Basil benefits and harm to human health

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Thanks to its spicy taste and heady aroma, basil has long been used in cooking. People have not forgotten about the medicinal properties of this herb. After all, it has long been noticed that its use brings great benefits to the human body.

If the name of the plant is translated from the ancient Egyptian language, then it sounds like “royal grass”. Hindus idolize him to this day, and in Romania the custom has been preserved, if a guy presents a sprig of a plant to a girl, then they will already be a couple.

There are several types of spices that differ in appearance and aroma:

the Mediterranean variety is characterized by a greenish color;

Asian has light hairs and a purple hue;

Thai also with a purple hue and a touch of licorice;

lemon has a strong citrus aroma, and the leaves are hairy.

In general, 150 varieties are distinguished.

Basil composition, calories, vitamins and minerals

The composition of the plant is truly unique. It contains glycosides, essential oils, carotene and rutin. There are many minerals in the plant. These are magnesium, manganese, potassium and copper, flavonoids and simple sugars, vegetable oils are present.

The plant is rich in vitamins, these are: P, K, C, A and B2. Most of all in the basil of vitamin K – 518%. Calorie content is low – 23 units.

What is useful basil

Beautiful basil leaves help to cope with many diseases. In particular, camphor contained in the plant helps to overcome problems with the respiratory system and heart.

Eugenol is what gives basil its antiseptic properties. And phytoncides give the plant antibacterial properties. The plant helps to strengthen blood vessels, thanks to tannins.

The spice relieves muscle spasms and is used to speed up wound healing. It can be used for increased gas formation and to relieve inflammatory processes.

Benefits of basil for women

The spice is widely used in dietary nutrition, it contributes to the process of weight loss, it does not contain cholesterol.

If you make a decoction of the plant, then you can more easily endure menstruation. The herb helps restore the cycle.

Essential oils have a tonic effect on the body. And to fall asleep faster, before going to bed, you can make tea from the leaves of the plant and add a little honey to it.

The benefits of basil for men

In addition to the general positive effect on the body, basil stimulates potency. This property of the herb was known in ancient India. It contains a huge amount of acids, which have a beneficial effect on the blood circulation process. This property improves the functions of the male genital organs. Therefore, the herb is recommended to be used as a prophylactic so that there are no problems with potency.

Basil during pregnancy and breastfeeding

During pregnancy, it is not advisable to consume the herb or make drinks with the addition of basil. The spice has a tonic effect, so it can increase the tone of the uterus, which is dangerous for the child.

During lactation, you should also limit the use of spices, as it will add flavor to the milk, which the baby may not like.

Can children eat basil

There are no restrictions regarding the use of basil in baby food. Naturally, on one condition that the child does not have an individual intolerance to this spice.

Lemonades are made from grass and added to dishes.

Is basil good for weight loss?

Naturally, there is no mono-diet on basil, but its low calorie content and GI allow it to be used in dietary nutrition. To get rid of extra pounds, it is recommended to simply add grass to all dishes. It will help remove toxins and improve the functioning of the digestive tract.

It is also recommended to drink tea from the plant, which will speed up the metabolic processes in the body. According to reviews, such a simple way helps to lose 3 kg per week, of course, while following a dietary diet.

Basil for Diabetes

There are no restrictions on the use of basil in the presence of diabetes. After all, the plant has a low GI and low calorie content. Moreover, the spice is not consumed in large quantities. However, you should not lean on grass with an insulin-dependent form, yet it contains a lot of sugar.

How to take basil medicinally

The spice is used as an ingredient in the preparation of a cold remedy. Well, it helps with unpleasant foot odor if you add a few leaves of the plant to foot baths.

Seasoned meat dishes with plant leaves are better absorbed. In addition, the dish acquires a pleasant aroma.

To get rid of high blood pressure, it is recommended to drink tea from the plant. And to quickly eliminate a headache, it is recommended to apply gruel from the leaves to the temples.

To strengthen immunity and prepare for the season of colds, prepare a simple infusion of basil. Literally 2 g of grass is poured with boiling water (500 ml) and infused for 30 minutes. Drink the decoction throughout the day in equal parts. The full course of treatment is 14 days.

The use of basil in cosmetology

Scientists have long been able to establish that basil has a positive effect on hair. If it is used for cosmetic masks and rinses, then the hair becomes silky and shiny.

The spice also has a beneficial effect on the skin of the face. The skin becomes matte, inflammation disappears.

To rinse the hair, pour 3 tablespoons of herbs with a liter of boiling water and leave for about 60 minutes. After filtering, rinse the hair with a decoction.

Basil harm and contraindications

Alas, even such a useful spice can be harmful. It is better to refuse its use during pregnancy and lactation.

The herb is not recommended for people who have had a heart attack or stroke, have a history of epilepsy. It is a tonic. Hypertension patients should also not abuse grass.

How to choose and store

The main rule for choosing a quality spice is fresh leaves, without damage. The fresher the leaves, the less basil was stored on the counter.

It can be stored fresh for 2-3 days. The grass is placed in a jar of water, like a bouquet of flowers.

Grass can be dried and stored in the refrigerator, frozen.

And the most interesting thing is that basil is so unpretentious that it can be grown even on your own windowsill, then fresh grass will always be on your table.

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