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Healthy heart needs protection.
What have you done for it today?

Dietary supplement for a healthy heart

Agel HRT is an advanced gel designed specifically to help protect your heart, support your myocardial system, and maintain healthy levels of blood cholesterol.

Blend of antioxidants and other nutrients in HRT offers your healthy heart energy and protection needed to overcome hurdles of a modern life.

Active ingredients of Agel HRT

  • Oyster Mushroom Powder

    Oyster mushroom powder comes from dried mushrooms Pleurotus ostreatus. Oyster mushrooms' origin is in Asia, but today they are cultivated around the world for food. They possess an aroma and slight taste of cooked oysters.

    There are numerous health benefits associated with oyster mushrooms. They contain water-insoluble polysaccharides that help modulate the activity of the immune system. Oyster mushrooms also contain high levels of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, and other beneficial nutrients.
    Oyster mushrooms contain unique antioxidants catalase, superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione peroxidase that can help reduce the effects of age-related chronic diseases.

    Powder from oyster mushroom has been a subject of numerous clinical health studies. Here is a link to one of such research papers. In the abstract of the paper, oyster mushrooms are claimed to "modulate the immune system; have hypoglycemic activity; have an antithrombotic effect; inhibit tumor growth, inflammation, and microbial action; and lower blood pressure and plasma lipid concentration. In addition, they effectively reduce lipids in general and specifically low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol."
    Due to these characteristics, oyster mushroom powder can help you with maintaining healthy heart, and with supporting your heart during normal activities.

  • Taurine

    Taurine is a natural biochemical found in electrically active tissues,
    such as the heart and brain where it helps to stabilize cell membranes.

    Taurine also works as an antioxidant for blood vessels. Taurine aids in the transport of sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium across the cell membrane - resulting in controlling nerve impulses. As a result, taurine is important to proper nerve functioning.
    Taurine is found in tissues of the central nervous system and muscle proteins, especially in the heart tissue. This important amino acid supports and protects healthy heart with its normal functions. Foods with high concentration of taurine are meat and fish.

  • L-Carnitine

    L-Carnitine is naturally synthesized in the body to support energy production. It assists with the transport of fatty acids within cells -
    a necessary step in a process of conversion of body fat into energy in your body.

    Because of this feature, L-Carnitine is a common ingredient in weight-loss supplements which work by increasing metabolism of fats. L-Carnitine is used in Agel HRT because it helps increase myocardial energy production. This is the "energy boost" that will support you heart and will help to keep it strong and healthy.

  • Coenzyme Q10

    Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), is a strong antioxidant that is primarily focused for hearty circulation.

    CoQ10 is naturally synthesized within every cell of our body, in a cell parts called mitochondria. Mitochondria are "power plants" of the cell. Energy production occurs by converting carbohydrates, fats and proteins into biochemical energy. This process is essentially the process of oxidation, and it generates free radicals that slowly decay the functions of the mitochondria, the cell and the cell membrane.

    As a strong defensive antioxidant, CoQ10 helps to reduce free radical build-up in mitochondria. The reduction in free radical improves the efficiency of energy-generating process in cells. CoQ10 helps limit the free radical oxidation of LDL cholesterol that can lead to clogging of arteries (a condition known as atherosclerosis). As a result, CoQ10 can assists you with keeping healthy heart and healthy blood vessels by reducing the risk of blood clots and heart failure.

  • Policosanol

    Policosanol is a natural mixture of long-chain fatty alcohols derived from the waxy protective coating on sugar cane (Saccharum officinarium). Research linking policosanol to lower cholesterol levels originated in 1970s. Since then, many scientists worldwide have focused on the diverse cardio-beneficial features of policosanol.

    Policosanol may fight atherosclerosis by reducing blood vessel wall injury. The process of atherosclerosis is initiated by the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol, which then leads to the arterial blockage. It is proven that sugar cane policosanol protects the arterial wall by reducing the amount of oxidated cholesterol cells attached to blood vessel walls.

    Policosanol has gone through numerous clinical studies. Here is the link to one research paper, and here is the link to another paper, which presents a review of many other studies.

    Importantly, policosanol has mild side effects in less than 0.5% of people (weight loss, excessive urination and insomina), not toxic to the liver and no known drug interactions.

In addition to the above components, Agel HRT contains 100% of the daily volume of Folic acid (vitamin B9), which supports healthy blood vessels, and Selenium - a mineral which could help support normal functions of a healthy heart.

Click here for HRT nutritional information

(PDF file, requires Acrobat Reader)

What can Agel HRT do for you?
Nothing can replace a heart healthy diet and regular exercise, Agel HRT may serve as an outstanding supplement for additional support of a healthy heart.

Here are just a few of the many potential benefits of Agel HRT:

  • Can help to control normal level of blood cholesterol
  • Can support healthy blood vessels
  • Provides additional energy to your healthy heart
  • Supplements a heart-healthy life

Heart supplementAgel HRT comes in a form of gel, so it has all advantages of gel supplements, if compared to pills or liquid vitamins. (Refer to Solid Supplements and Liquid Vitamins for more details on this important issue.)

  • Better and quicker absorption
  • Higher bioavailability of active ingredients
  • Higher portability
  • Easy to intake (no pills to swallow)

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(Please note that Agel products are not yet available in all countries.
If you do not find your country on the FREE sample form, please send me your inquiry using Contact Me form.)

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