Month: April 2022

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Cod liver benefits and harms to human health

Cod liver is very popular all over the world. By popularity, it can even be put in first place among all canned fish. In addition, the product has a relatively low cost, and is also useful and pleasant to the taste. Cod fish lives in the depths of the Atlantic. Its uniqueness lies in the…
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Apple cider vinegar benefits and harms to human health

Vinegar made from apples appeared on the shelves of our country not so long ago, several decades ago. It was in our country that vinegar became popular thanks to the book “Honey and Other Natural Products”, written by Jarvis D.V. The author of this work is a naturopath and he is completely sure that apple…
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Sea bass harm and benefit to the body

Sea bass is one of the most delicious seafood. Although this species is already on the verge of extinction. Fish meat contains a huge amount of useful substances, but unfortunately, it can already be classified as a delicacy. Calories per 100 g, (kcal): 79 Protein in 100 g, (g): 15.3 Fats in 100 g, (g):…
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Milk thistle oil benefits and harms to human health

Milk thistle oil is the most valuable gift of nature, which allows to cure many ailments. The oil has a pleasant aroma, without pronounced taste nuances.The first mention of the treatment with this oil is still present in the records of physicians of the 18th century. Even then it was used to treat the liver.…
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Mint tea benefits and harms to human health

Mint tea is a fragrant and refreshing drink. After it, strength appears, digestion improves and insomnia disappears.The benefits of mint tea have been known to mankind for a long time. The drink was recognized as healing even in the time of Avicenna. Now it is widely used as a prophylactic against colds and for weight…
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Linden tea benefits and harms to human health

How pleasant it is to drink a cup of fragrant linden tea on a cold winter day, remember summer and walks through a flowering forest. This drink is considered to be a real invigorating and healing tea. It has a pleasant and slightly sweet aftertaste, light aroma.Usually linden tea is consumed in its pure form,…
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