Dates benefits and harms to human health

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Dates are tasty and healthy fruits of the date tree. In ancient times, it was believed that by using them and water, you can even live for several years. The plant is native to the Middle East. This fruit is found in the diet of almost all Arab peoples. In ancient Babylon, dates were even used to make wine. This fruit is mentioned 29 times in the Quran. And in Israel today, the fruits are included in the list of the first seven crops that are grown in the country.
An interesting fact is that dates have a pleasant taste, but they are completely odorless. It is believed that date palms are the first plant cultivated by man. So this plant, one might say, stood at the origins of mankind.

Calories per 100 g, (kcal):274
Protein in 100 g, (g):2.5
Fats in 100 g, (g):0.5
Carbohydrates in 100 g, (g):69.2
Glycemic index:146

The composition and calorie content of dates, vitamins and minerals

Dates are rich in the content of B vitamins, vitamins A and E are present. It contains iron and calcium, phosphorus and zinc, many amino acids, or rather, 23. It is clear that these are not all useful substances, but they are the most in fruits .

The calorie content of dates is very high – 72 units in one medium-sized fruit.

What are useful dates

First of all, dates are useful for eliminating problems with blood vessels and heart muscle. The potassium contained in them improves muscle function and removes toxins from the blood.

The fruits help to cope with liver diseases and improve the functioning of the genitourinary system. With regular use, you can cope with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and eliminate the symptoms of depression. Fruits quickly remove the breakdown products of alcohol and save from alcohol intoxication.

Pectin, found in fruits, prevents the development of cancer cells. They help increase stamina and even increase life expectancy. Recommended for use after long-term treatment with “heavy” medications and surgery.

Dates – the norm of use

For all its great benefits, dates should be consumed in limited quantities. It is permissible to consume no more than 10 fruits per day. Such a dose will not allow fat deposits to accumulate, satisfy the feeling of hunger and will be an excellent alternative to sweets and pastries.

The benefits of dates for women

For women, dates will strengthen the immune forces, nails and hair. They help prevent bone disease.

Fruits are recommended for use in the presence of anemia and hypertension. They also prevent the formation of cancer cells in the body. By eating a little fruit, you can get rid of a nervous state and overcome stress more easily.

The benefits of dates for men

For the strong half of humanity, dates are no less useful. Regular consumption of fruits will improve immunity and prevent the development of gastrointestinal diseases. Even if you already have stomach problems, dates will help you heal faster.

Fruits help get rid of diseases of the genitourinary system and prevent impotence. Reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. They increase the amount of hemoglobin and make it possible to cope with a depressive state as quickly as possible.

Dates during pregnancy and breastfeeding

During the bearing of a baby, dates are extremely useful for a woman’s body. Scientists managed to establish that the fruits contain a special substance that strengthens the muscles of the pelvic organs. And this is very important, especially in the last period of pregnancy.

After the birth of the baby, dates will help the woman’s body recover as quickly as possible and reduce bleeding.

During lactation, the fruits stimulate the production of breast milk and help the baby cope with an aggressive environment for him.

Can dates be given to children

Doctors and scientists do not even argue about the benefits of eating dates in childhood. However, it is permissible to introduce them not earlier than the onset of 1-1.5 years. It is always necessary to rely on the individual characteristics of the baby’s body.

At the beginning of the introduction, it is not allowed to give the child more than 5 g, especially in our country, where the fruits are present exclusively in the form of dried fruits. Before giving the baby dates, they should be steamed and pitted. It is necessary to steam the fruits no longer than 15 minutes. The ideal solution would be to add fruit to cereals or salads.

Dates are useful as a means of strengthening the immune system, improve eyesight. They help strengthen bones and teeth, have a positive effect on the heart and even have a slight laxative effect.

Are dates good for weight loss?

Despite the high calorie content, it is permissible to introduce dates into the diet. However, you should always remember about the allowable rate. Fruits are a great substitute for sweets and can act as a snack product between main meals. They quickly eliminate the feeling of hunger.

With the help of dates, you can arrange fasting days for yourself. Thanks to such days, you can speed up metabolic processes and remove excess water from the body.

There is a 10-day weight loss system on dates. The first four days they consume only dates, you can drink green tea and water. On the fifth day, only oranges and apples are eaten. From the sixth day, new fruits are gradually introduced.

dates for diabetes

Regarding the possibility of eating dates in the presence of diabetes, there is a lot of controversy. In most cases, scientists and doctors say that these fruits are generally not suitable for diabetics due to their high sugar content. In fruits, it is 70%, which means that dates are a stimulant for increasing blood glucose levels.

The glycemic index of fruits is very high – 146 units. For example, even a hamburger is much lower – 86 GI. Carbohydrates contained in fruits are quickly absorbed, and this negatively affects the state of the body of a diabetic. The use of dates in diabetes can cause obesity. Therefore, in order to avoid negative consequences and the appearance of side diseases, it is recommended that diabetics and even those who are in a pre- diabetic state stop eating dates.

How to take dates for medicinal purposes

Dates are widely used as a laxative. To do this, pour 5 fruits with one liter of water and boil for 10 minutes. After that, the whole composition is drunk throughout the day.

You can cope with fatigue and eliminate the symptoms of anemia with the help of a medicinal product made on the basis of dates. To do this, you need to add the following components to a jar with 10 fruits:

  • saffron (a pinch);
  • cardamom;
  • fresh ginger.

The resulting mixture is thoroughly mixed and sent for 14 days to a dark place where room temperature will be maintained. At the end of two weeks, eat one fruit per day.

To get rid of pathologies associated with the nervous system, the fruits are mixed with milk. The dates are crushed and combined with milk.

With the help of fruit, you can stabilize the pressure. Treatment consists of two courses, with a break of 10 days. Treatment consists in the daily use of fruits in the amount of 50-100 g. They must be consumed on an empty stomach.

The use of dates in cosmetology

For cosmetic purposes, fruit extract is used. It is added to masks and creams. Dates improve the quality of the skin, prevent early aging and activate regenerative processes.

At home, you can also make a mask based on dates. This will require 6 fruits, which are pitted and finely chopped. The resulting mixture is poured with olive oil and brought to a homogeneous consistency. After applying to the skin of the face for about 20 minutes. After that, rinse with warm running water.

Dates harm and contraindications

The main danger of dates is their high calorie content. It is better to refuse their regular use to persons with obesity. In extreme cases, you should limit yourself to eating 6 fruits per day.

The fruit is forbidden in the presence of diabetes, as it stimulates a sharp jump in glucose and can cause obesity.

If there are problems with the stool, then in order to avoid diarrhea, it is better not to eat the fruits with milk. The use of fruits at the stage of exacerbation of gastric ulcer is unacceptable. The presence of some other pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract is also a contraindication to the use of fruits, so it is better to consult with your doctor.

In the presence of individual glucose intolerance and with urolithiasis, fruits are also prohibited for consumption.

How to choose and store dates

When purchasing dates, pay attention to the color of the fruit, it should not be light. It is ideally a dark brown color, confirming that the fruit is fully ripe before picking.

The peel of the fruit should not be cracked. Cracks indicate that the fruit was dried in the oven. Such fruits are unpleasant to eat, they stick to the teeth, sticky and have a taste of fried food.

If the dates are too shriveled, then they have been on the counter for a long time, and before being sent for sale, they were not dried out. There should be no sugar crystals on the surface of the fruit. This is confirmation that they were treated with sugar syrup.

A greasy and shiny surface indicates that the fruit has been treated with fat. A high-quality fruit that is harvested, dried and stored in compliance with all the rules should not be shiny or greasy.

It is best to purchase dates with pits, they are less processed by various means, as they are better stored.

Dates are stored in the refrigerator, in a closed container, as they are quickly saturated with foreign odors.

Dates are a delicious fruit that is widely used for medicinal purposes. It helps to cope with diseases of the circulatory system and heart, strengthens teeth and bones. However, you should always remember that excessive consumption of fruits can cause obesity, due to the high sugar content in fruits.

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