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Month: October 2019

We write interestingly about training, proper nutrition and everything related to healthy life and fitness.

How to use plastic dishes so as not to harm your health. Healthy eating

If you at least once drank hot tea or coffee, pouring them into a disposable glass , then we sympathize with you, you used poison. Scientists conducted a special experiment, poured vodka into one plastic glass and hot tea into another. After a while, we checked the drinks and found that in both glasses there was no longer tea…
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What is the danger of food additives with the designation “E”? Healthy eating

Human health directly depends on the lifestyle that he leads, and only 13% depends on the level of health care and 17% on hereditary predisposition. The most important component of a healthy lifestyle is proper nutrition, consisting of products that are beneficial to the body. Meanwhile, almost any product that we buy in the store – whether it is…
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What is the most healthy porridge? Proper nutrition

People have been using buckwheat porridge for food for more than 5000 years, and they still grow and process this cereal using the same technologies. In the Middle Ages, buckwheat was considered the food of the poor and plebeians. Aristocrats didn’t eat it, because unlike rice, buckwheat was “black porridge”, which is why it was perceived as food unworthy of “tender stomachs”. …
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Diet for epilepsy. Proper Nutrition Epilepticus

It is known that taking a large amount of fluid facilitates the onset of seizures. There are even special methods of provoking seizures with the help of “water strikes.” On this basis, some authors recommend a sharp restriction of fluid intake or increased excretion of it from the body. Since ancient times, for the treatment…
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Proper nutrition for people over 55 years old. Healthy lifestyle for seniors

People over 55 are susceptible to various diseases, but many of them are not afraid of it. They believe that nothing will harm their body and they need to eat whatever they want in order not to give in to a bad mood. In fact, it turns out that every person after 55 years old has his own…
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What foods are good for your health? Proper nutrition

Improper nutrition has become an integral part of the life of a modern person . Today, many people do not think about what they eat and how this food can affect their health. Meanwhile, an unbalanced diet and lack of physical activity lead to the development of diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and hypertension. That is why nutritionists have…
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Proper nutrition of children. Why does a child need to eat meat?

Vegetarianism is fashionable today . Therefore, some mothers who carefully monitor their health and constantly follow a diet do not eat meat themselves and do not give it to their children. Meanwhile, pediatricians are unanimous in their opinion: children and vegetarianism are incompatible! Refusal of meat can lead to disastrous consequences for the health of the child.    A growing child’s body cannot develop normally without animal…
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How to stay slim in winter? Proper nutrition in the winter

More recently, the summer heat did not give us rest . And now we, not having time to look back, meet a cold winter. She always comes unexpectedly. No, according to the calendar – on time, December 1. It is a surprise for us.  The hours when the sun was still shining for a long time in the sky gave way to an impenetrable darkness. And, sometimes, one wants so much,…
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