Diet for stomach ulcers, permitted and prohibited foods

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Stomach ulcer is a dangerous diagnosis, which in advanced cases can be fatal. This is a lesion of the gastric mucosa, which most often occurs against the background of infection by Helicobacter pylori bacteria , characterized by recurrent symptoms. It also often appears against the background of treatment with non-steroidal drugs. In addition, the disease can be provoked by smoking, unhealthy diet, and excessive drinking. The disease is characterized by pain in the epigastric region that occurs after eating. They are due to the fact that the production of hydrochloric acid increases.

The size of the ulcers can be up to several centimeters in diameter. Pathology can develop at any age, regardless of gender.

The disease is quite difficult to treat, especially with late seeking help. Requires from the patient not only strict adherence to the prescribed measures for therapeutic treatment, but also adherence to the dietary diet.

General rules

There are a number of principles that should be adhered to while eating in the presence of this type of disease:

  • the temperature of the dish should be around 26-33 degrees;
  • the diet is selected in such a way that it does not contain any products that irritate the mucous membrane;
  • it is required to observe the regularity of meals, no breaks for more than 3 hours between meals;
  • the patient should not feel hungry.

With an ulcer, you can not drink a lot of fluids, up to 2 liters throughout the day.

Diet for stomach ulcers during an exacerbation

The period of exacerbation, in addition to severe pain after eating and even at night, is characterized by vomiting.

First of all, during this period, the breaks between meals are reduced to 2 hours. There should be no hunger-related pain. No fresh products, everything is served to the table only after heat treatment (not fried). Products are brought to a mushy state. Food containing coarse fiber is completely banned; legumes are prohibited. According to the doctor’s prescription, mineral waters are drunk.

Nutrition for a bleeding ulcer

Gastric bleeding is one of the most common complications of the disease. This is an extremely dangerous condition, in case of loss of blood in the amount of more than 15%, it can be fatal. Against this background, renal failure may occur, spasms of the brain and blood vessels may appear, up to hypovolemic shock. Typically, this condition requires surgery. If the doctor does not see the need for an operation, he will have to follow the strictest diet.

The diet should not contain any coarse fibers, everything is frayed very carefully. Porridge and soups are not cooked in broth. It should be eaten in very small portions, but often. The duration of the diet is determined by the doctor, depending on the rate of tightening of the ulcers. 

Diet after gastric ulcer surgery

If the patient nevertheless ended up on the surgeon’s table, then immediately after the operation, only mineral water can be consumed. Light herbal teas and very weakly brewed tea are acceptable.

Gradually, as the condition improves, chopped and heavily boiled foods are introduced. But this is permissible only after a few days. These are usually mucus soups. Vegetable soup, carrot juice, a little curd soufflĂ© are allowed.

The strictest diet takes 10 to 12 days. If the exacerbation has passed, then mashed potatoes and other vegetables are introduced. That is, a heavier food, but always in a grated form. Bread is allowed to be eaten no earlier than after 30 days, but it must be dried. And fermented milk products are allowed only after 2 months.

After the operation, the diet will no longer be so easy, you will have to completely abandon any offal, fresh baked goods. Spicy seasonings, alcoholic beverages are unacceptable and smoking is prohibited. For 6 months, constant monitoring by doctors is necessary, since the disappearance of symptoms may be associated with new bleeding.

In no case should anyone listen to such a disease, except for the attending physician. If he insists on excluding a certain product, then he should be listened to. The diet in this case is assigned individually.

Diet number 1

As the symptoms of the disease are relieved, diet number 1 is prescribed. Usually, it lasts at least 5 months. Its caloric content is quite high and amounts to 3000 units. As before, only grated products can be used, that is, there should be no mechanical effect on the mucous membrane. 

You need to eat at intervals of 2-3 hours. The emphasis is on carbohydrates. You can eat pastries, but only stale ones, the consumption of meat products and even egg white is permissible. It is permissible to bake fruits, but be sure to peel them. You can drink diluted juices.

Diet number 1a

This diet option can be called more stringent. It is used during an exacerbation. In parallel, you will have to comply with bed rest. Any products that can provoke an increase in the production of stomach juice are necessarily excluded. Food should enter the stomach at least 6 times throughout the day. At the same time, the calorie content is significantly reduced to 2,000 units. 

No bread. The basis of the menu is slimy cereals and soups. You can have a little meat, soufflĂ© from vegetables and berries. It is recommended to drink jelly, use honey.

Diet number 5 – nutrition is shown when the process subsides and recovery

This diet is intended for the recovery period. The main purpose of table number 5 is good nutrition that stimulates the healing of ulcers. But it is required to abandon products where there are a lot of essential oils, in no case should fried foods be allowed. We’ll have to give up foods that contribute to the accumulation of cholesterol, refractory fats should not be.

You can already eat bread, but always dried. It is permissible to eat boiled cabbage, soups based on it. You can even ham, but always low-fat, cheeses, also low in fat. It is even allowed to use a small amount of coffee, but with the addition of milk. You will still have to ditch foods that contain oxalic acid.

It is recommended at this time to drink decoctions of medicinal herbs, which will allow the ulcers to heal faster, it can be chamomile, linden blossom, St. John’s wort.

Allowed Products

This is not to say that even with a stomach ulcer, the diet will be very poor, especially if things are getting better.

It is permissible to eat almost all vegetables; only white cabbage is prohibited. You can make soups from them, make mashed potatoes. Pumpkin is best suited, it has the richest vitamin composition and has a beneficial effect on wound healing.

You can drink milk and eat sour cream, crackers. There are practically no restrictions in cereals, the main thing is that they are boiled and chopped. You cannot add butter to them, but vegetable oil can be used. It is unacceptable to eat fresh baked goods, rye bread.

The meat must be fat-free, the skin must be removed from the chicken. It is best to cook the meat with a change of water 2-3 times.

Salt is the real enemy in this type of disease, as in most others. It should be severely limited, and it is best to remove it from the diet altogether.

You can boiled berries and fruits, from sweets – jelly. Sugar is also not useful in this case and it is best to refuse it.

Allowed drinks

You can drink jelly, even coffee during remission , but only with the addition of milk. It is recommended to use a rosehip decoction, which will saturate the body with vitamins and allow you to recover faster. 

Fully or partially limited products

A complete ban on fatty foods, any, both dairy and meat. You cannot have fresh dough, and any products that can provoke fermentation in the stomach.

It is unacceptable to use chocolates, vegetables, which provoke flatulence and bloating. Sweets, canned food, pickles.

Is it possible with a peptic ulcer …

In addition to dietary restrictions, there are several other restrictions. If you follow these rules, the healing process will be fast.

Drink soda

There is a theory that ordinary baking soda can save you from many diseases. However, ulcers are clearly prohibited from such a product. It does not even help to completely remove the symptoms of heartburn, it only relieves discomfort for literally a few minutes.

Baking soda in the presence of ulcers on the mucous membrane is a provocateur of an exacerbation of the disease. So if you do not want to go to the hospital, and even more so to the surgeon’s table, be sure to give up the baking soda.

To smoke

Naturally, it is impossible. Since tobacco smoking provokes the development of the disease, although not directly, it is an additional provocative factor. For this reason, it is better to give up the bad habit so as not to provoke an exacerbation.

Smoking an electronic cigarette

There is a lot of controversy about this newfangled thing, both among doctors and among scientists. Electronic cigarettes have been used not so long ago, but we can definitely say that they still have a negative effect on the condition of the lungs, since the finely dispersed smoke entering the body settles on them.

And the nicotine contained in liquids for smoking is equally bad for the condition of the stomach, both in the case of smoking regular cigarettes and through vaping . The liquids themselves are also dangerous, the content of which is often difficult to determine, so it is better to quit smoking altogether.

Drink alcohol

It is best to give up alcohol in life at all. During a stomach ulcer, during the recovery period, it is strictly prohibited. In the future, if the doctor permits, you can have a small amount, always of good quality.

Stomach ulcer is a pathology that cannot be dealt with on your own at home. Therefore, at the first problems with the gastrointestinal tract, be sure to contact a medical institution, it may even be possible to avoid this disease.

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