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Antioxidant supplement EXO:
four reasons why I take it

Reason # 1
Everyone needs an antioxidant supplement

How many people do you know who eat 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables of different colors every day?

I cannot recall anyone.

This is what doctors and nutrition specialists tell us to do in order to receive all types of necessary antioxidants. Usually people think that it is enough to eat an apple, or some fresh carrots, or some grapes,
and - Voila! - you've got your antioxidants!

This is not 100% true.

If you eat "an apple a day", you've got some antioxidants - it is true, and it is great!
But you **do not get** all kinds of necessary antioxidants which your body requires to alleviate aging and prevent diseases.
Agel EXO is a blend of 17 fruits and plants rich in antioxidants. It provides you with a range of antioxidants critical to a healthy life.

Benefits of antioxidants are discussed on Antioxidants page in a short yet comprehensive overview. Use Back button on your browser to return to this page.

Click here for antioxidant supplement EXO
nutritional information

(PDF file, requires Acrobat Reader)

Reason # 2
Gel is better than pills or liquid vitamins

Antioxidant supplement in gel form is easier to intake than pills.
You just squeeze the gel packet, and sip the juicy content.

Gel is easily digested - easier than pills which should first dissolve in your stomach. Active ingredients are "floating" in gel, and are ready to be digested.They do not concentrate near the bottom, like components in liquid vitamins.

You can find a table that compares pills, liquid vitamins and gel supplements on What to choose? page.

Reason # 3
"Health on the go"

One particular benefit that I like about gel products is portability and convenience to use.
Gel packet is so easy to handle! You put it in your purse, or pocket, and take it with you everywhere you go.

Liquid vitamins must be refrigerated after opening, so there is no portability there. Pills are more portable - but not as convenient as gel packs.

Reason # 4
It tastes great!

Last but not least - a great berry taste.
EXO is a great antioxidant supplement, but because of its taste it is a also a snack!

Click here to receive your FREE sample gel pack!

(Please note that Agel products are not yet available in all countries.
If you do not find your country on the FREE sample form, please send me your inquiry using Contact Me form.)

How other gel supplements can benefit you?

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