Month: September 2019

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Products useful for cancer prevention. Proper nutrition

Today, doctors cannot specifically name the cause of the occurrence of cancerous tumors, however, they are all convinced that in most cases people with a hereditary predisposition and bad eating habits suffer from cancer. By choosing healthy foods, cancer can be prevented. Scientists in the research process in the field of cancer prevention are calling more and more products…
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We say NO to obesity in children. Proper nutrition for children

Parents should form taste habits in a child from early childhood. Many pediatricians, from birth, have warned parents who gave birth to a hero weighing more than 4 kg, that in the future the child may have problems with being overweight. The average weight of a newborn baby is considered normal 3200-3500 grams. Many mothers during pregnancy do not adhere to…
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Tomatoes in proper nutrition

Tomatoes are a crop that can be safely attributed to proper nutrition products. This vegetable is included in a huge number of a wide variety of dishes. It is used not only in its raw form, but also lends itself perfectly to various types of heat treatment, preservation, and is also part of many sauces. What is the…
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The place of soups in proper nutrition

Can soups be considered a necessary component of proper nutrition? Today, one can increasingly hear the opinion that this excessively heavy food is not suitable for a balanced diet. Are all soups equally difficult to digest? Or can you find their easy and healthy varieties that do not interfere with the process of losing weight? The role of…
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Smoothie Bowl: A New Trend in Nutrition

Many popular nutritionists and fitness bloggers are actively discussing and promoting a relatively new trend in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčnutrition, such as the Smoothie Bowl. What is its difference from traditional smoothies? What is its benefit to the body? Smoothie Bowl: New Nutrition Products Judging by the name of the dish, Smoothie Bowl (literally “Plate / Bowl…
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