Month: November 2021

We write interestingly about training, proper nutrition and everything related to healthy life and fitness.

Oatmeal benefits and harms to human health

Oatmeal is considered one of the healthiest, it is suitable for quick satiety and for those who wish to lose weight. Oatmeal helps to flush out toxins and calm the nervous system, and many healthy dishes are prepared from it. Calories per 100 g, (kcal): 342 Protein in 100 g, (g): 12.3 Fat in 100 g,…
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Pumpkin benefits and harm to the health of the human body

Pumpkin can be called a real gift of nature, tasty and healthy. These properties are recognized all over the world; many dishes are prepared from it, including desserts. The plant itself is absolutely unpretentious to grow, it is well stored and you can buy it all year round in any grocery store.The plant came to Europe from…
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Soy benefits and harms to the health of the human body

Some inhabitants of the planet completely refuse to consume animal protein. Soy comes to their aid, from which you can prepare a variety of dishes and even drinks. However, the controversy regarding the benefits and harms of using this plant has not subsided for decades. Some experts say that it is harmful and can even provoke the development…
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Calcium / Calcium (Ca) why does the body need it, and what properties does it have?

Calcium in the human body acts as a mineral electrolyte responsible for the transfer of electrical charges that are dissolved in liquids, including blood. The mineral has a high chemical activity. This element is not found in its pure form, but it is found in large quantities as a compound with other substances in the earth’s crust,…
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What is L-Carnitine (functions, sources, side effects)

Carnitine is a naturally occurring vitamin-like element. A small amount of a substance is synthesized in the human body, namely in the kidneys and liver. The main function of the substance is to transport fatty acids. Also, carnitine is required for normal muscle tissue function and reduces the risk of developing heart muscle problems. For the synthesis of a…
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