Diet = problems in bed

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It has a negative effect on male potency… diet, proven! According to studies, 40 percent of men who experience various sexual problems, first of all – a weakening of the erection up to its complete absence and accelerated ejaculation, are overweight.

A survey of a large group of people aged 20 to 60 years showed that 46 percent of them were overweight, and 22 percent were obese I-II degrees. This is due to the peculiarities of our diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Obesity, in turn, is fraught with such risk factors for ischemic disease as high blood pressure, impaired fat metabolism, diabetes mellitus.

Overeating often becomes a habit in various emotional states: loneliness, boredom, fear, stress, sexual abstinence, and so on. Neither massage, nor sauna, nor electric vibrators will help with obesity.

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Scientists also categorically oppose fasting as a method of treating obesity and combating overweight. The decrease in body weight in such cases is short-term, and soon a person gains the same weight and even more than before fasting. Again, all this is confirmed by numerous results of impartial studies. In addition, experts say, when fasting, the potency of men decreases, intimate problems arise in women.

And now about nutrition. We are advised to think about changing the ratio of proteins and carbohydrates, to make the diet fractional-at least five times a day. The food should be rich in dietary fiber, fresh fruits (exclude grapes, bananas, sweet dried fruits), vegetables.

High-calorie foods should be replaced with low-calorie ones. So, beef, pork, lamb should be replaced with chicken, turkey (without skin) and boiled fish. Instead of whole milk and products from it to drink, there is skimmed milk and yogurt, instead of hard and processed cheeses there is skimmed cottage cheese. Animal fats should be replaced with vegetable fats, and sugar and sweets should be replaced with sugar substitutes. Instead of white bread, you should eat black and whole grain bread.

Products that increase potency

Seafood, in particular crabs and oysters, perfectly increase the level of testosterone. This happens due to the zinc contained in these products and increases the desire. The nutritionist noted that you can also get zinc by eating pumpkin seeds.

Omega-3 fatty acids have a positive effect on both potency and libido. They contain a lot of protein, phosphorus and zinc, and they also contain cholesterol, which the body uses for the formation of sex hormones.

Young men and adolescents are recommended to add fatty foods to the diet, and people after 35 years old eat vegetable protein, for example, beans and peas. The expert also advised men to avoid excessive consumption of soy or beer: they contribute to obesity and lower testosterone levels.

Dairy products, sweets, pastries, sodas and lemonades can also lead to a decrease in testosterone. For potency and general health of men, the nutritionist advised to monitor their diet, avoid stress and exercise more often.

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