Coca-Cola with a pie

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“Until you finish, you will not get up from the table!” How often do you hear such words addressed to a child. Once upon a time, the adjective “plump” was almost synonymous with “healthy.” Perhaps these are still echoes of the war and the blockade. But the tendency to feed a child still exists in our already rather prosperous society. Thus, the cult of food is formed.

Cutlets, salad, potatoes are piled on a children’s plate. The very foods that are incompatible will be deposited in fat and cause fermentation in the intestines. Like obsessed parents feed their children – more, more! Coca-Cola, Chupa-Chups , Snickers are offered in the form of delicious. That there is a Mc Donalds in which children often lead loving parents. Big cola, big fries, hamburger …

The child ate in kindergarten, and parents should stop at this, because this is the best option – to eat for about five to six hours. But no! Dinner is waiting at home. Cutlet, potatoes … Mom honestly tried, cooked for half a day – but more, fatter. On the table are a roll, sausage, butter, mayonnaise …

Yogurt for dinner is considered pampering – you must first eat the cutlets. No, not boiled chicken, not steamed fish – it’s fresh, not tasty, not greasy. You can’t eat one cutlet either – you have to finish the side dish. “There is nothing tasty to catch!” If the child wants to eat only salad – the same thing. “Take the bread!” Often the child does not want to eat. He ate in the kindergarten, he is full. He would have a great dinner with yogurt and an apple, thereby helping his intestines and not stretching his stomach to a horrible size. But mom is adamant: “Eat it up!”

And then, as a reward, it’s good if the same yogurt. Worse if candy, Coca-Cola, chocolate. The child eats up – you want something tasty! With a full belly falls off the table. He receives a reward for fulfilling his mother’s urgent request, or even an order, and taking another step towards being overweight and metabolic disorders. Mom is happy.

Mom does not see and does not want to see the obvious – that she is not taking care of the child in this way, although on the surface, of course, this is. Mom takes care of herself – her work, three hours of standing at the stove, should not be in vain. Although she herself sincerely believes that she has benefited the child – he went to bed with a full stomach. Not funny?

Instead of going to the forest or the zoo with the child on weekends, mom will spend the day at the stove – there is a lot to cook, and on weekends, pamper the family with delicious. And the main thing is that there should be a lot of delicious food. Grandmother looks sweetly as her granddaughter devours pies. The granddaughter has a double chin. About ten years old.

Fast – food is so firmly entrenched in our lives that the West has long had to send us a letter of thanks. We will help abroad. At the cost of their own health and the health of their own children, but the trouble is not great. We give an opportunity to raise prices again and again for big macs, cheeseburgers and hamburgers, Cola – Fanta – Sprite, Snickers – Chupa Chups – Mars – Bounty. Is the price increase negatively affecting sales? No, the West is calm. He knows we will still buy.

… On the streets are teenagers twelve years old, and every second is already overweight. Girls have hips hanging over drop-waist jeans. Boys wear size 50.

For the holidays, the main task is not to have fun, but to cook as much as possible. Exceptionally “healthy” dishes are on the table – Olivier, herring under a fur coat, fried pork. Potatoes, of course! Stuffed eggs. Complex sandwiches – with sausage, caviar, fatty fish, cheese. We fill all this with vodka, the same “Cola”, juices, in which – attention! – 45 kilocalories per 100 grams, and great. The stomach becomes exhausted, fats with carbohydrates, unable to break down, are deposited on the sides and stomachs. What could be more beautiful? Can some pitiful competitions, games, poetry reading, or a walk be compared with such culinary splendor
? No, and our children have already learned this very well, observing this pattern of behavior over and over again. The next day, it is proposed not to unload the unfortunate organism, but to eat what is left “so that it does not turn sour.”

By the age of eighteen we get what, in fact, fought for. A boy or girl already has pronounced excess weight, or even obesity, even the first degree; the stomach has been stretched over the years of parental care so that you need to eat in huge volumes to satisfy your hunger; the habit of eating at night, and snacking not on fruits, but on snickers, is perfectly entrenched. And when a young man or girl realizes this, a life-and-death struggle begins. And it would be fine to fight only with excess weight, but a person begins to forcibly break his psyche. Is it easy, all your life eating fatty, sweet, starchy foods around nine in the evening, and before going to bed, consuming a couple of sandwiches with sweet tea, to force yourself to have dinner at seven with a vegetable salad and a glass of kefir? Very few people manage to change the whole way of life, lose extra pounds and overcome bad habits. This requires an iron willpower, this war with oneself takes years.

Here are some of the answers of very young people around the age of twenty to the question, thanks to which they are quite overweight and have problems with the figure.

“So, I am 20 years old … I blame myself for the fact that I once was 100 kg, and this is 40 more than the norm for me. And all from a good, well-fed life, from which problems began later. And I still lose weight and lose weight, but once I was engaged in gymnastics and was the thinnest girl, up to 12-13 years old, just when everything appeared in unlimited quantities. Here is the answer – where did we get all this extra. Who could then explain to us, small children, what is impossible? Parents?!! They themselves were delighted and shocked when it all appeared. So, parents up to 30 years old were still thin and slender, but they ate so much that now,
already at 40-45, they are full, but for us it was in the teenage period. “

“I personally had a daughter by the age of 20, got married early, gained 26 kg during pregnancy. Then I lost weight back, but I had a hormonal failure in my body, and I gained 100 kg in about 4 years. She was swollen from the water. I’m 33 now, I’m actively losing weight, I want to regain the weight. I don’t feed my daughter, she should not repeat my mistakes, I teach her to eat right from childhood, so she eats salads in olive oil and meat with fish, and her favorite potatoes on holidays ”.

“We are to blame for the fact that our children are overweight, we have not taught them to eat right. These eternal snacks … sweet, spicy, fatty , soda . The result is in front of your eyes. My son pours himself food and spices everything with half a pack of mayonnaise and the same amount of ketchup. “

“Mom once fed me to nausea. With a wild scandal, with accusations of wanting to bring me to the grave, with crying, etc. And this was no longer in childhood, and not in adolescence, at the age of 18, I probably don’t remember exactly. It’s not just an offer to eat. Complaints are perceived as cheating. When this is so, until you leave home, it is unlikely that anything will change. I have a good mother, but I cannot live with her, she does everything as she decided, regardless of anyone … “

“Do you know, after which the students are harassed not nicely ? After Work and Travel in America! For example, me for 15 kg in 4 months !!! And I’m not the only one! Then she dropped it for a long time. It was just that there were no such problems before, so I was relaxed, I did not expect that this happens! A diet of hamburgers, pizzas, soda and chocolate did the trick! Students, be careful, do not repeat my (and not only) mistakes. “

“In general, I also noticed that now there are a lot of fat teenagers. When I was in school, I was the only fat one in the class.
There were two of us in the yard – me and my sister. Probably, the way of life just changed – we rarely watched TV, because there was nothing interesting for children, and now there are a lot of channels on which cartoons around the clock. And if not cartoons, then a computer with games. And then before, in order to lose weight, you had to not eat fried potatoes, pasta, cookies, buns and sweets. And now the list has grown significantly – there are chips, mountains of different chocolate bars, different fast food and crazy lemonades. And nobody considers lemonades as food at all, they drink them like water. Well, the fact that everywhere ponapihali chemistry, too, does not improve the situation. And as a teenager, you rarely think about what you eat. It would be delicious. “

“It depends on the person, not on the age. My mom didn’t manage to form a habit of overeating in me, although she honestly tried. At the same time, it is very difficult for my mother to resist, she knows how to psychologically press, use forbidden techniques, for example, blackmail from the series “you will drive me into a coffin if you don’t eat”. Well, of course, living with her, I overeat (well, who would resist if Corvalol is already dripping in front of you?), But not as critical as she would like, and, in principle, after 14 years and until 21, I did not recover I gained a lot, little by little (from 49 to 54). The only thing is that now it is difficult to get rid of the thought that you have to finish everything that is on the plate (even strange, because I always didn’t finish), even if I was full ”.

So is it worth spending money, nerves, health, following the lead of the herd instinct and the West and pre-programing children for improper nutrition, pushing them to obesity? Or is it better to cook chicken for dinner, quickly cut a salad of vegetables, open compote, and devote the free time to yourself and the children who will be healthy, slim and grateful for the end of food terror all their lives?

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