Month: July 2022

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Spelled benefits and harms to human health

Spelled is a rather incomprehensible name for a food product in our region. Although this is just a subspecies of wheat. It is very similar to wheat spikelets, only covered with a hard husk, due to which the product contains much more useful substances. Spelled is used as flour and as a cereal, which can…
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Acidophilus benefit harm to the health of the human body

Acidophilus is a fermented milk product that tastes like a mixture of kefir and curdled milk. For the production of this drink, sour-milk microorganisms are used, which Dr. Podgorodetsky was able to identify only in 1903. In Soviet times, the drink could be found freely in any store. Now this drink is much less common…
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Cottage cheese benefits and harm to the human body

Perhaps, every person is completely sure that cottage cheese is one of the most useful fermented milk products. In fact, the benefit of this product depends entirely on its quality. After all, this is a beneficial environment for the development of E. coli. Calories per 100 g, (kcal): 121 Protein in 100 g, (g): 17.2…
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Sour cream benefits and harm to the human body

Perhaps no one will argue that sour cream is one of the most delicious dairy products. It is perfect for dressing salads and dumplings. This is a real national product in our country. Outside of our country, sour cream appeared only in the post-war period, then, as well as now, it is called “Russian cream”.…
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Turnip benefits and harm to the health of the body

Turnip is a traditional Russian dish. It was consumed fresh, boiled, baked and even cooked porridge. She often appears in fairy tales. This is truly the queen of the table, and the benefits of eating the fruit are enormous. It was consumed on a regular basis in our country until the potato appeared. Then, for…
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