Xenical for weight loss: a unique drug based on orlistat

According to the postulate of the economy, demand creates supply. A huge number of women want to adjust their figure, dropping those extra pounds. In response, the modern pharmaceutical market offers them a wide range of products for this. Not all of them deserve positive feedback, and yet Xenical diet pills are considered among the most common, safe and effective.

This drug does not allow the body to break down fats, reduces deposits, does not have any harm to health. Take a closer look at it, its properties, composition and indications by reading the instructions for use.

How to lose weight fast?

Release form

The drug for weight loss of Swiss production, myfastweightloss.net is available in the form of capsules of a bluish color 120 gr. Blister contains 21 such capsules. Cardboard packs may include 1 (price 1,100 rubles), 2 (2,100 rubles), or 4 (3,900 rubles) blisters. On the box there is a Russian inscription: Xenical (Orlistat, 120 g) - or English: Xenical (Orlistat). Released exclusively by prescription.

The company that produces this tool, has proven itself in the pharmaceutical market since 1896. This is F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd is the largest holding company that develops biotech drugs in the field of oncology, rheumatology, virology, transplantology, as well as diagnostic equipment.Not seen in scandals, all products are of high quality, and therefore tested and certified.

Xenical is recommended to be stored at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° С, where there is no moisture and where children will not climb exactly. Shelf life is 3 years.


One of the indisputable advantages that Xenical slimming product has , and which contributes to its popularity, is the simple, understandable composition of capsules. There are no complex chemical formulas and exotic herbs and flowers, the names of which are difficult to even pronounce, not something to digest. From this point of view, everything is as simple as possible in this tool:

  • orlistat - the main active ingredient;
  • auxiliary components: talc, povidone K-30, sodium carboxymethyl starch, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium lauryl sulfate;
  • shell capsules of gelatin, titanium dioxide and indigo carmine.

Do not be afraid of the complex names of excipients in Xenical. Without the same talcum powder and sodium lauryl sulfate, the capsules simply could not keep their shape. Neither one nor the other ingredient carries any harm to health, since their quantity (1 gr each) is negligible compared to the rest of the capsule volume. In the process of losing weight, they do not play any role.


Xenical is a real slimming medicine that has medical indications for taking:

  • obesity;
  • overweight;
  • concomitant diseases caused by obesity: diabetes, hypertension, impaired metabolism;
  • taking hypoglycemic drugs.

If you need to get rid of 3-4 kg in a week, Xenical will not work for you. It is recommended for those who need to lose quite a lot of weight, while not limiting themselves in time. Yes, the process will be delayed, but it will not be necessary to drive the body into a state of stress due to express diets, and the skin will not sag in folds as a result of rapid weight loss. Everything will go quite smoothly. But only if admission rules are observed and contraindications are taken into account.


Weight loss with Xenical is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • age up to 12 years;
  • disorders of the liver, kidneys;
  • cholestasis;
  • chronic malabsorption syndrome ;
  • hypersensitivity to the components of Xenical;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation.

If you ignore these contraindications, the patient's condition may significantly worsen. Orlistat has a rather powerful influence on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, on which other internal organs in one way or another depend. The harmful effects of Xenical on breast milk, the fetus and babies under 12 years old are still being studied in the laboratory. Since it is too early to draw conclusions, manufacturers have included these states in this list.

Admission scheme

The results of losing weight will largely depend on the correctness of the chosen regimen, exact dosages and compliance with additional rules. About all of this says the instructions for use, which should be attached to the drug in Russian. It says how to take Xenical for weight loss, to achieve the desired.

  1. 1 capsule in each main meal (total 3 times per day).
  2. Take during or after meals, but no later than 1 hour after meals.
  3. In the absence of fat in food or skipping meals Xenical is not used.
  4. The minimum course of treatment is 3 months, the maximum (and continuous) is 4 years.

Daring to lose weight with the help of Xenical, you need to objectively calculate your own strength. Do you have enough for such a long procedure? Can you withstand the side effects that will begin on day 2? Can you follow a hypoglycemic diet to maintain the effectiveness of the drug?

Action on the body

You need to know how Xenical works to always be aware of what is happening with your body during the period of taking the drug:

  • orlistat, penetrating into the intestine, enters into a chemical reaction with gastrointestinal lipases;
  • as a result of this interaction, the latter lose the ability to break down fats entering the body with food;
  • unsplit fats are not absorbed - calories are lost;
  • the person is actively losing weight;
  • reducing the solubility of cholesterol reduces its ability to be absorbed into the blood;
  • due to the restoration of the blood lipid composition, tissues become more sensitive to insulin;
  • reduction of hyperinsulinemia;
  • all this helps to reduce viscero-abdominal fat;
  • weight loss is observed during the first two weeks after the start of Xenical for weight loss;
  • repeated weight gain is diagnosed in about 50% of those who lose weight, but not more than 25% of the original weight.

The effect of the drug begins 24-48 hours after taking the capsule. The undeniable advantage of Xenical in the process of losing weight is the fact that its main active ingredient (orlistat), while performing its function, is not absorbed into the bloodstream, leaving it clean. Accordingly, the number of side effects is minimal.

Side effects

If Xenical is not absorbed into the blood, then where does unpleasant consequences arise after its use as a drug for weight loss? The fact is that the fat that is not split and not absorbed by the body is naturally excreted, which provokes the following inconveniences:

  • bloating;
  • flatulence;
  • stomach ache;
  • oily loose stools;
  • frequent urges.

Many people simply cannot stand such unpleasant side effects, so they give up taking Xenical , without completing the course of losing weight.

Manufacturers also warn in the instructions to the drug about the possibility of more serious consequences with prolonged use of the drug:

  • diarrhea;
  • fecal incontinence;
  • unpleasant pain, discomfort in the rectum;
  • damage to the gums and teeth;
  • bloating;
  • headaches;
  • dysmenorrhea;
  • respiratory and urinary tract infections;
  • anxiety state;
  • weakness;
  • pruritus, rash;
  • hypoglycemic states;
  • bronchospasm;
  • angioedema;
  • diverticulitis;
  • anaphylaxis;
  • pancreatitis;
  • rectal bleeding.

Such a long list of very dangerous health effects scares many of Xenical. But for those who really want to lose quality, you can finally uncover a few secrets of the correct use of this drug.

Useful tips

To lose weight with the help of Xenical by the end of the first half of the year (agree: wait 4 years is too long), it is advisable to take into account the following useful tips from doctors.

  1. Obtain approval from a specialist for Xenical treatment.
  2. Need moderately hypocaloric diet for losing weight with the help of Xenical.
  3. Daily fat intake should not exceed more than 30% of the total food.
  4. The daily caloric intake of food consumed must not exceed 2,000 kcal.
  5. In the diet should be a lot of fruits and vegetables.
  6. At the same time, it is recommended to take multivitamin complexes.
  7. To improve the condition in type II diabetes mellitus, hypoglycemic drugs, insulin, sulfonylurea derivatives are prescribed by the doctor. But their doses must be adjusted (reduced compared with the usual dosages).
  8. Throughout the course of losing weight, you need to engage in light sports or at least take a daily walk.
  9. If there is a need to use some kind of medicine, in addition to Xenical, you must first consult with your doctor. Its compatibility with other active substances is still under study.
  10. 1If, for some reason, Xenical does not bother you, you can always choose a structural analogue for the active substance from the following list: Alli (UK), Xenalten, Listata, Listata Mini, Orlimax, Orsoten Slim (Russia), Orlimax Light (Poland), Orlistat (China, India), Orsoten(Slovenia).

If you do not have the strength to sit on a monodiet and you do not have time to go to the gym, you can lose weight with the help of Xenical, who has gained much popularity lately. And it is quite understandable: against the background of numerous bioadditives from exotic plants with dubious effectiveness, this medicinal formula causes reliability.

be-slimmer.net is a drug used to reduce weight. Accelerates metabolism, promotes the burning of fat reserves. It has side effects - you should consult a doctor before use in order to avoid negative consequences.

Composition and pharmacological action of Phentermine

Available in the form of capsules of 30 mg. In the package 60 pcs.

Phentermine hydrochloride is an anorexigenic substance, i.e. eliminating the feeling of hunger. It has a sympathomimetic effect - it causes the release of adrenaline and noradrenaline from nerve endings. These hormones increase blood sugar levels due to gluconeogenesis and glycogen breakdown in the liver.

Phentermine as a sympathomimetic contributes to the breakdown of fat deposits and the oxidation of fatty acids in mitochondria. Suppresses appetite due to increased blood glucose levels. Accelerates metabolism, heart rate. Gives a feeling of cheerfulness in strict diets that restrict calories.

Increases performance, physical endurance when playing sports. Increases blood pressure in hypotension due to slower metabolism.

Indications for use

Obesity due to excess calories injected into the body. Hypothyroidism, accompanied by an excess of body weight.

Side effects

Increased nervous irritability, insomnia, psychosis, mood swings (dysphoria or euphoria), limb tremor, rapid heartbeat, increased blood pressure and body temperature, headache, constipation or diarrhea, bloating, stomach pain, decreased libido, impotence, formation depending on the drug.


High blood pressure, tachycardia, mental disorders (aggression, hallucinations, increased nervous irritability, anxiety), gastrointestinal disorders (diarrhea, constipation, nausea, vomiting), arrhythmias, coma.


Intake of enterosorbents (activated carbon, Smekta), gastric lavage, in severe cases - resuscitation, peritoneal dialysis.

Drug interaction. Incompatible with monoamine oxidase inhibitors (furazolidone, antidepressants, St. John's wort) due to synergy. It is necessary to wait 2 weeks after taking IMAO to use the drug. Reduces the effectiveness of antihypertensive drugs - beta-blockers (Propranolol), Guanethidine, as well as drugs that reduce blood sugar levels. It is necessary to adjust the insulin dose, glucose intake.

How to use the drug and contraindications

Take the drug 1 capsule 2 hours after the morning meal. It is forbidden to exceed a daily dose of 30 mg. With the development of addiction, the medication is canceled. In order to avoid insomnia, the agent is not used in the afternoon. Perhaps the formation of drug dependence.

It is forbidden to use the drug to people operating complex mechanisms and vehicles, as the concentration of attention may be disturbed.

Contraindications: pregnancy, breastfeeding, diseases of the cardiovascular system (hypertension, atherosclerosis, heart failure), thyroid hyperfunction, mental illness, age up to 12 years.

Phentermine is used with a doctor-approved workout, habits change, and a low-calorie diet program to help you lose weight. It is used according to specific obese people, such as those who are overweight or have weight related medical issues. By dropping weight and keeping it, you can minimize several threats to health and well-being that have weight problems, consisting of heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, and a shorter life.

It is not clear how this medicine allows people to lose weight. This can work by reducing appetite, increasing the amount of energy used by your body, or by acting on individual components of the mind. This medicine is suppressive and also refers to a course of drugs called sympathomimetic amines.

The only place that you can purchase a legitimate Phentermine is going to a medicine store, which will surely get you through with it only if you have actually recommended from a doctor. Before starting the production of a dish, your doctor will certainly have a thorough medical analysis to determine whether you are eligible to take phentermine.

In order to accept you in certain mass demands organ of the body. For many people, this means an index of physical body mass (BMI) is well worth 30, which is exactly what accredits the individual as obesity. If you have secondary clinical problems, such as type II diabetes can be reduced by this physique weight of at least 27.

If you are one of the bulks of people who naturally have a sluggish metabolism, after what you most likely will not be able to shed all the calories that you take during the day. When this happens, you certainly begin to collect each of these extra calories in the type of fat storage around the stomach, thighs and things, and also usually gain weight.

As fat accumulates from your slow metabolic process, you will begin to gain body fat and eventually gradually begin to edge closer, and also better to the problems of scientific weight. Being not only obesity, can lead to serious health problems, such as heart problems, and diabetes among many others, it can also cause havoc on your communication, too. When this happens, you can begin to feel truly clinical depression, as well as derived from your normal social tasks.

This factor you could really feel desperate to shed weight that you put on, as well as agree to take or do - anything to get you back into shape. You can also start feeling crazy with yourself, since you know that you need to keep the right diet plan in addition to the usual daily workout regimen all together.

If this sounds familiar, you are definitely in a tough place. But with strong motivation, as well as a burning desire to take weight, you can actually do it with a little help from a strong diet pill that has many years of information to support it.

Phentermine Alerts

The FDA warns that you should take only phentermine for a maximum of a couple of weeks, and you should not take it with any of the various other weight loss or herbal treatments. People who have one of the following actions should not take Phentermine:

  • Severe hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis)
  • Heart problem
  • Moderate to severe high blood stress
  • If you feel very irritable, restless, or outraged
  • If you actually took a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI), such as Nardil or tranylcypromine in the past 2 weeks

Diabetic issues

  1. More active thyroid
  2. Record of abuse of medicine

Your doctor will want to check you thoroughly if you are taking phentermine, and also have high blood pressure, heart problems with valves, decreased kidney function, or older. Phentermine can lead to an increase in blood pressure in the lungs or problems with valves in your heart. You should stop taking Phentermine immediately and tell your doctor if you see any of the following signs and symptoms:

  • Breathing problem
  • Upper body pain
  • Feeling pale
  • Swelling in the legs, ankles, and legs

Phentermine can lose its result after you take it for a while, when it happens, you should stop taking it.

Xenical or Phentermine?

Excess weight

Overweight is overweight. That ballast, which many have everywhere to carry. For many thousands of years in society there was an erroneous opinion that being overweight is good. Magnificent forms were sung by poets and prose writers, sculptors and an artist perpetuated for history. But today, science has accumulated a lot of knowledge, which makes it possible to firmly state that overweight is bad. The problem of excess weight is not only aesthetic. Although many people he delivers mental discomfort and becomes a frequent cause of psycho-emotional and behavioral disorders. The main trouble is that overweight provokes diseases of the circulatory system, metabolic disorders, pathologies of the musculoskeletal, digestive systems, etc. Therefore, the fight with excess weight is so important.

Adults and overweight

According to statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of overweight adults on our planet a couple of years ago was close to 2 billion, which is almost 40% of the adult population. Significant degrees of obesity were diagnosed in 600 million adult inhabitants of the earth, which is about 13% of the population. In some countries, according to Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO, the number of people with obesity reaches 70% of the total population. The total number of overweight patients on our planet has grown 2.5 times in the past 30 years. The increase was about 28%. Overweight people today are more common in emerging economies, Africa, Latin America, and Asia. They account for about 62%. And half of people with morbid obesity live in the top ten "top" countries, which, together with the Russian Federation, include: China; USA; Mexico; Egypt; Brazil; Pakistan; Indonesia; Germany; India. According to the World Health Organization in Russia, half of the population is shown to be overweight. Russia, according to data published in 2014 by the authoritative international medical publication, The Lancet, ranked 4th in the total number of obese citizens. However, in terms of the prevalence of overweight and obesity among the population, it was 19th. Although there was nothing to be proud of: every third able-bodied citizen had an excess body mass index. In 2015, the results of the study of the famous American statistical agency Social progress Imperative. Scientists gave the "palm" in the percentage of citizens suffering from overweight, to those who have no problems with the figure, Kuwait, where 42.8% of the population register not just obesity, but obesity. This is followed mainly by the countries of Asia, Latin America, and South Africa. At the 11th place in the United States, at the 20th place - the Czech Republic. Russia ranks 30th after New Zealand and Australia, with 28% of people with obesity. According to the Research Institute of Nutrition of the RAMS, Kaluga Region occupied the first place among the regions in terms of the number of obese people a couple of years ago, the metropolitan region was only 3% behind. And in the first place in terms of the number of citizens who were overweight, obesity, firmly held, among other Russian cities, the capital of our Motherland, Moscow. The average age of obese Russians was 29-49 years.

Overweight in women

For the fair sex the problem of overweight is much more acute than for the strong half of humanity. The World Health Organization cites sad medical statistics on the prevalence among the female population: obesity - 15%; overweight - 40%. In Russia, women with obesity, according to statistics from the Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, are found in different regions 8-15% more often than men. At the same time, the average prevalence among female citizens of the Russian Federation: obesity - 28.5%; overweight - 59%. Nature, giving the miracle of childbirth to individuals of the fair sex, provided the gift with a not quite pleasant "bonus". The physiology is such that girls, as soon as the first pubertal hormonal storms begin, girls are more likely than boys to be at risk of obesity. Overweight for women, despite diets, fitness classes, often becomes a companion for life. So in 2010, the results of a large-scale study of scientists from the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, USA) were published, which demonstrated the link between obesity and hormone levels. All participants who had a lot of excess weight, according to the results of laboratory tests, significantly lower levels of estradiol were detected, compared with women without excess weight, regardless of age, race, habits. Many future mothers are gaining excess weight during pregnancy. Sometimes unwanted kilograms appear during breastfeeding. For many followers of healthy lifestyles, always proud of their slim figure, premenopause and menopause themselves become a real test when women become overweight due to the extinction of reproductive function.

Overweight during pregnancy and lactation

In addition to problems common to both sexes, overweight affects the ability to become pregnant, bear and give birth to a healthy child for the beautiful half of humanity. The fact is that overweight, overweight women, as a rule, are associated with hormonal disorders, an imbalance of estradiol, testosterone, estrone. Indeed, up to 60% of biologically active substances, including female sex hormones. not only accumulates, but also actively produces fatty tissue. If there is a significant excess weight, women often cannot experience the joy of motherhood, they have big problems with gestation, delivery, and breastfeeding. Therefore, experts strongly recommend women to fight overweight. Contrary to the opinion of "well-wishers" who naively believe that being overweight is good, doctors advise expectant mothers not to add too much. Excess weight during pregnancy - additional risks for mother and child.

Overweight and climax

In recent years, research scientists show that the number of patients with overweight, diseases associated with obesity, increases during hormonal adjustment associated with menopause. And most often the transformation of the figure occurs with a special emphasis on the visceral region (72%). In that some women gain a lot of excess weight with the onset of premenopause and during menopause, the role of sex hormones is great. An increase in body weight correlates with the risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD), since not only an increase in waist circumference is recorded, but also a change in the balance of cholesterol in the blood, a decrease in the level of "good" lipoproteins, high density, an increase in fasting glucose. For example, a study by American scientists has shown that overweight during menopause is associated with changes in the levels of estradiol and follicle-stimulating hormone. The problem of excess weight for men Obese men are found in the population less often than women. According to statistics from the World Health Organization among the representatives of the stronger sex on average are registered: overweight - 38%; obesity - 11%. For the male population of the Russian Federation, the average indicators are much higher: overweight - 54%; obesity - 15%. By the number of people who are overweight (male), among the total male population of the planet, male Russians occupy the 8th place. Men are less concerned about the increase in volume. And it is absolutely in vain! Do not underestimate the danger of overweight, even at a young age. Excess weight provokes diseases, including deadly ones. The greater the waist size, the higher the risk of cardiac disorders, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, etc. And it also affects the reproductive function of the stronger sex. If a man has a lot of excess weight, as a rule, testosterone production decreases, androgen deficiency develops, and erectile function is inhibited. Overweight in children: good or bad? In the last century, just some 20 years ago. in Russia and in many other countries, loving parents believed that if a baby has excess weight is good. Adults with affection looked at the pink-cheeked toddler and begged the kids to eat an extra spoon of semolina to get at least a little closer to the "ideal" imposed by mass advertising. In the third millennium, under the influence of accumulated scientific information, positive changes began to occur in the mass consciousness. Today caring mothers and fathers know that being overweight is not good, but bad for the health of the child.The World Health Organization is sounding the alarm: the number of children of different ages and overweight increases with leaps and bounds. There are already more than 155 million schoolchildren in the world and over 40 million preschool children (under 5) suffering from overweight. And every year their number increases by 2%. In different regions of Russia, the number of overweight children and adolescents just a few years ago was recorded at a level of from 7 to 13%. In 2015, according to the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, it increased to 20%. Moreover, the ratio between children from 12 to 17 years of different sex without being overweight is slightly different than among the adult population. According to medical statistics, there are more boys in whom overweight is registered in the Russian Federation than girls. An interesting fact: among boys, those whose mothers were overweight during pregnancy, while they themselves weighed over the norm during fetal development, and at the time of birth, the risk of obesity is 2 times higher. The noncommunicable epidemic of obesity in children is worrying the medical community in the Russian Federation and in the world because overweight affects the health of the younger generation. Rosstat data show that in the diet of almost half of the children in our country from an early age every day there are such dangerous provocateurs that increase the risks of obesity, such as sweets and sausages; every fifth child drinks sweetened carbonated drinks daily; every tenth - once a month uses fast food; 2.5% of girls and boys dine or eat fast food almost every day. As Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO, rightly pointed out, "if a child has obesity, it's not the fault of him, but society." The task of parents and all adults is to teach children to eat right.

Overweight: 4 degrees of obesity

Today, medical experts believe that overweight is a disease. It is called obesity and has several degrees. There are several classifications of overweight (diseases). Over the past centuries, scientists who dealt with overweight problems have proposed several formulas that can be used to calculate how close a man's or a woman's mass is to the ideal, taking into account sex, age, body type, height, etc. There are known methods for calculating Brock, Oder, Quetelet, Breitman and other scientists. Today for diagnostics they use the simplest method - measurement of waist circumference. The unified recommendations of WHO experts suggest 94 cm for men and 80 cm for women to be considered the limit for which excess weight turns into a disease. Experts from the World Health Organization in 1997 proposed a single international classification based on the definition of body mass index (BMI). It is calculated using the well-known Quetelet formula: weight divided by growth rate squared. Depending on the BMI, there are four degrees of overweight, the disease with the "talking" name "obesity." A BMI is considered normal if its size is from 18 to 24. Indicators of uncritical obesity or pre-obesity are indicators from 25 to 30. 1 degree is diagnosed if the BMI index is more than 30, but less than 35. 2 degree - with BMI from 35 to 40. After 40 diagnosed with grade 3 and morbid obesity grade 4. The most common causes of excess weight The main cause of excess weight experts at the World Health Organization call the discrepancy between the amount of calories entering the human body and its energy consumption. In an era of overconsumption, many countries consume between 2500 kcal per day or more, while leading a sedentary lifestyle at office desks and computers, which would be more than 1500 kcal more than enough. Everything that is received in excess of the body needs is deposited in the form of fat reserves around the waist, hips and other parts of the body. In addition to a surplus of calories, there are quite common causes of excess weight: gender; age; genetic predisposition; ecology; level of physical activity; diseases; some medications; the impact of psycho-emotional stress. Hereditary predisposition to fullness and dangerous family traditions Family history is one of the causes of excess weight. Often ( up to 75% of episodes) there is a direct connection between obesity in parents and body weight in offspring. However, science has not yet received enough evidence that genes determine human body mass. But there is a not unreasonable assumption that the causes of excess weight in several generations in one family are connected with the traditions existing in it, cultivated food habits, adherence to culinary specialties in the cuisines of different nations. Families consisting of healthy lifestyles, who adhere to proper nutrition and are actively engaged in fitness, as a rule, are part of the citizens without excess weight. Those who rest passively, sitting at the TV or lying in the hands of a smartphone, love fast food and family meals, each of which can rightly be called "belly feast", whole families replenish the army of obese patients. To remedy the situation, fighting with excess weight should be done together, with the whole family, cultivating useful traditions. First of all, food. We recommend cultivating a healthy diet, varied and balanced, taking into account the taste preferences of all family members, the special needs of larger and smaller people in proteins, carbohydrates, fats and micronutrients. Family traditions should unite households not only at the same table. It is important to find common interests. For example, joint rest, regular active training, walks in the fresh air, trips to the nature, etc. Chronic diseases and overweight Obese people risk their own lives every second. Unnoticed by owners of significant body fat, their bodies slowly but surely collapse. And all because excess weight and health are incompatible concepts. Excess body weight is a risk factor for the development of a huge number of pathologies. At the same time, it sometimes happens that the primary cause of obesity is a violation in the systems of the body. That is, provokes excess weight - a disease. Many brain injuries, pathologies of the development of the central nervous system, infectious diseases can cause the development of secondary obesity. Often it occurs against the background of various endocrine disorders: hypothyroidism (reduced functional capacity of the thyroid gland); genetically determined or acquired imbalance of dopamine, serotonin, catecholamines.Sometimes, trying to improve their health, they get overweight. Regular intake of certain drugs, which are used as part of drug therapy for many diseases, sometimes leads to an increase in volumes and kilograms. For example, steroid drugs have this side effect. Emotional disturbances and obesity One out of three patients diagnosed with obesity suffers from behavioral and psycho-emotional disorders. They cause eating disorders and develop themselves against the background of increasing mass, "feeding on" complexes, increased criticality, etc. To characterize theemotiogenic eating behavior inherent in 60% of obese people, they even invented an apt definition - "food drunkenness". Indeed, the craving for harmful sweets, fatty foods, fast food is akin to alcoholism. People also "seize up" stresses, family troubles, troubles at work. They can not deny themselves the "small weaknesses" in the night feasts and other overeating, unable to overcome the attacks of uncontrollable appetite. Bulimia is a popular diagnosis, which about 15% of obese patients have. Especially often young women become victims of this compulsive disorder.

Overweight and health

Every year in the world about 2.6 million people prematurely die because of obesity. Today, hunger kills much less than unreasonable food. A couple of trillions of dollars are spent every year on our planet, trying to eliminate the effects of excess weight, on weight loss, treatment, rehabilitation of citizens who have lost their ability to work. Only in the European Union, according to official statistics, citizens who have kilograms above the norm, use the sick-list every year 10 working days more than people without excess weight. In China, it is estimated that the losses due to the premature departure of citizens from life, due to obesity, amount to almost $ 560 billion over 10 years. Many overweight patients have a whole bunch of chronic pathologies. Among the most common: a variety of diseases of the circulatory system; metabolic disorders, including type 2 diabetes; fatty hepatosis , cholelithiasis and other pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract; colorectal cancer, breast, ovarian, prostate, cervical neoplasms; reproductive health issues; respiratory disorders; arthritis, arthrosis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system; psycho-emotional and behavioral disorders. In addition, overweight during pregnancy can be dangerous for the mother and unborn baby.

Obesity and Cardiopathology

About 23% of the world's episodes of coronary heart disease are diagnosed among obese patients. People who are overweight often have hypertension. By the age of 60, she manifests in almost 54% of obese patients. Because of atherosclerosis against obesity, the deposition of low-density lipids and calcium salts in the inner vascular wall, patients develop a systemic lesion of the main arteries and peripheral vessels. In Russia, cardiopathology is recorded in 28% of women and 18% of men who have an excess weight. body. The losses of the "treasury" of the Russian Federation due to cardiovascular pathologies caused by obesity have amounted to more than 8 trillion rubles over the past decade. 10.5 billion rubles cost each year the treatment and rehabilitation of overweight patients after a stroke. Every 7 Russians, according to Professor M. Zhuravleva, can exclude cardioriski if they keep the figure normal.

Diabetes in overweight patients

Of the 422 million patients with diabetes, according to world statistics, 44% have one of the degrees of obesity. "Sweet Death" along with cardiopathology claim about 3.7 million lives annually. The cost of treating this pathology in the past year alone amounted to almost $ 700 million. Most patients (up to 95%) have type 2 disease. It is directly related to eating disorders, develops over the years, and it is based on insulin resistance. Excess weight during pregnancy often correlates with gestational diabetes in women, which in perspective often develops into the second type. In Russia, the treatment of citizens with a complex combination of two systemic diseases, diabetes and obesity, spend almost 307 billion rubles annually. Exceeding the norm of weight by 10% increases the chances of the occurrence and development of this disease three times. Remember that you can not accumulate excess weight, and losing weight, maintaining a normal BMI, in combination with an active lifestyle, are the basis for effective prevention of type 2 diabetes.

Respiratory Diseases with Overweight

The more kilograms a person has, the higher the oxygen consumption. So, for people with overweight, the respiratory system is constantly working in "emergency mode", trying to provide irrepressible "requests" for overgrown fatty tissues. As a result, respiratory organs wear out before the term, functional disorders, chronic pathologies appear, for example: obstructive pulmonary diseases: bronchial asthma. Often, obesity is accompanied by obstructive sleep apnea, which causes chronic hypoxia. Often the cause of its occurrence is fatty "coupling", growing on the walls of the pharynx.

Overweight and Diseases of the Digestive System

According to statistics, among all the pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, developing in those who are overweight: the most frequent satellite are diseases of the esophagus; they are followed by fatty hepatosis and other liver pathologies; hemorrhoids; diverticulosis . As a rule, all violations in the work of the digestive system occur in people with excess weight on the background of emotiogenic eating behavior, overeating, hobbies, fast food, chips, confectionery, spreads, mayonnaise and similar, junk food.

A lot of excess weight: the risk of diseases of the joints

When body weight increases, the locomotor system often suffers first. The joints do not withstand repeated load, manifest arthritis and arthrosis. There are pains and other pathological symptoms in the joints of the lower extremities, in the mobile joints of the spine, in the joints of the upper extremities, which are not subjected to direct exertion, but are also included in metabolic disorders occurring in the body. If a patient is diagnosed with obesity grade 1, the chances of the onset of symptoms of gonarthrosis (damage to the knee joints) increase fourfold.

Depression for obesity

The fact that overweight and mental health are closely interrelated are clearly demonstrated by statistical data on the frequency of depression. Today, according to WHO official data, about 350 million people on Earth are affected by their symptoms. 17% of the adult population suffer from its manifestations. Among those who have a lot of excess weight, morbid obesity, the number of patients with recurrent, recurrent depressive disorders reaches 56%. Therefore, the effective struggle with excess weight is the prevention of psycho-emotional disorders. And to get rid of the hated kilograms and centimeters, it is necessary to fight with excess weight, not only diets and exercises. Weight loss programs can be supplemented by psychotherapy sessions, special training, meditation. What is dangerous overweight during pregnancy Trouble begins in women with "significant advantages", even before conception. Obesity correlates with hormonal disorders, often causing ovarian dysfunction. In the period of anxious waiting for the baby to be born, the female body rearranges the work of many systems, first of all - hormonal. Estradiol production decreases,increased production of human chorionic gonadotropin and progesterone. Nature arranged that excess weight during pregnancy appears in all expectant mothers, because fatty tissue is a kind of "safety cushion" for the fetus, as well as an energy depot, in which strategic reserves are stored, in case of a temporary shortage. However, they should not be too much. Considerable excess weight during pregnancy, beyond the physiological norm for a woman, is a huge risk factor for the mother and child. Women whose BMI exceeds the norm before conception often have miscarriages in the early stages of pregnancy or premature birth. In addition, if weight gain is registered during pregnancy, the probability is high: severe toxemia; eclampsia; complications at the time of delivery.Overweight during pregnancy increases the likelihood of obesity in children.

Fighting overweight

Many believe that it is impossible to win extra weight: diets do not help, there is no time for playing sports, it is possible to alleviate psycho-emotional stresses only thanks to tasty and very high-calorie food. However, modern medicine has learned quite successfully to deal with obesity. Medical nutritionists and nutritionists compile individual comprehensive weight loss programs designed for a specific patient, taking into account an objective clinical picture and degree of obesity, systemic diseases, lifestyle and eating habits. Healthy nutrition is the main, but not the only tool. Helps to effectively reduce overweight regular exercise, fitness training. Program for success and strengthen the will to win the practice of mental practices, psychotherapy sessions. Rational weight loss against excess weight In 2015,in a series of articles devoted to overweight, weight loss, authoritative medical publication The Lancet has blamed the international food system for spreading the non-infectious obesity epidemic on our planet. Under the slogan "I struggle with excess weight", masking with the advertising inscriptions "0 calories", "without cholesterol", "low-calorie", produce and sell to the population potentially hazardous health products, including those with hidden: trans fats ; refined sugar; a large amount of added salt; preservatives; colorants; with taste enhancers, etc. While the state machine is slipping at the food lobby, the rescue of overweight people, weight loss, the health of citizens, remains in their own hands. Everyone should live under their own slogan "Fighting with overweight." And do everything possible to promote health.

Principles of proper nutrition: life without excess weight

It has long been observed that obesity in our country is associated with excess consumption of saturated fats and trans fats. . In the regions-record-holders in the number of obese people, the balance of essential nutrients in the diet of the majority of citizens has been disturbed. Fats in it occupy almost 40%. Their sources are mainly confectionery, processed meat and dairy products. For example, average Russian eats twice as much butter as an American or a European in a year. Indicative picture with the production and consumption of margarine in the Russian Federation. In 2014, Russia reached the 2nd place in the production of margarine on the world market. With the onset of the crisis, some Russians began to replace butter with an emulsion of modified vegetable oils (sometimes with the addition of animal fats and various food additives), especially in baking. As a result, trans-isomer consumption increased. fatty acids, especially hazardous to human health. They can provoke: cardiac disorders; Alzheimer's disease; oncological diseases, etc. The next, beloved by Russians and very fatty product is sausages. It is often present in the usual diet, causing overweight among citizens. On average, meat contains 20% protein and 12% fat. In sausages, sausages and other processed meat of proteins, much less than 15% remains, but fats turn out to be much more than 30%. And all of them - not the best quality. To get rid of overweight and keep the result in perspective, it is important to review the daily menu of the whole family. Fighting overweight should be a well-planned strategy, not designed for a day or a week. It should be focused on life. We advise: to abandon the finished processed products, convenience foods, canned food, fast food; cook at home, from organic,functional products; reduce the consumption of refined carbohydrates and saturated fats; maintain an optimal balance of essential nutrients in the diet; focus on "slow" carbohydrates represented by vegetables, leafy greens, whole grains and seeds, edible algae, bran, nuts, fruits; to make a diverse menu, in which there is no shortage of individual micronutrients; include in the diet as much as possible sources of ballast substances; consume enough pure water.to make a diverse menu, in which there is no shortage of individual micronutrients; include in the diet as much as possible sources of ballast substances; consume enough pure water.to make a diverse menu, in which there is no shortage of individual micronutrients; include in the diet as much as possible sources of ballast substances; consume enough pure water.

Overweight and trendy diets

You should not rely on the fact that in a short time, without difficulty, will help to defeat the extra weight of the diet. Whatever fantastic results they promised, you can achieve sustainable weight loss. only once and for all reviewing the usual diet and developing a long-term strategy to combat obesity. Shock diet therapy combined with intensive fitness workouts, strength exercises against excess weight, can really lead to a significant loss of body weight. But to keep the weight after the rapid discharge is almost impossible. Statistics show that only 5% can save the result of losing weight in the first year or more. And according to the observations of American nutritionists, during the subsequent five-year plan, all those who quickly getting rid of excess weight, abandoned the exercises and returned to their usual diet, gaining lost and extra pounds. Therefore, plan Slimming should not be designed for a week or a month, but designed for the long term. Exercise to combat excess weight Physical activity provides a balance between the intake and energy expenditure of the body. To prevent the development of obesity, reduce excess weight, exercise, fitness, practicing any kind of sports should be part of the life of any person. In order to maintain a normal BMI, experts from the World Health Organization advise to organize half-hour fitness trainings of moderate intensity at least 4 times a week. It is not necessary to sign up for this in the pool or gym. Everyone can afford: walk in quick stride; jogging in the park; morning exercises at home; special complex of industrial gymnastics at work, etc.

Bad habits and weight loss

To defeat excess weight, we advise you to give up bad habits that: increase the stress effect on the human body; do not comply with the principles of healthy eating; provoke hypodynamia. Everyone knows that smoking, taking alcohol and drugs are bad for health. However, there are less visible, but equally dangerous enemies for the human body: the habit of eating irregularly, postponing the main meals for the evening or night; love of sweet, fatty foods; habit of passive rest at the TV; unlimited chatting in Internet; dependence on the car and numerous gadgets that make life easier for people, etc. Most of the bad habits that lead to weight gain, rob health and shorten the life of people, can be abandoned without much difficulty. The reward will be not only lost excess weight, but also well-being. Comprehensive treatment of obesity of various degrees Excess weight - an insidious enemy that must be fought on many fronts. And when overweight is too much, diet and fitness is not enough for losing weight. It comes to the aid of drug therapy, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, and sometimes surgical treatment. As usual, the golden rule "The doctor must prescribe treatment." You should not risk and engage in self-treatment, "prescribing" for yourself a diet pill or courses of expensive salon procedures.All of them have their own contraindications, side effects. Obesity treatment methods that are suitable for one patient can be deadly for another. Therefore, starting to struggle with excess weight, contact the experts.