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Gel packs:
convenience of pills,
advantages of liquid vitamins

Most people when asked about vitamins, minerals, or antioxidants would imagine tablets. Liquid vitamins are less common, but some people definitely would be familiar with them as well.

Lately, another form of dietary supplements' delivery has become available: gel. Most of dietary supplement reviews will not mention gel supplements, because they were introduced only few years ago.
Dietary supplements in gel form are produced by Agel Enterprises company, located in Provo, Utah, USA.

What is gel?

Here is a formal definition of gel.
Gel is a semisolid chemical system composed of a continuous medium throughout which are distributed small particles, that do not settle out under the influence of gravity; the particles may be in emulsion or in suspension. (Reference: Dorland's Medical Dictionary for Health Consumers)

In case of gel supplements, gel is a suspension: solid particles of supplements are "floating" in plant-based, gelatinous fluid.

Dietary gel products contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients which can also be found in solid form (tablets) and liquid form (liquid vitamins and supplements).

However, gel supplements have unique characteristics, remarkably bringing together the best features of tablets and liquid vitamins.

Advantages of gel supplements

  • Higher bioavailability of ingredients
    Like in liquid supplements, active ingredients in gel products have higher bioavailability comparing to ingredients in pills. Nutritional components floating in gel are ready to be absorbed by your body, unlike nutrients which are binded in a solid pill. You can find more details about dissolution and bioavailability of supplements on Solid Supplements and Liquid Vitamins pages.

  • Dosage accuracy
    Unlike liquid vitamins - and like tablets - gel supplements provide exact daily dosage of the nutrients in each packet. Liquid vitamins MUST be shaken well before use, because some active components settle near the bottom of the bottle. In case of gel supplements shaking is not required. Why? Because nutrients are "floating" in gel!

  • Easy to intake
    Vitamin pills might be quite large in size, making the swallowing process not pleasant even for younger healthy adults. Some people might be not able to swallow large pills at all.
    Similarly to liquid vitamins, gel supplements are easy to swallow - just rip the packet, and sip the content!

  • Easy to use and handle
    Taking liquid vitamins requires a spoon, and often - glass of water or juice. Water is also needed for taking tablets, but for a different reason. In case of tablets, it is impossible to swallow them without water. For liquid vitamins juice might be needed to neutralize not-so-good taste...
    With gel supplements, no water is required. Most of the products have a great taste, and can be swallowed with no additional liquids.
    In addition, bottle with liquid supplements must be refrigerated after opening. Gel packets contain dosage for a single use, so no refrigeration is needed. Take unopened gel packets anywhere, just do not expose them to high temperatures.

  • Portable and Fun
    Gel supplements provide something that neither tablets, or liquid vitamins can provide - portability and fun to use! You can stick a couple of gel packets in your purse, or pocket - and take them anywhere you go! In the office, after fitness club, during the shopping, or on a golf course - every place is a perfect place to take gel supplements!

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Dietary supplements available in gel form

  • Multivitamin and Minerals
    Gel supplement MIN gives you the precise daily quantity of the essential nutrients. It provides 100% of the recommended daily intake (RDI) of twelve essential vitamins and up to 50% of 10 essential minerals. I take one packet of MIN every day after a meal.

  • Antioxidant supplement
    Product called EXO is a unique blend of extracts from 17 exotic fruits and plants. To name just few: bilberry, acai, mangosteen, noni... Ingredients of EXO offer you literally hundreds of naturally occurring antioxidants in the same convenient serving. EXO is my favorite gel supplement - it has a great "berry" taste!

  • Physical and mental energy
    A proprietary formula of gel product OHM is designed to increase your resistance to stress and enhance mental focus. In addition, it can provide your body with added physical energy and to reduce recovery time from the strain of normal physical activity.

  • Joint support
    FLX can benefit you in several ways. It may be beneficial in the maintenance of healthy joints by keeping joint mobility and maximum flexibility, FLX may also assist with minor joint pain associated with normal activities. Active ingredients include glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and a proprietary blend Celadrin. And as all other products, FLX packets are totally portable and easy to use!

  • Weight control
    Gel supplement FIT could be a perfect addition to your weight control program. If taken 30-60 minutes before a meal, it can help you eat less. In addition, it may inhibit fat synthesis and increase the burning of fat.

  • Heart support
    HRT is a scientifically formulated gel designed to help protect your heart, fuel your myocardial system, and maintain healthy levels of cholesterol. Its ingredients may support healthy heart tissue and increase myocardial energy production. HRT by no means can replace healthy eating habits and active lifestyle which are necessary for the health of your heart, but it could serve as an excellent supplement to keep you heart healthy.

  • Immune system support - and more!
    Gel product called UMI contains fucoidan - an amazing ingredient derived from brown seaweed. In recent years fucoidan has been shown to sustain and promote better health in many ways. Among many of its wonderful characteristics, fucoidan helps human body to replace dead cells enabling tissue regeneration, supports the immune system by increasing healthy white blood cells, and assists with eliminating harmful cells. Incredible features of fucoidan are being actively explored, and hundreds of scientific papers have been already published about it.

  • Protein supplement
    PRO is a gel protein punch in a convenient, single-serve package. Whether you are working on building your muscles, or just want to have a healthy, nutritional snack, PRO will provide you a convenient access to protein. The protein in PRO is a complete source for all nine essential amino acids. It comes in two flavors: Strawberry Banana and Chocolate Truffle.

    Disclaimer: Product claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Not all Agel products are available in all countries. Nothing on this site should be interpreted as medical or nutritional advice. The testimonials and product claims on this site may not necessarily apply to you and you should undertake your own investigation, including seeking advice from your physician prior to changing your diet or using any nutritional supplements. Agel products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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