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Protein is a building material for the body of any living being. Every cell of the human body contains protein. It is also partly a source of energy, but with excess protein, it turns into fat.
During processing, proteins in the body are converted into amino acids. They are part of the blood and significantly affect the work of the hormonal system, human growth, the thyroid gland and the composition of the blood.

Why do you need protein

If we consider protein as a part of nutrition, then it is the most necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Protein has many important functions, including:

  • Construction. It is protein that is the building block for nails, hair and tendons.
  • Transport. Protein is responsible for the transfer of chemical elements along the bloodstream.
  • Enzymatic. Only thanks to the protein in the body enzymes are produced that are responsible for the speed of biological processes.
  • Hormonal. Strange as it may seem, but protein is the most important component of metabolic processes. It allows you to control blood sugar levels, regulates the growth and reproduction of cells.
  • Immune. Thanks to protein, the body produces white blood cells that protect it from bacteria and viruses.
  • Motor. Protein, passing into the state of myosin and actin, allows muscles to contract and move.

Thanks to the protein, wounds heal quickly. Some scientists believe that if it were not for the protein, then a person could die even from a pin prick. It is this substance that allows you to maintain fluid balance and maintain ligaments and muscles in working order.

Types of protein products

For the first time, protein as a chemical was isolated in 1728 in Italy. Got it from wheat flour gluten. For 3 centuries, several types of proteins have been identified:

  • Egg white. This protein has the best digestibility. It is considered a true benchmark and is 100% albumin.
  • Milk serum. It is the proteins from dairy products that break down the fastest. In just an hour, after whey enters the body, the protein is split into peptides and amino acids. And most importantly, the acid-forming function of the gastrointestinal tract does not change, and this reduces the risk of gas and problems in the stomach.
  • Casein. It allows you to maintain a low rate of protein breakdown, therefore, the supply of amino acids occurs evenly, which is extremely important for children and adults. But, with high physical exertion, this property plays a cruel joke, so casein is not suitable for sports nutrition.
  • Soy. Soy can lower cholesterol levels and help you lose weight. This protein is recommended for use if you have a dairy intolerance. However, in the process of obtaining soybeans, a substance such as trypsin appears, which is rather difficult to get rid of in the future. And he, in turn, negatively affects the condition of the small intestine.
  • Vegetable protein. It is the worst absorbed by the body. To replenish the supply, you will have to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. It is rather difficult for the body to break down proteins of plant origin.

The most interesting thing is that all doctors recommend eating fish as one of the main sources of protein. In fact, it takes 3 hours or more to break down into peptides, that is, much longer than vegetable protein.

Why is protein intake important?

The lack of protein is quickly reflected on the state of the body and the appearance of a person. In fact, in pursuit of harmony, it is necessary to lean on protein foods, which are digested for a long time by the body and leaves a prolonged feeling of satiety. 

Refusal of protein foods leads to frequent colds, poor skin condition, sluggishness in the muscles and poor hair condition, up to and including hair loss.

On the other hand, increasing the amount of protein in the diet does not mean better health at all. Its excess also negatively affects the human condition. It negatively affects the kidneys and liver, because in fact, poisoning with protein breakdown products occurs.

Pros of protein nutrition

Protein really allows you to lose weight, which is extremely interesting for girls. With the right combination with other food products, you can lose a decent amount of extra pounds in a short time. Naturally, a protein diet must be combined with regular physical activity.

There are many diets based on protein intake, but the toughest is sports, which involves the consumption of exclusively meat. However, such a diet can last no more than 3-5 days. But it really makes it possible to lose weight in the shortest possible time.

Another approach says that you can help the body lose weight by following one rule – every meal should contain protein. The diet also involves reducing the amount of fat consumed, and can last no more than 2 weeks in a row. In this case, it is necessary to consume a lot of fluids, and if there are diseased kidneys or high blood pressure, then such a diet will only aggravate the state of health. We’ll have to completely abandon carbonated drinks and alcohol. In fact, for such a diet, the human body must be completely healthy.

Useful properties of protein and its effect on the body

In addition to the fact that a protein diet allows you to reduce body weight, it helps the entire body to function normally. A sufficient amount of protein in the diet can solve many problems:

  • speed up metabolic processes;
  • stabilize blood sugar levels;
  • improve mood;
  • remove problems with concentration;
  • accelerate the healing process;
  • improve immunity.

In fact, this list can be continued for a long time. The main thing is not to overdo it. 

The Dangers of Excessive Protein Consumption

The main danger of excess protein in the body is kidney problems. Another hazard that is rarely considered by nutritionists is protein. With an excess of it, an increase in fat occurs. That is, it turns out that if you get too carried away with meat or fish, you can get better.

The next danger is liver problems. Doctors are sure that about 30% of the world’s population does not even suspect that they have liver problems. Carried away by protein foods, they only aggravate their condition, which can cause non-alcoholic organ obesity or even cirrhosis. The risk of an increase in ammonia in the liver increases, which is an extremely dangerous condition.

Protein digestibility

Protein is best absorbed from eggs or whey. It is the most acceptable form of protein for the human body.

95% assimilates kefir, milk, hard cheese, cottage cheese. Beef dishes, pork liver, red caviar, most of river and sea fish, lamb, chicken are absorbed by 90%. Protein-rich foods such as bananas and avocados, peas and mushrooms are absorbed no more than 75%. An even lower percentage of digestibility in seeds of peanuts, spinach, walnuts.

How to improve protein absorption

To improve the absorption of proteins in your favorite foods, you need to follow simple rules:

  1. be sure to heat the meat, it is best to twist it to the state of minced meat, then the peptide bonds are broken down, and the protein is better absorbed;
  2. marinate meat and fish, soak in wine, onions and spices;
  3. along with fish and meat, be sure to eat vegetable salads, herbs. It is useful to use apple or berry vinegar, they stimulate the process of increasing acidity;
  4. enzymes contained in vegetables and alcohol improve the acid release process, but this does not mean that alcoholic beverages should be consumed uncontrollably;
  5. never fry meat or other foods containing protein. In the process of such processing, the amount of toxins increases, which negatively affect the absorption of proteins by the body.

Monitor the condition of your body, the same bloating can indicate an excess of protein in the diet.

Daily protein intake

In fact, there is a lot of controversy regarding the required amount of protein per day for each person.

It is believed that a healthy person should eat at least 1.4-2 g of protein per 1 kg. own weight (i.e. a person weighing 60 kg should consume about 90g of protein (60 * 1.5 = 90)).

To obtain the exact value of the required protein, you need to take a blood test, because protein intake by the body depends on many factors:

  • age
  • Lifestyle
  • sports intensity
  • current health of the body
  • psychological condition
  • hormonal background

How to compensate for a lack of protein for vegetarians

In fact, as a vegetarian, you don’t have to eat meat to get protein. There is a lot of protein in other foods:

  • cottage cheese, dairy products 
  • eggs
  • soy
  • legumes
  • buckwheat
  • oatmeal
  • peanuts
  • broccoli
  • almonds
  • spinach
  • cauliflower
  • asparagus

How vegans can compensate for protein deficiencies

Since a vegan diet completely eliminates all animal products, it becomes more difficult to get complete protein than a vegetarian . The main source can be soy and soy products:

  • soy, tofu
  • legumes
  • oatmeal
  • peanut
  • buckwheat grain
  • almond
  • spinach
  • cauliflower
  • asparagus

Protein distribution throughout the day

It takes a lot of energy for the human body to digest protein foods. Therefore, protein must be distributed throughout the day. In the morning and in the evening, there should be a maximum amount of them, with a parallel decrease in carbohydrates.

List of Protein Rich Foods

The most protein in chicken breast, turkey meat and eggs (protein). Also, if necessary, replenish the amount of protein in the diet, the following foods should be preferred:

  • chicken breast
  • turkey meat
  • eggs
  • dried fish
  • shrimp
  • tuna
  • cod
  • lean beef

Do not forget that there is a huge amount of protein in cottage cheese and other dairy and fermented milk products.

Approximate daily menu

To improve metabolic processes in the body, you can build a diet as follows:

  • Breakfast. Omelet of 3 eggs, tea and some nuts.
  • Dinner. Borsch, boiled beef and avocado salad.
  • Dinner. A small portion of boiled potatoes and baked tuna.

Before going to bed, if you really want to eat, you can drink a glass of kefir. You can eat nuts and dried fruits throughout the day.

Protein plays an important role in maintaining the health of the body, so their amount should be calculated based on weight, age and degree of physical activity.

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