Month: May 2022

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Apricot kernels benefits and harms to human health

In most cases, people regard apricot pits as garbage and throw them away, but in vain. In the core of the bone there is a huge amount of useful substances that even our ancestors knew about. The kernels can be used for culinary purposes, added to healing ointments, decoctions, infusions, and simply eaten. Calories per…
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Currant leaves useful properties and contraindications

Currant leaves are a natural product with a wide range of medicinal properties. Even official medicine recognizes the benefits of leaves.This plant is native to Asia and Central Europe. Back in the 11th century, currant bushes were grown near monasteries, the fruits were eaten, and the leaves were used to prepare healing decoctions. In ancient…
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Camelina oil benefits and harm to the human body

Camelina oil is a rather unique product for our region. All over the world it is widely used for the treatment of diseases, in cooking. It is ideal for individuals who decide to become vegetarians. It has a wide range of useful elements and vitamins. Calories per 100 g, (kcal): 884 Protein in 100 g,…
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Cloves health benefits and harms

One of the most popular spices in the world is cloves. She has a non-standard taste, a little spicy and pleasant aroma. But she is loved not only now because she can spice up a culinary masterpiece, but also for her excellent healing properties. By the way, cloves are even included in the National Pharmacopoeia…
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Bay leaf benefits harm and medicinal properties

The benefits of bay leaf have been known since ancient times. Although in the modern world this spice is used mainly for culinary purposes and in vain. Calories per 100 g, (kcal): 313 Protein in 100 g, (g): 7.6 Fats in 100 g, (g): 8.4 Carbohydrates in 100 g, (g): 48.7 Glycemic index: fifteen The…
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