Soy benefits and harms to the health of the human body

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Some inhabitants of the planet completely refuse to consume animal protein. Soy comes to their aid, from which you can prepare a variety of dishes and even drinks. However, the controversy regarding the benefits and harms of using this plant has not subsided for decades. Some experts say that it is harmful and can even provoke the development of cancer. Other scientists assure that it is a complete protein substitute that can provide energy to the body. In addition, soy is not a provocateur of cholesterol accumulation, therefore it does not carry the risk of developing vascular diseases.
For Asian countries, it is a traditional food product. America and Europe learned about soy only in the 19th century. It is a leguminous plant whose fruits are tasteless and odorless. But soybeans quickly absorb the smell from nearby products.

Calories per 100 g, (kcal):381
Protein in 100 g, (g):34.9
Fat in 100 g, (g):17.3
Carbohydrates per 100 g, (g):17.3
Glycemic index:16

Soy composition and calorie content, vitamins and minerals

Soy is famous for its high content of riboflavin, magnesium, calcium, manganese, thiamine. However, the fruits of this plant contain phytates, which negatively affect the absorption of nutrients by the body. But the most important thing is that it is a protein product. Polyunsaturated fatty acids are also present in large quantities in soy, so it is not recommended to get carried away with soy oil, so as not to provoke an exacerbation of chronic diseases.

The calorie content of 100 g of the product is 381 units.

Why is soy useful?

In China, soy has been mentioned since ancient times as one of the magical substances that ascended along with wheat, barley and rice. The peculiarity of this plant is that it does not contain saturated acids, therefore, the use of products from it does not lead to the appearance of cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, the use of soy products does not lead to the development of heart problems and hypertension.

Thanks to the fiber contained in the fruits of the plant, it is a useful product for diabetics, helps to improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and normalizes the process of bile secretion.

Thanks to phytates, soy helps to remove harmful substances from the body. And soy protein itself prevents the appearance of stones in the gallbladder and ducts.

Recommended soy and products from it in the presence of diathesis and lactose intolerance.

However, it should be remembered that with regular consumption of soy, it is necessary to control the level of calcium and vitamin D.

Soy benefits for women

Some scientists are confident that soy products can reduce the level of estrogen in a woman, therefore, prevent the occurrence of breast cancer. They help prevent the development of osteoporosis and reduce symptoms during menopause.

Soy contains a sufficient amount of lecithin, which helps break down fats and prevents them from re-accumulating.

The benefits of soy for men

There is an opinion that soy, like most legumes, has a bad effect on the reproductive function of the male body. Actually this is not true. Plant protein increases sperm count, but not sperm concentration, hence the misconception.

However, it should be remembered that with soy abuse, there is a risk that testosterone production will be reduced.

Soy during pregnancy and breastfeeding

This is not to say that soybeans are prohibited before and after childbirth. It is useful for the female body, but if the measure is followed in its use. It also contains folic acid and acts as an antioxidant. However, during lactation, it is recommended to stop eating products from this plant, as they can cause increased flatulence and colic. Also, soy can negatively affect the health of the thyroid gland. And for a baby, soy carries a serious risk of an allergic reaction.

Is it possible for children to have soy

There is a lot of controversy regarding the benefits and possibilities of introducing soy products into the children’s diet. On the one hand, the centuries-old history of China and Japan speaks in favor of the use of this product. Indeed, it does not in the best way affect the functioning of the thyroid gland, and in childhood it can be dangerous. Problems can appear later, already in adolescence, against the background of puberty. 

On the other hand, if there are few soy products in the diet, they are of good quality, they will only benefit the body and make up for the lack of protein in the body, and quickly saturate.

Is soy good for weight loss?

Soy is really recommended for weight loss. It will quickly saturate, compensate for the lack of protein and will not be deposited as fat. And there are very few carbohydrates in this plant, in comparison with wheat flour. However, one condition should be observed, cook soy dishes in water or steam.

Soybeans for diabetes

Alas, scientists have not been able to identify the benefits of soy for the body of diabetics. For a long time, they had full confidence that it was the protein of this plant that prevents the development of the disease and allows you to lower the glucose level. But already in 2003, in the WHO report, soy was not listed as a useful product for the diet in case of sugar disease.

On the other hand, it is absolutely not forbidden to be introduced to the menu.

What does soy treat? How to take it medicinally

This is not to say that soy is used for medicinal purposes. However, it will be extremely beneficial for vegetarians who have completely stopped eating animal protein. The textured protein contains no cholesterol, hormones or adrenaline. The last two components are widely used in raising animals and, accordingly, enter the human body. At the same time, soy has no taste, therefore, when preparing it, you can use any products with which to give this protein any taste you like.

Soy milk can replace such drinks for people who have lactose intolerance. It is well absorbed and even recommended for use in the presence of ulcers and gastritis.

Tofu is often recommended for dietary use. It is a cheese made from soy milk, which contains the minimum amount of carbohydrates and fats, respectively, and has a low calorie content.

Soy products are recommended as a preventive measure against the development of problems with the heart muscle and blood vessels, especially if there is a real risk. They will also be useful if there is a risk of developing gallstone disease and kidney problems.

A small amount of soy several times a week will improve brain activity, improve concentration, thanks to the presence of choline and lecithin.

Soy harm and contraindications

Allergy sufferers should be careful, soy is the strongest allergen. For the same reason, it is not worth introducing the product before the onset of 1 year into the children’s diet.

There is a risk that overuse of soy can cause gallstones and kidney stones. Often this plant becomes the cause of the development of dermatological problems. You should not get carried away with it during pregnancy, as it contains isoflavonoids, which can provoke an abnormal development of the baby’s nervous system. Also, these substances can cause problems with the menstrual cycle.

An interesting fact, scientists have noticed that with regular use of soy, the human body begins to age faster. And also that the use of soy leads to disorders in the thyroid gland.

It is recommended to abandon secondary processed soy products, since they do not contain useful substances at all.

How to choose and store soybeans.

It is regrettable to admit, but to find out that soybeans are genetically modified or not is possible only by laboratory analysis. All manufacturers and suppliers were forced to communicate this information to the buyer on the label, but the decency of many can be questioned.

The largest manufacturers and suppliers of this product are China and the USA. At the same time, the most interesting thing is that these states prohibit the cultivation of transgenic crops, but allow their import! Therefore, a higher cost may indicate the absence of GMOs. It is also recommended to purchase the product in transparent packaging so that you can see it. The fruits must be dry and free of any odors. There should not be huge fruit sizes, it is also better to refuse the product if it has an incomprehensible color. Ask the seller for the manufacturer’s quality certificates. Remember, dark soybeans are forage crops.

Soybeans must be stored in a dry place, where there is no contact with other food products, so that it does not accumulate foreign odors. Check the product periodically for pests.

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