Excess weight is gained from driving a car

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Scientists have proved that the more a person is driving a car, the more he exposes his body to obesity. So, recently, American researchers conducted studies proving this fact.

The studies involved more than nine thousand people. According to the results of the studies, it turned out that every half hour when a person drives a car, they increase the possibility of his accumulating excess weight up to obesity up to four percent. Meanwhile, this time could be spent on walks. In the case when driving a car for a long time during each day, a person does not pass at least two kilometers per day, the same half an hour driving a car increases the ability to gain excess weight by almost ten percent. According to the researchers, the latter happens to those who even prefer to go by car to the store.  

Scientists note that during the survey it turned out that the vast majority of American citizens in any situation prefer driving by car rather than walking. This explains the fact that most of the US residents are overweight or even obese. For example, more than ninety percent of the survey participants said that they only move around the city in a car, while driving at least two hours daily .

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