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Some go to fitness clubs to get rid of extra pounds, others go to workouts for the sake of communication. But if you seriously decided to take care of yourself and radically change your lifestyle, then know that in the coming months, instead of a sofa and TV, you will find movements and your favorite coach, and instead of cigarettes, buns, chocolate – freshly squeezed juices. To withstand all this, you need to choose the right goal.

The first thing to start with any business, including fitness classes, is to correctly define the goal. It should be clear and clear, realistically achievable, constantly motivated.

An unclear goal will not motivate you, and your desire to achieve it will gradually fade away.

Of course, a fitness consultant and trainer will offer you several options and help you specify your desires, but you will have to determine the main goal for yourself.

Having set yourself an unattainable task, you will soon become disappointed in yourself, and the desire to train will disappear for a long time, if not forever. For example, if you decide by all means to transform from a strong, plump lady with a broad-boned skeleton into a fragile, light and thin ballerina, then you should know that this goal is unattainable. But to become a fit, athletic fitness lady is quite real.

We are all a little lazy, so the desire to achieve our goal must be constantly motivated. The main thing is to understand what you are striving for and what will change in your life when you achieve this.

Remember, after you achieve what you want and, for example, lose weight, then you will:
improve your well-being and health;
as a result, the mood will rise;
you will become attractive and confident;
you will look at life differently.

Moreover, it will not go unnoticed. So, when starting a workout, always remember why you are doing it.

So, we have decided on the goal. Now let’s think about the result. That is, you need to decide by what criteria you will evaluate whether you have achieved your goal or not.

For example: If your goal is to lose weight, then the achievement will result in buying clothes two sizes smaller. Good! Now set a timeline for reaching your goal. But! Be realistic. Losing weight by two sizes with pleasure, without harm to health, and even in a month – is unlikely to succeed.

Set a realistic date, for example, 6 months, and break it down into 3 stages. Be sure to successfully complete each stage, do not forget to encourage yourself.
The incentive method is chosen individually.

Stage 1. Adaptation

The first stage is the most difficult. The goal is to start a regular training process, get rid of bad habits and change your lifestyle.

The result of achieving the goal is a comfortable state of health before, during and after exercise. Instead of a sofa and a TV – movement and a favorite coach. Instead of cigarettes, buns, glasses of wine, chocolates – fresh juices and sports cocktails.

Terms – no more than two months. It won’t be easy in the beginning. It is impossible to wake up one morning and say to yourself: “Everything, from this day on I live differently.” But no one demands from you to change your lifestyle in one day. In the beginning, give up what is easiest for you to part with. For example, replace your morning coffee and sandwich with healthy, nutritious food, and sweet carbonated drinks with mineral water.

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At this stage, as in the next, you need a specialist. It is he who will help to smoothly start the regular training process, explain to you what, why, why and how to do it. But you are responsible for the final result.

Stage 2. Achievement of the result

Those who did not “break” at the first stage usually give up at the second.

The goal is to get as close as possible to your cherished dream. The result of achieving the goal is that regular training is now the norm for you, proper nutrition is not so tasteless, there are fewer bad habits.

Terms are individual. At this stage, you “go to the result” and any deviation from the system is a step back. The food is more strict, the training is more stringent, the requirements for oneself are higher. But don’t be alarmed! You have passed the first stage. The instructor will guide you through this one too.

You need to be prepared for a “period of stagnation”, that is, when you are doing the same thing as before, but there are no results. But there is a way out! Diversify your training process, complicate your training, improve your professional level. At this stage, remember your motivation more often, find like-minded people and remember that the cherished goal is already very close. A little more, and you will reach it.

Now you do not have to stand over you constantly, as it was in the beginning, but good advice and support from professionals will come in handy. One day you will say to yourself: “Everything. I can’t, I don’t want to, and I won’t. ” This is where you need the help of a specialist.
He will support you in difficult times, help you regain strength and self-confidence.

If now life with sports and without buns is no longer so scary for you, then you have passed the second stage. Congratulations! We pass to the third stage – the final one.

Stage 3. Consolidation of the achieved

The goal is to consolidate the result. The result of achieving the goal: you cannot imagine your life without fitness. You calmly walk past the showcases with sweets, because you do not want to lose everything that you have already achieved with such difficulty. You are beautiful, slim and cheerful.

The timing is individual. At first glance, the third stage seems to be the easiest, but it is not.

It is necessary to consolidate the result so that your body finally understands that this is the norm of life, and not a temporary phenomenon. As in any business, a system and an integrated approach, a competent preparation of a training plan and nutrition program are important here.

And don’t relax. Keep up the good work, you have a purpose. Now the main thing is to believe in yourself!

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