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About this website

Hello, my name is Meir.

I live with my family - wife and three daughters - in Plano, Texas, in the USA. This is about 25 miles north of Dallas. It is a very nice place, with quiet neighborhoods and friendly people.

I am an ordinary person, but there are folks who say my life experience is not-so-ordinary...
Here are some facts about me - you can decide by yourself:

  • I was born and grew up in one country, got married in another, and today I live in yet another.
  • I hold two university degrees (B.Sc. and M.Sc.).
  • I studied in three universities in three different countries - in three different languages.
  • Today I speak these three languages on a daily basis.
  • I served in army twice (needless to say - in different countries...)

What are these languages?
English, Russian and Hebrew.

Can you figure out what those countries are...? :-)

Me and dietary supplements

I would describe myself as someone who always "buys an insurance policy". I mean, I am rather "worried" than "cheerful".

Well, I am not anxious all the time with no reason - I just usually try to account for things which others would ignore, that's all.

This includes health issues, too.

When I was 19, I met someone who was 28 then, and that person told me: "I am already at the age when one should start thinking about one's health".

As you see, I remember this conversation till today, and I turned 40 in 2007.

I've been regularly going to physical checkups and blood tests with our family doctor, I've been taking multivitamins, avoiding junk food and trying to exercise regularly.

Once in a while I've been reading articles about health issues, healthy lifestyle, or dietary supplements...

But this self-education was not systematic - until I discovered Agel.

Me and Agel

When I saw gel products made by Agel Enterprises for the first time, I got "hooked" instantly. I have never seen anything like this before.

It looked and sounded really interesting, fresh and inspiring. Pretty quickly I decided to become an independent distributor for Agel.

Then, I slowed down a bit...

You see, I can be easily inspired by some new idea - but there is also a strong analytical side in my personality.. :-)
I have to know well the subject I am dealing with, otherwise I will feel unconfident and nervous.

So, I started my research, and started it in two directions.

One direction of research was...

Why I think these products are great?

I decided to learn as much as possible on the topic of dietary supplements. I wanted to be able to answer any questions about the products.

To me, it is not enough to say "These products are great!", and to expect that everyone will "jump" on it... Because I knew that the normal reaction would be: "So what?..."

There are people of course who have that special talent to approach other people, and convince them to purchase some product. I am referring of course to great sales people.

But I am not a great salesman... Frankly, I am not a salesman at all. :-)

Yes, this is true, I admit, and repeat - I do not have necessary skills to be a successful salesman!

But I believed that what I can do was to learn these products very well, and if anyone will ask me about them - no one would beat me there!

...What exactly "higher bioavailability" of Agel products means?..
...Why antioxidants are so important, and why antioxidant supplements are necessary to almost everyone?...
...Are there any drug interactions to be aware of?...
...Are there any side effects of glucosamine?...

Answers to these, and many other questions can be found now on this website.

This is a result of my ongoing research. The main word here is ongoing, because I keep looking for more information.

I have been adding more pages since I started this website. Existing pages have been enriched with more useful information. My discovery continues - and this website becomes more and more informative and versatile.

This takes me to the second direction of my research, which is...

How do I sell these great products?

As I said, I am not a salesperson.

Does this mean I cannot sell?

Until not very long ago I thought so, and then I discovered an e-book which changed my point of view.

It had some controversial statements, but overall it sounded as a refreshing and... non-standard approach to the topic of sales, which appealed to me the most.

If you are interested, here is the link where you can get this e-book - it is free:

Click here for FREE E-BOOK

One of discoveries I made as a result of reading the e-book, and other materials, was the fact about the new realities of the marketing business.

These facts might be obvious for someone - but they were not so obvious to me...

These new marketing business realities are the direct result of the Internet, which gives "small" distributors like me a tremendous opportunity.

Big deal, everyone has a website today - this is what you probably think.

This is true - but how many of these websites make money for their owners?...
In order to "make money", website must do two things:

  1. It should attract internet traffic, and
  2. It should appeal to users who find it by building their trust, and thus converting them to customers

Usually, hosting companies do not really help to properly approach these two major issues in building a successful, profitable website.

Fortunately to me, I found such provider - the company called
Site Build It!, or SBI!. The fact that you are now reading this page is the best proof that the SBI! approach and methodology actually works! :-)

Of course, one website does not proof anything, but there is a very impressive "proof of success" fact list about SBI!:

Click here for SBI facts

SBI! approach works well for virtually any kind of business: professional services, internet marketing, online retail stores, local small businesses...

Even if you do not think about creating your own successful internet business, you might find interesting these SBI! case studies - real stories by real people:

Click here for real SBI! stories

If you do have a website already, or just looking for web hosting, comparison chart on the following web page might be of interest for you:

Click here to compare SBI! with Yahoo! and 1&1 web hosting packages

From what I've seen on SBI!, and what I've done with it, I can tell that it delivers a very professional, structured, no-nonsense methodology for building a successful web presence, ready to be used even by non-tech people.

I still have a long way in front of me,
and I will be updating this this website - and this page - "as I go".. :-)

If you like this website, and want to "stay tuned" on updates (new pages, updated pages, product updates, etc.) - you can opt-in using the form below. I plan to send informational emails once in a while - not to be afraid, I will not spam you.

Enter your E-mail Address
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Don't worry -- your e-mail address is totally secure.
I promise to use it only to send you Do-Dietary-Supplements-Work.com Updates.
If you have any questions, or feedback, please use the form on the "Contact me" page - I will be glad to help where I can.

Thanks so much for your time!

Best regards,


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