will train, he can start classes at any time convenient for him. This means that his fitness can be regular and effective. Everyone decides where it is more convenient and pleasant for him to work.

There are many other myths that you have probably heard from acquaintances, friends, relatives or beginner instructors. Do not trust everyone.

If you decide to go in for fitness, then it is better to find a good, experienced instructor who knows about all the misconceptions and helps to create an effective set of exercises for a particular case. Only an individual and competent approach will help to achieve a positive result.

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