Month: May 2020

We write interestingly about training, proper nutrition and everything related to healthy life and fitness.

Men increasingly suffer from eating disorders

The statistics of the famous Western publication The Sun showed that more and more males are beginning to suffer from various eating disorders – anorexia and bulimia. The newspaper reports that over the past ten years, the number of young people hospitalized with suspected anorexia or bulimia has tripled only in Britain. Comparative data show that…
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Modafinil – is it effective?

Under the mysterious name “Smart drugs” (or “smart drugs”), neurometabolic stimulants are hidden, they are also nootropics. It is believed that such pharmaceuticals can significantly improve memory functions, concentration, and also have a stimulating effect on the nervous system, allowing you to increase efficiency and temporarily get rid of the need for sleep. Among a…
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Popular fitness myths

There are a lot of rumors, speculation and outright misconceptions about fitness and physical training in general. We can say that, how many people have so many opinions. But there are facts that are proved and confirmed by science. And there are those who are not unreasonably refuted. Nevertheless, beginners on the way to a healthy lifestyle and…
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The consequences of liposuction

Plastic surgery is developing every day, introducing more and more new technologies, offering more and more new services to its patients. Liposuction – the procedure in the framework of plastic surgery is not new. Previously, liposuction was supposed to eliminate small defects in the body, but now the area of ​​problems that liposuction can solve is very…
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Scientists believe that parents should more often tell children about healthy eating

There are several ways to convince a child that eating healthy can help prevent obesity. But are all of them effective? A new study helps parents choose the right tactics when talking with their child about nutrition. Do not defiantly talk about obesity and the need for weight loss. This is wrong and can contribute to the development of…
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Elementary remedy for childhood obesity

Recently, experts consider childhood obesity to be a real epidemic. There are several reasons for the development of childhood obesity. Meanwhile, experts believe that the main reason for the accumulation of excess weight in children is malnutrition, which, for the most part, is the fault of parents. It turns out that raisins are the best food for…
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