Month: February 2022

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Melon benefits and harm to the health of the human body

The taste of this fragrant fruit is known to every person. It intoxicates with its taste and smell, it is impossible to refuse its use. Adults and children love it – it’s all about the melon. Central Asia is considered the birthplace of this melon culture. There are even references to it in the Bible.…
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Ryazhenka benefits and harms to the health of the human body

Ryazhenka is a traditional Slavic drink. In the old days, it was cooked in an oven. Everything was very simple. Cream and milk were mixed, sent to the oven and heated until the mixture got a creamy shade. Then sour cream was added to the baked milk and they waited until everything was sour. Now…
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Dogwood benefits and harms to the health of the human body

Dogwood is shrouded in many legends. According to one of them, Jesus was crucified on a cross from this tree, according to another, the tree appeared as a result of Romulus hitting the ground with a spear. But the main thing is that the benefits of this plant have been known since ancient times. Now…
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How Depression affects Weight Loss

Depression is not just a condition, but a disease that needs to be taken seriously. Depression is directly related to weight, as it is characterized by changes in appetite, apathy, unwillingness to take care of yourself, weight gain or loss. It is difficult for people who have experienced depression to control weight, so its changes…
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Milk health benefits and harms

Every person remembers the taste of milk from childhood. However, there is a lot of controversy regarding its benefits to the human body. Some scientists argue that it is completely useless for humans and even harmful, arguing that not a single creature on the planet consumes milk after weaning from the mother’s breast. Others argue…
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