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Gel multivitamin review:
Agel MIN

Usually, multivitamin review would start by describing how important are vitamins and minerals to our health and life.

This review starts with the description of the life itself - the life in a modern society...

  • We eat too much; especially, too much fast food.
  • We stuff ourselves too frequently with portions which are too big.
  • We do not exercise enough.
  • We sit too much: at the computer, in the office, in front of TV.
  • We eat too many snacks and candies, which are carbohydrate-rich.
  • We are overweight.
  • We get sick easily.
  • We get tired quickly.
  • We will spend 10 minutes looking for a parking spot closer to the store instead of taking a one minute walk.
  • Time is more important to us than well-balanced, nutritious meal.
  • We think about vitamins only when we are sick.

Here is how "The Economist" shows the "evolution" that happens in today's developed world (Dec. 13-19, 2003).

Obviously, there is no miracle multivitamin which would make you healthy if you will not change your lifestyle and eating habits.

Of course, there are many supplements available today, covered by tons of multivitamin review articles. Many of them can be hardly distinguished because they basically explain same things about same ingredients, found in a similar multivitamin review on a similar website...

But speaking about gel supplements, and in particular - about multivitamin and mineral supplement MIN, one thing must be mentioned.

By contrast with other forms of supplements (pills, liquid vitamins), gel supplements are designed to support and promote
active lifestyle, like no other supplements!

Personal note

I think that psychologically, on a sub-conscious level, multivitamins are still perceived as a medicine, rather than as a necessary part of our everyday life...
Tablets and pills look like medicine, smell like medicine and taste like medicine...
Gel packs provide totally different experience, never seen before with dietary supplements. They provide a great feeling - in addition to all nutrients in the gel itself.
You have to grab a gel pack to feel it by yourself!

Gel supplement MIN provides you with 100% of daily vitamins and up to 75% of daily minerals.

As you see, it contains a precise dosage of recommended daily vitamins: not too much, and not too little, but the exact amount you need to help you overcome the impact of our stressed lifestyle and not balanced eating habits.

There are plenty of superdose supplements on the market, but many of their nutrients may not be absorbable (refer to Solid Supplements).
What's worse, too much of vitamins can be harmful!

For example, pregnant women should be particularly careful not to take too much of vitamin A in its pure form (retinol), because of potential damage to the fetus. (Beta-carotene, which is transformed in our bodies by a liver to vitamin A is not a problem, as our liver will only produce as much of vitamin A as needed.) If you currently take multivitamin, review the nutritional information label to see what form of vitamin A is used there.
Another example: taking too much vitamin D may result in kidney stones.

MIN has the amount of nutrients which is "just right"!

Click here for MIN nutritional information

(PDF file, requires Acrobat Reader)

Not less importantly, the bioavailability of active ingredients is enhanced due to the proprietary gel technology employed in the MIN formulation. The vitamins and minerals are either dissolved or suspended in the gel, resulting in immediate availability for absorption by the digestive tract.
You can find more information about the digestive system on the Digestive System page.

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