Cellulite: get rid of at home!

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Continuing the conversation about cellulite, I want to note that home remedies from the arsenal of medicinal cosmetics are becoming more and more popular. Perhaps because their use saves time, because not everyone has the opportunity to go to a beauty salon, even for a few hours!

Salon anti-cellulite programs are undoubtedly much more effective, but home use programs also have a right to exist, since their effectiveness has been confirmed by clinical studies.

Miracles do not happen! Remember that for a high-quality effect from the use of anti-cellulite products, it is necessary to do elementary exercises, use methods of sufficiently effective self-massage, which helps in the fight against cellulite. Of course, it is better to follow a normal calorie balanced diet – this is a diet with a normal energy content, the composition of which contains the required amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

The most effective anti-cellulite products containing concentrated ingredients in active form. These are ampoule preparations (the contents of the ampoules include a certain dose of substances applied to problem areas) and serum. The most famous are the following tools.

PHYTOPHYLINE Ampoules ( Lierac ) / PHYTOPHYLINE Cellulite rebelle ( Lierac )

The most active remedy from the arsenal of anti-cellulite preparations from Llerac . It is recommended to use it for the complex treatment of advanced forms of cellulite and the prevention of this defect. Contains concentrated doses of pure plant extracts of horsetail, cuff and ivy, which restore the structure and elasticity of the skin, drainage components – escin and green tea extract. The complex horsetail – ivy – cuff stimulates the synthesis of its own collagen, as a result of which the density and elasticity of the skin is restored, the surface is leveled, the skin acquires a tone. It is necessary to apply the product 2 times a day to problem areas of the body, the contents of one ampoule must be completely rubbed into the skin using massage elements. After 21 days of daily use, the first noticeable effect appears. The manufacturer recommends using the product for active and supportive treatment.

Ultra Body Lift Concentrate ( Lierac ) / ULTRA BODY LIFT 10 – Anti-capitons ( Lierac )

The concentrate contains caffeine 10%, aspartame, liftlin- complex, which helps to restore tissue elasticity through the production of its own collagen. The serum is very light in texture, does not contain alcohol, and easily penetrates the skin. It has a pronounced lifting effect. Apply the product in the morning and evening for 4 weeks. It is possible to use it as a care product after using Phytophyllin ampoules .

New from last year – Modeling Serum with Retinol (Rock) / Retinol Anti-Cellulite – Modeling ( Roc )

The action of this product is based on pure retinol and caffeine, which
restore the structure of the skin and reduce the amount of fat deposits in skin cells – lipocytes . Retinol, in addition, has a strong exfoliating effect – skin cells are intensively renewed, as a result of this, the skin relief is smoothed and the skin becomes visually smooth and taut. Clinical effectiveness proven after 8 weeks of use. It is necessary to apply the product in the morning and in the evening, rubbing into problem areas of the skin. The serum is absorbed very quickly, a light pleasant fragrance is added.

Leger T Correcting Serum (Ozone) / Leger T S? Rum Lipo-R? Ducteur ( Ozon )

The active composition contains concentrated extracts of chernogolovka and celosia plants, which have the ability to stimulate the breakdown of fatty deposits, inhibit the increase and growth of fat cells – adipocytes . Of course, there is a caffeine-based complex in whey, its task is to reduce the deposition of fatty substances inside the cell. In addition, the serum helps to deeply moisturize, polish the skin, and reduce the “orange peel” effect. This line of anti-cellulite products also contains a thermoactive cream, which is used for home wraps.

Liposyn correcting means (Vichy) / Liposyne Amincissant ? D sinfiltrant ( Vichy products ) Lipokyur serum against “orange peel” (Vichy) / the S rum? Resurfa ant? Anti-Capitons – Lipocure ( Vichy products ) Lipostretch smoothing care (Vichy) / Lipostretch ( Vichy products )

Vichy Laboratory offers a whole line of anti-cellulite products: Liposin ,
Lipokur and Lipostretch . These several products are designed to correct various defects. Liposin corrects the appearance of cellulite, provides a good drainage effect and reduces the accumulation of fat inside cells. Lipokur’s action is aimed at smoothing the skin relief, reducing the “orange peel” effect. Lipostretch restores the skin’s natural elasticity by stimulating the synthesis of its own collagen. All products contain Manganese, which loosens the tension of the connective tissue fibers and eliminates the “tuberosity” of the skin, and Adrenalysis , which stimulates the metabolism inside the cell, as a result of which fat deposits are removed.

Cellulite can be primary or secondary. Primary arises as an independent condition associated with metabolic disorders with a sedentary lifestyle and malnutrition. Secondary – it is observed as a consequence of some kind of disease in which the metabolism of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, hormonal balance is disturbed. Primary cellulite is formed as a result of processes mainly related to the hormonal background of the body, which determines the elasticity of tissues, and skin tone, and the distribution of adipose tissue. All these factors play a role in the development of cosmetic defects. Age characteristics of the female body, the number of pregnancies, bad habits, a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet,
stress, weight change up or down, tight, uncomfortable clothes, as well as medication and poor ecology can serve as additional reasons for the development of cellulite.

Secondary cellulite is a sad consequence of various diseases that have been ignored for a long time: varicose veins, diseases of the thyroid gland, the female reproductive system (usually sluggish inflammatory processes leading to hormonal imbalance), dysfunctions of the digestive system, kidneys, spine.

The main directions of the fight against cellulite: sports, various methods of physiotherapy (carried out in medical and cosmetic centers), thalassotherapy, hydrotherapy, massage, mesotherapy, surgical correction methods (liposuction), drug and medical-cosmetic therapy (the use of drugs, biologically active additives, cosmetics with active ingredients), proper balanced nutrition, maintaining a certain weight.

Uncomplicated and clearly localized cellulite does not always require a special diet; in this case, local procedures are enough: wraps, electrophoresis, massage with the use of special cosmetics. Body skin care is of great importance – cellulite can be stopped at an early stage and further accumulation of fat reserves can be prevented.

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