Month: March 2021

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Diet for food poisoning, what you can and cannot eat

The merry festive feast ended, but only stomach pains, nausea and high fever remained. Most likely, this is real food poisoning. Symptoms are not necessarily related to overeating or too much alcohol, the food may not have been the freshest, or it may have been improperly processed.Symptoms appear literally 30 minutes after the last and completely unnecessary…
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What foods cause gas in the intestines

If there are problems with digestion, then a person can constantly get into awkward situations. The release of gas can occur at any time, at work or during an important meeting, at get-togethers with friends. If a person constantly restrains himself, then he has psychological problems, because he constantly has to restrain himself so as not to…
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What foods are good for the health of the heart and blood vessels

Mortality from cardiovascular disease is increasing every year. But the worst thing is that the age of patients is decreasing, many can no longer do without medicines and industrial production. However, taking care of the heart and vascular system is not only visiting doctors and eating pills, but also nutrition that will help normalize health.  Doctors have…
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Foods rich in iodine ( Iodum )

People who live far from the sea are constantly feeling iodine deficiency. This is due to the diet, it is scarce in seafood. And the lack of iodine in the body is dangerous to health and can provoke many diseases. However, do not be upset, the deficit can be replenished not only through nutritional supplements, but also by…
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“Isotretinoin”: instructions for use, analogues, indications and reviews

Acne is a pathological process on the skin caused by changes in the hair follicle and external secretion glands secreted by sebum. One of the remedies for this disease is “Isotretinoin”. The drug has gained great popularity among dermatologists. In the instructions for use, “” is indicated as a dermatotropic agent. This means that the…
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Fiber rich foods, food list

Human health directly depends on what he consumes. A proper diet means that a person will receive an adequate amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fiber. The latter component can be obtained exclusively from food or nutritional supplements, since it is not produced by the body on its own. What is fiber Fiber is the shell of…
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