Month: August 2022

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Cherry benefits and harm to the human body

Back in the 1st century AD, cherries came to Europe. In Russia, these trees appeared much later. To date, there are about 100 varieties of cherries, and it grows on almost the entire planet. There is a lot of controversy whether the fruits of the cherry tree are berries or fruits. If you rely on…
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Grapefruit benefits and harms to human health

Grapefruit has been known since the 18th century. For a long time it was a forbidden fruit, but over time it became very popular. The fruit is the result of a random cross between a pomelo and an orange. Now it is bred on an industrial scale in the territories of warm countries. The composition…
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Basil benefits and harm to human health

Thanks to its spicy taste and heady aroma, basil has long been used in cooking. People have not forgotten about the medicinal properties of this herb. After all, it has long been noticed that its use brings great benefits to the human body. If the name of the plant is translated from the ancient Egyptian…
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Chard health benefits and harms

The flora of our planet is so diverse that even very similar cultures can have completely different qualities and have different effects on the human body. Beets and chard have the same “roots”. They are descended from the wild beet that once grew in the Mediterranean. Now these are actually two antipodes, beets are grown…
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The strongest antibiotics

To talk about the benefits of antibiotics, it is necessary to know what types of antibiotics have been created today and what advantages modern antibiotics, including the latest generation, demonstrate against the background of their predecessors. Pharmacology is developing rapidly, and the stable opinion that any strong antibiotic causes a lot of harm to the…
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Corn benefits and harm to human health

Corn is a tasty grain crop that is very popular all over the world. She is believed to be from Mexico. It was the main component of the diet of the Aztec and Mayan tribes. This culture came to Europe thanks to Columbus. Although initially it was valued solely for the flour that was made…
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