How to start a healthy lifestyle?

The modern rhythm of life leads to the fact that people simply do not have time to take care of their health. We try to try everything and catch as much as possible. This leads to the appearance of various diseases and deterioration of appearance. Experts see only one way out of this situation: start a healthy lifestyle as early as possible. So, what is invested in this concept?

Healthy lifestyle

The main components of a healthy lifestyle

If you want to stay healthy and beautiful for a long time, you will have to revise your habits. Remember the main components of a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Healthy sleep. Many health problems occur precisely because of the lack of proper rest. Only in a dream can the body regain strength and cope with minor problems. It is necessary to sleep only at night. The duration of rest is determined individually depending on the biological rhythms of the person. On average, it should be about 8 hours.
  2. Refusal of alcohol and smoking. Such bad habits lead to a significant deterioration in health and the development of serious diseases. Alcohol can be consumed only in small quantities for solemn occasions. But smoking must be abandoned forever.
  3. Physical activity. Many modern professions provide long sitting in one place. As a result of such hypodynamia, serious illnesses can develop. The state of the cardiovascular system worsens, the metabolism is disturbed, and overweight appears. This problem can be solved by walking or playing sports. If you do not have the opportunity to regularly attend the gym, try to walk as much as possible.
  4. Rational diverse nutrition. Components of a healthy lifestyle must include healthy foods. From what we eat, depend on health and appearance. Try as little as possible to eat fried, fatty and smoked dishes. Prefer fruits and vegetables. They contain vitamins and trace elements necessary for normal functioning of the body. Meat and fish are better steamed or baked. Reduce consumption of pastry and flour products. Important not only food, but also diet. At least five meals are required per day. Moreover, the portions should not be large. Try to eat always at the same time. Take your time, chew each piece thoroughly. So, he is saturated with saliva and will be better absorbed.
  5. Communication. Health is impossible without a normal psycho-emotional state. And it largely depends on the social adaptation of the person. The more friends you have with whom you can walk and have fun, the better your condition will be.

Now you know what a healthy lifestyle means. By adhering to such recommendations, you will be able to maintain health, youth and vigor for a long time.

Where to buy all the most useful for beauty and health?

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Everything's under control

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Individual approach

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Food basket

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For sport and relaxation

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How to reduce caloric intake and prolong life by 50%

Overweight problems are often the result of poor diet and unhealthy lifestyles. Eliminate the cause, and not only become slimmer, but also live longer by as much as 50%. This is not doubted by scientists Raymond Kurzweil and Terry Grossman. In their book "Transcend" they tell you what foods you should not eat, how to determine the optimal caloric intake and change your eating habits. Below are some tips from this book.

We form new food habits

The vast majority of what you see in grocery stores is full of sugars, refined carbohydrates and saturated fats. These harmful substances become the root cause of the obesity epidemic.

How not only to reach the optimal weight, but also to keep it forever? Be patient. The heart of your weight loss plan should be a diet, in which the main place is given to a balanced combination of low-starchy vegetables, lean protein foods and healthy fats.

Caloric restriction of the diet will help you lose weight gradually over a period of time and at the end of a long time maintain the desired weight.

The sweet death


Remember: sugar is bad for you! There is staggering clinical evidence that its consumption is associated with an increased risk of developing type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, obesity, and metabolic syndrome. Without a doubt, refined sugar in all its variety of forms tops the list of the most dangerous carbohydrates.

In recent years, the number of obesity cases has increased, including among children, and this is alarming. The growth of this indicator is directly related to the excess sugar in the diet.

Among other things, there are many sugar-filled conveniences foods: from breakfast cereals, cakes, cookies and sweets to frozen foods for cooking in the microwave. If you want to keep healthy, you need to teach your taste buds to enjoy the food without stimulating the sweet.

Brief about fats and cholesterol

Most of the calories coming in with fat should be obtained from sources of healthy omega-3 fats, such as fish, nuts, avocados, and extra virgin olive oil. Consume as little saturated fat as possible: they should be 3-7% of the caloric intake.

Avoid whole milk products: ice cream, cream, butter and cheese. Do not eat fatty varieties of lamb, pork and beef.

Limit poultry meat intake to small portions of white chicken meat. Eliminate all trans-fats from your diet, including margarine, ready-made baked goods, chips and deep-fried snacks. Discard the deep roast.

Useful supplements

Add spices to your food. A study of type II diabetes patients revealed that only 1 g of cinnamon per day (or 0.25 tsp. Twice a day) significantly reduced blood sugar and fatty acid levels, as well as cholesterol levels.

In addition, it was found that curcumin (turmeric) - a spice that is added to curries and other dishes - has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect that helps fight cancer, Alzheimer's disease and other diseases.

Study published by Diabetes Care in 2004 found that vinegar also seriously reduced blood sugar and insulin levels after meals.

Include vegetables, pickled in vinegar, as well as dressings for salads and vegetable dishes containing vinegar in the diet.

Just one change

So, you have refused harmful products. And now the most important secret. By making one simple change in your diet, you can gradually get closer to your ideal weight and save it forever. All you need to do is consume as many calories a day as you would at optimum weight. It really works!

Regardless of the current weight, you gradually reach the optimum. In this case, the feeling of hunger will not be, because, following a diet, you replace high-calorie sweet and fatty foods more useful and less high-calorie. This will allow you to eat more than ever and not be hungry. The main thing - the right choice of food.

How to determine the required caloric intake

To understand what your body type is, measure the girth of your wrist (use a centimeter or a piece of rope, which will then be easy to measure with a ruler).

Now determine your level of activity.

1. Sedentary lifestyle: the lack of regular physical activity, walking from time to time - physical activity, mainly characteristic of everyday life.

2. Moderately active lifestyle: a combination of various daily activities (work, rest, etc.) or a regular exercise program equivalent to daily walking or running 2.5–5 km, combined with physical activity characteristic of everyday life.

3. Very active lifestyle: a combination of various daily activities (work, rest, etc.) or a regular exercise program equivalent to daily walking or running more than 5 km away, combined with physical activity characteristic of everyday life.

You are already close to the goal! It remains only to find the desired caloric intake, which corresponds to your optimal weight and level of activity.

When you give up junk food and begin to consume daily as many calories as your body needs with optimal weight, you will gradually come to the goal.

Healthy lifestyle

Advice to those who decided to go on a diet

  • The ultimate goal should be good health. Optimal body weight is just one aspect of a healthy, prosperous and long life. If you focus on making lasting changes in your lifestyle leading to long-term health improvements, weight loss will follow automatically.
  • Choose foods that you can eat for a long time. If you begin to eagerly count the days spent on a diet, then to return to the old eating habits, the weight loss plan will fail.
  • Refuse from sugar and refined carbohydrates. By the way, they cause addiction similar to tobacco and drugs, and the rejection of them really provokes withdrawal syndrome. However, the craving for such products will disappear in one to two weeks, if you really "tie".
  • Exercises - your friends. Lack of movement contributes to weight gain, and an active lifestyle reduces it. It is necessary to strive at least for a moderately active lifestyle.

Another reason to reduce calorie intake

In 1982, Journals of Gerontology published the first study on reducing caloric intake, and the tempting promise voiced in it to significantly prolong life attracted public attention. In that work, the lifespan of experimental rats fed the normal diet was about 1000 days. And the rats, which received the same amount of essential fatty acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins, but with a reduced number of calories by a third, lived for about 1,500 days.

And longer life was good too. Rats that received less calories were more energetic and overcame the maze better than control animals. Their immunity was stronger, and the incidence of diabetes, cancer and cataracts below. Today, more than 2,000 such studies have been conducted, which confirmed that these results are repeated in experiments with other animals.

«Hara hachi bu»

When you reach your ideal weight, you can go a little further and reduce calories again. Usually, before you start eating, the Japanese say: " Hara hachi bu ." This means "the stomach is filled to 80%." Once again, sitting down at the table, the Japanese try to remind themselves that they cannot overeat, and eating 20% less calories prolongs not only their youth, but also life.

Japan knows many examples of centenary practitioners and Tai Chi instructors. In addition, this country has the highest average life expectancy in the world (82.1 years). So, feel free to use the principle of "hara hachi boo" and eat 10–20% fewer calories than you need to maintain your target weight.

12 rules for a healthy and happy life

Every time you swear that you will start a new life with the new year? Nothing is easier if you set feasible tasks. Start small. Here are 12 little things, performing that, you will change life for the better.

1. In the mornings we take a shower, cleansing the skin, but our internal organs also hunt to the soul. On an empty stomach drink 1 cup of boiled water, you can add 1 tsp to it . honey

2. Include in your daily diet low-fat dairy products with bifidobacteria. A great option is kefir, drink it 2 hours before bedtime. Kefir with such useful fillers will not only improve the work of the stomach and intestines, but will not allow harmful microorganisms to develop and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

3. Replace sugar with honey. Of course, you don't lose weight from honey, but unlike sugar, it is just stuffed with useful substances: vitamins, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, copper, zinc, phytoncides, malic, citric, lactic acids. Honey slows down aging, restores tissue, participates in the formation of hormones, speeds up metabolism, fights against pathogenic microbes, improves digestion, tones and soothes, depending on the variety. If you are not able to give up cakes and other sweets, choose or cook those made with honey, there are a lot of them now. However, remember that honey cannot be put in hot tea or water: then useful substances will disappear.

4. To make the day, regardless of the circumstances, joyful, in the morning, create a good mood. It only takes you a few minutes. Psychologists call this exercise "working with a mirror." Surely you have a mirror at home in which you are reflected in full growth. After a morning shower, stand in front of this mirror negligee, smile, look at yourself and praise, say to yourself, for example, the following text: "How beautiful I am, how bright my eyes are, what thick hair, what a seductive chest, what a sexy tummy." If you do this exercise every day, in a few days you will feel how you will become more self-confident, fun and ready to fight with any setbacks.

5. The chief shouted at you, or you lost your foot in the subway, the mood is nowhere worse. Returning good mood is very simple. Straighten your back, straighten your shoulders and smile. That is what a happy person looks like. The secret is that when you artificially accept the "posture of happiness," impulses from the muscles go to the brain and it really begins to produce endomorphins - the hormones of happiness.

6. Buy instep supports and insert them into your shoes. The best way to do this is in a specialized orthopedic shop; the sales assistant will help you find the right support for you. What are they needed for? Firstly, you will get better posture, secondly, your legs will not get tired, and thirdly, this is an excellent prevention of foot and leg diseases.

7. Add olive oil to your diet. Scientists have found that the inhabitants of the Mediterranean are less susceptible to atherosclerotic diseases than others just because they constantly consume olive oil. Even with the help of olive oil, vitamins A, E, D are better absorbed, it nourishes the brain, prevents the development of tumors, has great energy power and has a slight laxative effect.

8. Take up cooking only when you are in a good mood. Otherwise the dishes will be tasteless and will not benefit the body.

9. Do you often have to ask again what they tell you? It may well be that the matter is not in the appeared deafness. After 40 years, people often have a secret gland in their ears - sulfur plugs. Only a doctor can remove them, so visit a otolaryngologist. And your hearing will improve immediately.

10. Get the right four-legged friend! A dog is a living source of joy. And also, the real doctor. When you stroke your favorite dog, the heart rate slows down, breathing becomes even, muscle tension decreases, and you fall into a state of relaxation. Remember that the main causes of an unhealthy lifestyle are lack of physical activity and lack of fresh air? The owners of the dogs go for a walk in any weather and in any mood. British researchers have calculated that dog lovers spend in the open air at least 8 hours a week. And they walk, as a rule, in public gardens and parks. On walks, they do not just walk, but also play with their pets. And veterinarians noticed that 70% of dogs have the same diseases as the owners. This, in their opinion, confirms the theory that dogs drag over part of the diseases of the owners.

11. This, of course, can not be called a trifle, but it is a very effective way to turn back the clock. Plan to have a baby in 50 years. By this time, the female body is adjusted to extinction, and pregnancy and childbirth will force him to change the program and reorganize to a course of rejuvenation. Psychologically, you will also feel completely different: you will have to lead an active lifestyle for a long time to raise and raise a child.

12. Smile more often! A simple smile is an effective means of combating not only bad moods, but also colds, flu, infectious, cardiovascular and other diseases. Scientists have discovered that when we smile and because of this we stretch our facial muscles, they send signals to the brain, and in response it activates the blood circulation and the production of useful antibodies that fight viruses and bacteria. A smile relieves stress and adjusts the brain to productive work. Smile is not so difficult. On the street, pay attention to children, animals, for most people, their behavior causes affection and a smile. Review your favorite photos. Turn on the TV while showing comedies, entertainment programs, read jokes. Scientists say that even when you are completely unhappy, and you stretch your mouth in a smile, the brain will still receive a positive signal, and the mood will really improve. Psychotherapists advise starting the day with a simple exercise. Stand in front of the mirror and smile to yourself.

How much need to play sports for health

The health benefits of sports are undeniable, but only with the right approach. If you exercise rarely, irregularly and not intensively, then there will be almost no effect from exercise, and if you put yourself under enormous stress, play sports every day and bring your body to exhaustion, it will be harmful to health. The number and duration of training depends on the type of sport, physical fitness of a person and his state of health.

A healthy lifestyle is the choice of many modern people, bad habits are condemning today, and sports and proper nutrition have become more common. There is no doubt about the benefits of sports for health, scientists have long proved the link between exercise and the prevention of many diseases, improving human health and strengthening the immune system. Nevertheless, professional sport often leads to health problems - this suggests that when playing sports, you need to stick to the golden mean, do not overdo it. Sports exercises in the times of ancient Greece were considered one of the most important factors for a healthy and long life.

Health benefits

Any sports exercises, be it running, swimming, aerobics, training on simulators or playing football, have a positive effect on human health. First of all, the blood supply improves in the body, and the internal organs begin to work better, and thanks to the straight posture, which also appears after the exercises, the organs take up the right places in the body. In addition, the heart is trained during physical education, and this is a good prevention against cardiovascular diseases, strokes and heart attacks. Sport makes bones and ligaments more durable, so the risk of injury is reduced. Sport is a great choice for those who want to lose weight.

And finally, sport is an excellent antidepressant, it relieves stress, improves a person's mood, makes him active, fit, workable, and arouses interest in creativity. For this reason, those people who play sports since their youth look younger and healthier at an older age.

How much to do sports

Each person has his own norms, which depend on the age, state of health, physical fitness, therefore it is impossible to answer this question unequivocally. The main rule is to soberly assess your strength and not to place too large loads on your body, especially if you are just starting to dive into the sport. The first classes should be short and not exhausting, gradually the load can be increased. Listen to your body during exercise: you should not experience excessive fatigue and get out of your way, but for sport to bring health benefits, you need to practice intensively. If your goal is to improve your health, do not strive to go deep into the sport professionally. The duration of the lesson also depends on the sport: you can spend an hour swimming, and difficult strength exercises on simulators - 15–20 minutes.

Sport should be given regularly, only then from training will be useful. Once a month it is very harmful to subject yourself to a heavy load, while practicing till you drop - it is much more useful to do small trainings three times a week. If you find it difficult to keep to a schedule, work in a group, the members of your group will motivate you to do regular exercises.

You can not play sports, especially strength exercises or jogging, every day. This is a big load on the muscles that need rest, so you need to take breaks of at least two days. Every day you can do only morning exercises, stretching and walking. For health and disease prevention it is recommended to play sports no more than five times a day.

Food Fat Restriction Reduces Life

Scientists from the Barshop Institute of Longevity and Aging Research and the University of Colorado came to an unexpected result. It turns out that the exclusion from the diet of fatty foods is not the best effect on life expectancy.

While the whole world is trying to fight obesity, promoting healthy lifestyles and healthy eating, implying low-fat foods, scientists from Colorado have clearly decided to discredit the very idea of diets based on reducing the consumption of dietary fats. According to their data, obtained, however, in laboratory mice, overburdening of such "fat-free" diets entails premature death.

"The less the fat-rich food in the animals' diet was, the more fat loss was recorded, the faster they lost their good physical form, and their aging processes were also faster. This is contrary to the accepted point of view, according to which, for longevity, it is worthwhile to go on a rigid diet," comments the results obtained by Professor James Nelson.

According to the researchers, there is a golden mean of nutrition, in which the healthy fat layer does not suffer, which every healthy person should have. In the daily diet they advise to adhere to the rule that the amount of food rich in fats would be 20-30% of the total diet. This does not apply to the so-called hard fats found in margarines, fat meat and sausages, the consumption of which should be reduced.

The data from these studies, of course, are not applicable to cases of excessive obesity, which is still better to treat with the help of sparing diets, rather than the way Englishwoman Malissa Jones, who has undergone gastrectomy and who is suffering from anorexia, did.

Life expectancy does not depend on the presence of bad habits

Israeli experts are convinced that life expectancy is determined primarily by genetics. The one who leads a healthy lifestyle, plays sports and is on a diet can say goodbye to life much earlier than the person who has bad habits, but who has good genes.

In the process of the research, scientists surveyed 500 long-livers aged 95–109 years and compared their genes with the genes of 3 thousand people who were born in the same years, but died much earlier. It turned out that the long-livers did not eat very well, had a baggage of bad habits - in a word, their way of life was not much different from the way of life of their deceased peers. Nevertheless, the 100-year-old crepes had certain genes that played the role of a protective function, saving them from negative external influence.

By the way, the benevolent behavior of a person also has a genetic basis. As it turned out, people show generosity and kindness towards strangers because this kind of behavior is embedded in their genes.

Unfortunately, only a few have protective genes, and therefore hoping for a long life, leading a wrong lifestyle, is extremely presumptuous, experts say.

Obi De Gray, a biomedical gerontologist and a leading scientist in the longevity foundation, is convinced that the secret of longevity will be revealed to a person in the near future.

Passion for a healthy lifestyle leads to psychosis

Doctors say: over the past 10 years, the number of followers of a correct lifestyle has increased tenfold. Their obsession with diets, exercise, and refusal of all "harmful" began to look like a mental disorder.

Experts even came up with the name of this disease - orthorexia, which, as a rule, affects young working women under 30 years of age. By the way, the first case of an unusual disease was described back in 1997.

Doctors call symptoms of orthorexia nausea at the sight of fried food, the perception of extra pounds as the end of the world, the rejection of pregnancy and irritation during long breaks in training.

What is characteristic, the desire to make yourself the ideal person does not bring these people happiness. They are so absorbed in the process that they cannot fully reap the rewards of their efforts.

Among other things, orthorexia can cause diabetes, stroke and heart disease, and it is more difficult to detect than anorexia or bulimia.

Meanwhile, the fashion for a lean body, it seems, has come to an end. Magnificent forms gradually become the benchmarks of attractiveness.

But those who are not yet ready to accept the new rules of the game and strive to remove at least a couple of kilograms, scientists advise to avoid heavy breakfasts.

People do not kill beer: factors that shorten life

It turns out that not only smoking, alcohol and unhealthy diets, but even... sleep can significantly reduce its quality of life, or even completely. However, first things first.

Australian scientists have published the results of regular research on the subject of bad habits that significantly shorten life. The list of detrimental factors included insufficient physical activity, a sedentary lifestyle (more than 7 hours) and, oddly enough, sleep. It turns out that not only its deficiency is harmful, but also excess - more than 9 hours. After such a six-year observation of the way of life of more than 200 thousand people between the ages of 45 and 75, scholars came to such disappointing conclusions.

It should be noted that each of the above bad habits in itself is not as dangerous as all of them put together when their pernicious effect on the body is multiplied by six. At the same time, each of us has a chance to live to a great old age, if we, having information about risk factors, get rid of harmful addictions.

Research centenarians: 7 rules for a healthy lifestyle

Everyone wants to be healthy and active. It turns out it's not that hard. Today we publish the advice of Dan Buttner, the traveler and author of the best-selling Blue Zones who blew up the global community. Millions of people were able to change their lives thanks to his recommendations.

Bring inconvenience

Moderate loads and diversity - an indispensable condition for a full life. The oldest people on the planet daily walk 8 km. However, not everyone has this opportunity. Therefore, the best way is to create small obstacles in everyday life.

Get up from the couch every time an advertisement starts on TV, wash the dishes while standing on one leg, and walk to the office on foot. Invent your own "health inconvenience." So you can easily add to your physical activity, which means that your heart, blood vessels, bones and muscles will be in better shape.

Enjoy the activity

Do not force yourself to perform boring exercises in a fitness club, do Pilates on YouTube videos or run in the mornings if you hate it from the heart. You can not do from under the stick - the effect you will not achieve.

Find the exercises that you like. They should bring satisfaction and positive emotions. Do you like outdoor games? There is badminton. Do you like to lie on the beach? When it gets too hot, play volleyball.

Fill your life with action: give up the elevator, ride a bike, and go shopping to the farthest shop. You can combine loads with entertainment: arrange a comic run for a kilometer with friends. Choose your prize!

Learn to save food

Studies have shown that those who put aside food to the side before eating (for example, children brought you a plate with a slide - from the heart), as a result they eat 14% less. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, 14% less food, in the end - minus 42% of calories.

Even if you yourself have identified a portion, set aside the plate and, after five minutes, audit the contents. You won't be hungry. And do not rush to supplement, if not gorged. Wait 20 minutes, drink hot tea without everything, and then think about whether you need more food. The brain signals the saturation just after this time.

Eat while sitting

When you sit at the table, nothing remains to be done, how to concentrate on eating. Grabbing pieces on the run and having a bite to eat standing up is guaranteed to eat more - we just don't notice how many pieces of chocolate go into your mouth.

Long-livers are moderate in food and devote a special place to the ritual of eating food. They are not in a hurry and reflect on what they eat. Interestingly, not one person who lived to be 100 years old was on a diet. And never was fat! The secret lies in the fact that throughout life they intentionally limit themselves to eating. This does not mean that they suffer from hunger: the ration of Okinawans contains 1900 kcal, and the Sardinians - 2000 kcal. Quite enough for an adult.

Have dinner before

The last meal should be easy - it has been known for a long time. But you probably did not know that you should eat as early as possible. There are places on our planet where there are much more long-livers than in the whole world. And there people eat tightly (breakfast and lunch) in the morning, usually not later than 12 hours, and in the afternoon they leave quite a light dinner - vegetable soup, greens and salads, fresh fruit.

Considering the fact that they go to bed rather early, at 21-22 hours, supper falls at about 5 pm. If you are completely unbearable, then before bedtime you can drink green tea or have a bite of low-fat cottage cheese.

Limit meat intake

Recent discoveries prove that meat, especially fat, in large quantities damages the body. No need to abandon it completely and eat only green salad. But it is better to use lean meat 1-2 times a week. But about the taste of red and technologically processed meat (sausage, ham, sausages), it is better to forget at all.

If you decide on vegetarianism or veganism (a diet with a complete lack of products derived from animals: eggs, milk, butter, cheese), there is good news. Vegetarians have been proven to weigh 7 kg lighter than people of the same height, who did not refuse meat, and vegans — as much as 13–14 kg.

Allow yourself to relax

There should be one day in a week when you are not engaged in work, household chores or any other routine. 24 hours completely devote to communicating with family and friends, hobbies, sports, reading books, caring for yourself. Such pauses allow the brain to rest and recuperate.

Try to meditate. Spiritual practices allow you to slow down and find time to think, relax, get rid of physical and mental stress.