Month: October 2020

We write interestingly about training, proper nutrition and everything related to healthy life and fitness.

Complex fight against cellulite

Gymnastics and anti-cellulite cosmetics As already mentioned, it is necessary to deal with cellulite in a comprehensive manner. The whole complex should include: proper nutrition, massage, the use of special cosmetics, gymnastics, as well as rubbing, wraps and baths, which we will talk about later. Today, store shelves are literally littered with various anti-cellulite products. These are…
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Enemy number one: cellulite

The long-awaited spring has already entered into its legal rights. Warm and sunny. You can, finally, throw off the heavy woolen sweaters and trousers that are boring over the winter and put on something light and short. To the delight of the stronger sex and your beloved. And the mood improves, and you hum, looking at your reflection in…
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The body is the head of everything

Needless to say, we take care of our body badly. This even applies to those who regularly go to the gym and follow diets, because this is not enough to preserve the beauty and youth of the “home of the soul”. Even trained muscles will not hide age-related changes if the skin on the body is dry…
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Fitness guide for body and mind

Fitness is, first of all, a healthy lifestyle. Fitness is also the perfection of physical fitness, balance of the emotional state. There is no single, definitive definition of fitness. Until now, there is a discrepancy even in the spelling of the words “fitness” and “fitness”. Literally translated from English, the word fitness ( fitness ) means fitness, compliance. The term “fitness” refers to…
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The best time to exercise

For many, a morning jog is like a strong cup of coffee – it gives a boost of vivacity for the whole day. This is confirmed not only by time, people, but also by scientific research. Exercising in the morning makes your body 100% awake and ready for productive work throughout the day. But what about active workouts,…
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If the work is sedentary

People performing sedentary, so-called “sedentary” work that is not related to physical activity – in offices, offices, institutions – cause the greatest harm to their health, since they spend a significant part of the day without the necessary physical exertion, sitting at the table. As you know, sedentary work does not add to health, but,…
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