Diet for hemorrhoids, for women and men

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Hemorrhoids are a venous plexus in the lower rectum. This pathology causes discomfort, and the neglected form is dangerous even to health with severe bleeding. The disease can appear due to many factors, up to mechanical damage. But, if this has already happened, and hemorrhoids have appeared, then in order to maintain the state of health at a normal level, it is necessary to follow a diet.

How to prevent the development of hemorrhoids

To prevent the onset of the disease, first of all, it is necessary to concentrate on a balanced diet. It is extremely important to include in the diet foods containing dietary fiber, that is, vegetables, bran. You should drink at least 1.5 liters of water throughout the day. Do not get too carried away with dairy and flour products. You should drink less alcoholic beverages.

In second place is hygiene. It is best to use wet toilet wipes, ideally it is better to wash yourself, but it is clear that this is impossible in the modern world.

In third place is physical activity. Do not overstrain too much, as knots may appear from excessive straining . Such a problem can also appear from prolonged sitting. As a result, during sedentary work, it is recommended to periodically get up and do a little gymnastics, warm up.

And one more important point – watch your health. A number of diseases, for example, problems with the pancreas, thyroid gland, can cause the development of hemorrhoids. Particular attention should be paid to this issue for the fairer sex during pregnancy.

Basic principles of nutrition for hemorrhoids

There are several simple rules, the observance of which will make life easier in the presence of hemorrhoids:

  • you need to eat at least 3-4 times throughout the day;
  • in no case overeat, especially in the evening;
  • it is better to give preference to liquid dishes;
  • give up fast food and convenience foods.

The diet should be expanded with healthy foods, vegetables and fruits. Be sure to include lactulose , which is a prebiotic . It can be used as an additive or obtained from dairy products, only natural products, without any chemical additives.

Diet for hemorrhoids in men and women

The diet of a person who is diagnosed with hemorrhoids should have a sufficient amount of fiber. It attracts water and has a beneficial effect on the formation of beneficial flora in the intestines.

These products include:

  • vegetables;
  • Rye bread;
  • bran;
  • whole grain bread;
  • barley porridge.

As a drink, freshly squeezed juices, kefir, yogurt will be ideal. It is necessary to drink liquids at the rate of 40 ml per 1 kg of human weight. It is better to refuse coffee, jelly, tea, especially strong tea, as well as pomegranate juice.

Vegetable oil, preferably olive oil, must be present in the diet. It helps to improve the functioning of the intestines and prevent the development of intestinal diseases. And to facilitate morning feces , it is recommended to mix 1 spoonful of kefir and oil at night and drink.

To reduce the risk of an exacerbation, eat according to the regimen. The digestive tract cannot work all the time; it needs to rest. After some time, the body will get used to it, and by a certain time, enzymes will be produced. Ideally, it is best to eat 5 small meals throughout the day.

Skip dieting. For men, this question is less relevant, but still you should not narrow your diet, all the more to tire the body with protein diets. Under a complete ban, the rice diet, which, like the protein diet, is dangerous with the appearance of constipation.

Diet for exacerbation of hemorrhoids

In the first days of an exacerbation of the disease, it is allowed to use only broths that are not very fatty, oatmeal and a little boiled meat. It is permissible to use an omelet, but it is better to cook it from proteins. You can eat some white bread, but not fresh.

You can diversify your menu with fruits and vegetables. But in no case should you eat garlic and onions.

It is necessary to drink a lot of water, and drink a glass of herbal infusion at night. It can be yarrow, licorice, hay, buckthorn. Food intake should be distributed 6-7 times. The portions should be small.

Diet after surgery to remove hemorrhoids

During the first 24 hours after surgery, the patient is shown hunger. You just have to drink a lot of water. From the next day, they begin to introduce fermented milk products, cereals. Even later, they begin to introduce vegetables, lean meats and fruits into the menu. The main thing is not to eat foods that cause increased gas formation.

The diet should not contain salt.

What foods can be used for hemorrhoids

In the presence of such a disease, it is recommended to eat herbs and vegetables. Beets, zucchini, parsley, tomatoes, bell peppers, cabbage, dill will be extremely useful.

You can practically any berries and fruits. These are strawberries, apricots, peaches, currants, melons and others. The main thing is that they are ripe.

Bran will be useful, you can eat butter, but only natural. Almost everything, from wheat to buckwheat, is also possible. From flour products you can eat biscuits, whole grain bread, crackers. All fermented milk products are allowed, but only low-fat ones. By the same principle, meat is selected, that is, you can choose any, but low-fat.

Foods that should not be present in the diet

Vegetables that can provoke fermentation, for example, sauerkraut, will not be the most useful for hemorrhoids. Despite the great benefits of apples, they can only be eaten baked. It is undesirable to eat radishes, mushrooms, grapes, citrus fruits, quince.

Eggs, as a source of cholesterol, can be consumed exclusively 3 times a week. Kefir can only be drunk fresh, on the second day it can cause constipation.

We’ll have to reduce starchy foods in the diet. These are semolina, potatoes, beans, rice.

Do not get carried away with marmalade, honey, cheese and marshmallow.

Absolute prohibitions

In no case should you eat foods with flavors , dyes and preservatives. We’ll have to give up canned and fatty foods. You cannot drink soda, tea and coffee. Banned chocolate and pastries, sweets and fresh bread. 

The relationship between alcohol and hemorrhoids

During an exacerbation of hemorrhoids, alcohol is completely prohibited for consumption. During the period of remission, a small amount is allowed. Women can have about 150 ml of wine, and men 250 ml per day.

On the other hand, alcohol is an additional provocateur of the development of hemorrhoids. Alcohol adversely affects the function of the liver, blood circulation is disturbed, coagulation problems appear and, as a result, hemorrhoids appear over time. 

In light of this, after a feast, it is recommended to immediately take activated charcoal. Proportion: 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight.

Diet options for hemorrhoids

Do not be afraid that the diet in the presence of hemorrhoids will be poor. In fact, a wide range of food products are allowed, from which a varied menu can be made.

When composing the menu, you should adhere to the diets that are provided for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. An example diet might look like this:

Eating Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
First breakfastStill mineral water, prunes, always soakedLow-fat cottage cheese, dried breadSeaweed and 2 soft-boiled eggs
LunchSteamed cheesecakesOatmeal, a slice of bread, a glass of kefirVinaigrette, fermented baked milk
DinnerPuree soup, boiled chicken breastVegetarian borscht, steamed chicken cutlets, a glass of compoteBeetroot, boiled cod
Afternoon snackBran with kefirGrated beets, not strong teaGrated carrot salad, rosehip tincture
DinnerFish in vegetable marinadeVeal stew, cauliflowerSalad with celery and cucumbers, boiled rabbit meat 
Snack before bedBaked apple, kefirLazy dumplingsPumpkin and zucchini puree

Such a diet will saturate the body with all the necessary nutrients and will have an overall healing effect.

The role of dietary therapy in the treatment of the disease

Since hemorrhoids are directly related to the colon, it is imperative to eat well. Diet therapy will allow:

  •  lower blood pressure in the anal area;
  • stool normalization;
  • strengthen immunity;
  • eliminate excess weight.

But the most important task of corrected nutrition is to reduce rush of blood in the anal area. And to get rid of this problem, you can only exclude some food from the diet.

Stool normalization is also not the last task. After all, constipation only worsens the condition with the nodes, the tension increases, the veins also swell a lot. If the problem is not resolved for a long time, then the hemorrhoids become chronic, which is dangerous in the future with surgical intervention. Don’t think diarrhea is harmless. In fact, the constant use of the toilet is very annoying to the anus. Pathogenic bacteria begin to develop there, the inflammation will not go away, and the mucous membranes will dry out a lot. As a result – cracks and paroproctitis . Therefore, it is very important to stabilize the stool.

And, of course, being overweight is the cause of many diseases, including hemorrhoids.

With timely treatment for medical help and adherence to the rules of dietary nutrition, hemorrhoids can be quickly eliminated, or at least stopped the development of the disease. Therefore, only proper nutrition will allow you to be cured and feel 100%.

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