Month: April 2021

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Diet for fatty liver hepatosis , permitted and prohibited foods

Constant emotional stress, lack of physical activity and poor nutrition, all this leads to a general deterioration in health and negatively affects the functioning of the liver. Under certain circumstances, the combination of these factors can cause the development of fatty liver hepatosis or steatosis . Briefly about the disease Pathology is a non-alcoholic form of fatty liver and is…
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Diet for atopic dermatitis in children and adults

According to statistics, allergic diseases are the most common among all non-infectious pathologies. And the figures have only increased in recent years. Children are more susceptible to the disease. About 4 out of 5 toddlers of preschool age face this problem. The treatment of this disease is quite long, regardless of the patient’s age. What is atopic dermatitis Alas, atopic dermatitis has absolutely no…
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Diet for gastroduodenitis, permitted and prohibited foods

Gastroduodenitis is an unpleasant diagnosis, but it is not yet an ulcer or even gastritis. Pathology is characterized by an inflammatory process on the mucous membrane. The most common symptoms include nausea, a persistent feeling of fullness in the stomach, and an unpleasant taste in the mouth. Constipation or, on the contrary, diarrhea may appear. The patient feels general…
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Diet No. 16 (dietary table No. 16), permitted, prohibited foods

Often, when prescribing drug treatment, the attending doctor prescribes a specific diet. Indeed, depending on the state of the body, a certain diet may be required, which will allow you to recover as quickly as possible and cope with the disease. Today, diets of tables are used, which were prescribed by Pevzner in the last century. He believed…
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Diet No. 15 (dietary table No. 15), permitted, prohibited foods

Not all Pevzner diets are strict and must be used in the presence of any disease. In particular, this applies to the diet of table No. 15, which is assigned during the recovery period, as an intermediate menu for the transition to a normal diet. This diet is physiologically complete. Indications for the use of diet No. 15…
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