Black tea benefits and harms to human health

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Black tea is drunk all over the world. This is a delicious and tonic drink that can be drunk in winter and summer, cold or hot. Drinking a cup of tea in the morning, you can quickly wake up and tone the body.
For residents of many countries, this drink is national, in particular, in Japan and China. It, along with green tea, is endowed with medicinal properties and is considered a real health drink.

Calories per 100 g, (kcal):0
Protein in 100 g, (g):0.1
Fats in 100 g, (g):0.0
Carbohydrates in 100 g, (g):0.0
Glycemic index:0

The composition and calorie content of black tea, vitamins and minerals

Black tea has a high content of amino acids, minerals, alkaloids, tannins and essential oils. From a wide list of vitamins, one can distinguish: A, E and D, K and vitamins of group B. Tea is rich in the presence of tannin and catechin. The stronger the drink is brewed, the more pronounced its tanning properties.

Of the mineral components can be distinguished: zinc, iron, phosphorus, manganese and potassium, iodine.

Benefits of black tea

The beneficial properties of tea have been studied by many scientists of the world, research continues to this day. The main controversy is centered around which tea is useful green or black. Although they differ only in the way they are prepared for consumption after collection.

The only thing that has been established is that there are no harmful substances in tea leaves. But subject to compliance with the norms of consumption.

Tea will be useful for people with problems of the cardiovascular system, the main thing is to brew weak tea and drink not too often.

It helps improve digestion and brain function. Scientists from Arizona believe that black tea with citrus fruits can reduce the risk of developing skin cancer by 70%. Tea with milk helps to cope with a cold.

The benefits of black tea for women

Black tea improves reproductive function and perfectly tones the body. It improves vision and helps to cope with colds.

The drink accelerates wound healing and speeds up metabolic processes. With the help of tea, you can get rid of migraines and improve blood circulation in the brain.

The benefits of black tea for men

Men will also benefit from black tea as a means to improve potency. The drink prevents the development of atherosclerosis and activates the genitourinary system.

Tea can even be called an aphrodisiac, so it is recommended to use it for men. Scientists have found that due to the presence of zinc, vitamins C and E in the leaves of the plant, the drink will increase potency. To enhance this property, it is recommended to add a little chocolate, cinnamon or ginger to the drink.

Black tea during pregnancy

Japanese scientists do not advise drinking tea while carrying a baby. This is due to the high content of caffeine, which is harmful to the body of the expectant mother. If you drink about 5 cups of black tea a day, you can provoke underweight in a child, increase the heartbeat and increase the process of urination. And this is an additional burden on the kidneys and heart. There is a risk that tea will cause toxicosis.

Can children drink black tea?

The introduction of tea into the children’s diet is permissible from 3 months. However, it should be a weakly brewed drink and in small quantities. It is better to give your child a special black tea. The usual can be entered from 3 years. It is not recommended to give the child tea before bedtime, as it has a stimulating effect.

Is black tea good for weight loss?

Scientists have found that black tea promotes fat burning. Some studies even managed to establish that tea reduces body weight and BMI, but only when hot.

black tea for diabetes

It is a well-known fact that black tea is able to lower the level of sugar and prevent its sharp jump after eating. It also helps to reduce the risk of developing the disease.

How to take black tea for medicinal purposes

It is recommended to use strong black tea with drowsiness, only hypertensive patients will have to refuse this method. Use it for disorders of the stomach and stool.

With the existing pathology of the kidneys, use black tea with Sausel . This mixture helps to remove excess fluid.

A mixture of black tea and pepper is used in the process of recovering from a cold. Even simple black tea in the winter cold can quickly warm and rejuvenate.

The use of black tea in cosmetology

Black tea can be used as a self tanner. To do this, only twice a day, you can wipe the skin with cotton pads dipped in a drink.

With the help of tea, you can get rid of wrinkles. To do this, moisten a towel in hot tea leaves and apply to the face and hold for 15 minutes.

And the most traditional way to use brewed tea is to apply it to the eyes as a remedy for swelling.

Benefits of black tea with milk

It is tea with milk that is very popular in England. This is not surprising at all, such a drink stimulates the brain and strengthens the immune forces. Tea with milk contains many trace elements and vitamins, it is well absorbed by the body and has a beneficial effect on the microflora of the stomach. It is in this form that tea is recommended to be consumed in the presence of gastritis or stomach ulcers.

Tea with milk helps to restore strength after colds and poisoning. It is recommended for use after serious illnesses, when the patient’s body refuses to accept heavy food. It allows you to cope with kidney diseases, neurosis and depression.

Does black tea affect blood pressure?

Alas, but black tea increases blood pressure. Especially if you drink it very strongly brewed. Therefore, hypertensive patients are advised to reduce the consumption of the drink and brew not too hard.

For hypotensive patients, this drink will be extremely useful, as it will be useful for stabilizing pressure, that is, it will increase it in moderation.

Black tea and kidneys

Excessive consumption of tea can cause kidney pain. It really puts a lot of strain on these organs and can even contribute to the development of certain diseases.

To avoid any negative effect, you should not consume more than 4 cups of tea per day. Don’t boil it too hard. Give preference to a freshly brewed drink, but do not drink hot.

Black tea harm and contraindications

First of all, black tea is not recommended to be consumed in large quantities, due to the high content of caffeine. This can cause hypertonicity . This is especially true for pregnant women, for whom this property can cause premature birth.

You should not drink strong tea without milk for people who suffer from gastrointestinal diseases and have high acidity. Black tea has a strong effect on the kidneys, contributes to the narrowing of blood vessels, so its use should be limited in the presence of atherosclerosis, thrombophlebitis and hypertension.

A large amount of tea promotes the excretion of magnesium and calcium, and this provokes a decrease in the hardness of bones and joints. There is a risk of developing gout.

How to choose and store black tea

It is best to refuse tea bags. This is not the best quality product. Give preference to loose tea, the tea leaves of which should be black, other shades are unacceptable. All tea leaves should be uniform, regardless of size. Curl, especially loose leaf tea, should be uniform and strong.

Permissible humidity is from 6 to 8%. This parameter can be determined exclusively at home. It’s easy to check. The tea leaves are rubbed in the hand, if the smell of burning appears, then the tea leaves are too dry. The smell of mold can tell about waterlogging. Such tea is unacceptable for consumption, as it contains microorganisms that are harmful to humans.

About freshness, says a fresh smell. However, this rule does not apply to the Pu-erh variety. It, on the contrary, is kept for several years for additional fermentation.

You can store tea for about a year, because it is actually a dried herb. The main thing is not to allow moisture to get into the tea. He does not like direct sunlight and air.

Black tea is a “classic” style, the drink is useful as a cure for many diseases and problems. The main thing is not to forget that you should not overdo it with the amount of drink.

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