Month: May 2021

We write interestingly about training, proper nutrition and everything related to healthy life and fitness.

Food for heartburn, diet, permitted foods

Everyone has experienced heartburn at least once in their life. This attack can be unbearable, especially at night. According to statistics, on a regular basis, about a third of the entire population of the planet is faced with this problem. There are many reasons for this condition, including gastrointestinal diseases, spicy food, overeating, snacks on the go, stress. But…
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Diet for the pancreas, sample menu

Any disease of the pancreas requires a serious approach to nutrition. Improvements are directly related to the food consumed. The danger of pathology is that nutrients cease to flow due to the lack of enzymes in the stomach, which are produced by the pancreas. This is due to the swelling of the walls of the bile ducts and…
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Xenical is the most modern tool for weight loss

Weight loss is primarily a health improvement and weight loss. And as in almost any type of treatment, there are a variety of approaches. Someone goes under the surgeon’s knife, someone begins to eat separately, someone on the contrary-mixed, someone uses medications. Here is one of these drugs and will be discussed. Xenical is a…
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Diet No. 14 (dietary table No. 14), permitted, prohibited foods

A phosphaturia diagnosis can shock anyone. In fact, this is a fairly common problem and is associated with the precipitation of insoluble salts. In fact, this is a violation of phosphate and calcium metabolism, against the background of which insoluble salts are formed, which turn into stones over time, with a gradual increase if no therapeutic measures…
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Diet for hemorrhoids, for women and men

Hemorrhoids are a venous plexus in the lower rectum. This pathology causes discomfort, and the neglected form is dangerous even to health with severe bleeding. The disease can appear due to many factors, up to mechanical damage. But, if this has already happened, and hemorrhoids have appeared, then in order to maintain the state of health at a normal…
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Diet for hypertension, rules, permitted foods, diet

Hypertension is a real scourge of modern mankind. In the presence of pathology in the vessels, increased pressure is constantly observed, blood flows with great difficulty to the heart. Hence the headache and heartache, fatigue and apathy, dizziness. The problem is solved with the help of medicines and nutritional correction, a number of restrictions are introduced into the…
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