Month: March 2022

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Blackberries benefits and harms to the health of the human body

The blackberry is a berry that looks like a raspberry, but is dark purple instead of red. They have juicy flesh, slightly spicy taste. The fruits are suitable for fresh consumption, they are used to prepare delicious desserts, fruit drinks, jams.It is believed that the blackberry comes from America. Now it is widespread in many…
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Kvass benefits and harm to the health of the human body

Kvass is a traditional Slavic drink. Mentions of it can be found in ancient historical records. Each nationality had its own characteristics of the preparation of the drink. Back in 989, Prince Vladimir I ordered to give the peasants honey and kvass in honor of the Baptism of Russia.Today it is considered as a non-alcoholic…
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Agar-agar benefits and harms to the health of the human body

Agar-agar is widely used in the world, it acts as a thickener for the preparation of certain dishes, for example, jellied meat or jelly. Unlike gelatin, this product is of plant origin, the properties of which have not yet been fully studied.In our country, you can find 2 grades of gelatin: the highest, with a…
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Lemon benefits and harm to human health

Lemon can be found in every housewife’s refrigerator. It is also called the “apple of immortality” because of its great benefits for the human body. Most often, lemon is used to cure a cold, but it will also help in the presence of other diseases and cosmetic problems. Calories per 100 g, (kcal): sixteen Protein…
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Carrot juice benefits and harms how to drink

Carrot juice is one of the richest in vitamin content of all juices. It helps to cope with a number of diseases and even tan faster. But there are certain contraindications for its use. Moreover, root crops are quickly recruited with nitrates, which are of great harm to the human body. Composition and calorie content…
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