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Proper nutrition is the key to health, beauty, vitality and longevity. There is a problem? Determine your food type and follow the simple tips and tricks below. Health to you!

Food type – gourmet

Are you having problems eating sugar and sweets? When you were a child, you probably learned that by eating everything to the end, you will receive a sweet reward. You also eat up grievances and worries with sweets.

Disappointed in love, people sometimes eat a lot of chocolate and immediately begin to feel better. The reason for this is phenylethylamine (PEA), the level of which rises rapidly in lovers and lucky people.

A person with this type of diet cannot be helped by diets. First of all, ask yourself questions that you usually try not to think about: Am I satisfied with myself? maybe I hate myself for my weakness of character? Does my relationship with another person become difficult because I ask too much of him? Am I being honest at all, or am I afraid of making honest demands on myself? List your positive and negative qualities. Would you like to eliminate any of your negative qualities if in return you had to give up some of your good qualities? If so, which one?

Of course, you can “tolerate” different diets very well, but only if you are psychologically stable and experience the joy of life. Ditch the thought that you can compensate for your lack of love with food.

Counteraction. No diets in a state of acute “hunger for sweets”. Keep a diary of sweets consumption and write down in it for one week, on what occasion did you eat sweets: before serious conversations? lonely evenings? after a quarrel? during phone calls with parents or friends? Then set specific goals for yourself. For example, make a promise to yourself that you will not eat anything during the phone call. Avoid making too high demands on yourself. Instead of saying, “I’ll never eat chocolate again!” Buy yourself one bar and use it for a week. Treat yourself to sweets with humor and self-deprecation.

Diets: pineapple, fruit, or juice-based diets, but only to change your eating habits.

Recipe. Replace sweets with fruits, drink more liquid.

Physical mobility. Physical movements are shown: dancing, tennis, volleyball, running and hiking. Plan weekend outings or long walks. Create a circle of friends with similar interests, go to a sauna or steam room together.

Strategy. Auto-training, relaxation and meditation exercises are recommended. The more confident you are, the easier it will be for you to find in yourself to say no.

Food type – “stress food”

This type of nutrition is found in most cases among men, who often hold the wrong opinion that physical fatigue must be relieved by eating food. But this is not true. The process of digestion requires the expenditure of a significant amount of energy, and it is such a person who eats the same way as he works – hastily, too much and in most cases is not what is needed. In addition, people of this type often harm their own health. They consume an unusually large amount of coffee, smoke too much, take sedatives and other medications, indulge in alcoholic beverages “for relaxation” and, as a rule, do not pay attention to their physical condition.

Counteraction. Those who eat under stress usually put their health in great danger, because their excess weight (which is not as pronounced as in other people who sin in terms of nutrition) is caused by an absolutely unhealthy lifestyle: lack of physical activity, mental stress, consumption harmful food.

Diets. First, get a general medical examination to show how much harm you’ve already done to yourself with an unhealthy lifestyle. Then proceed with the rice treatment.

After you eat natural rice with a small amount of vegetables, chicken meat and salad for one to two weeks, and consume only mineral water and tea from drinks, you can slowly reorganize to a new principle of nutrition.

Recipes. Continue to eat rice and change your priorities: you, your health and well-being come first, your family comes second, and work only third.

Physical exercise. You lack calm relaxation and comprehensive health promotion. You should breathe fresh air while walking in nature, you need an afternoon nap, deep breathing according to the yoga system, air, air and more air. Then a good, long sleep will return, and this is another means of calming the excited nervous system.

Strategy. Spend your holiday in nature in a relaxed environment.

Food type – “eating up the leftovers”

This type is found almost exclusively among women – to eat everything so as not to spoil the food. Consider why you always have so many leftovers. You may be cooking too much because you are afraid that someone will not have their fill.

Counteraction. Think carefully about your shopping plan every day. Don’t build up “in case of need” supplies. Finally, you need to limit your food intake. Eat slowly, chewing food thoroughly and drinking plenty of mineral water. The bad habit of putting on the plate over and over again is the reason why many carelessly indulge in food and ultimately gain weight.

Diets. A curd diet or a few fruit days is recommended. Change your diet consistently.

Recipe. Learn to replace butter with vegetable, sugar – honey, white flour – wholemeal flour, frozen vegetables – fresh, alcoholic drinks – fruit juices mixed with mineral water, cakes and pies – fruit salads with nuts, fatty pork and beef – chicken, young lamb and fish.

Physical activity. Get involved in gymnastics, dancing, and other forms of exercise.

Food type – “taking food as a reward”

This type of nutrition is not accompanied by any problems, if professional and personal life is harmonious, but if this is not the case … Then you really find yourself in a vicious circle. When you have problems, you get better; considering that you have a terrible figure, you begin to avoid people. You suffer in silence and absorb a huge amount of food, and when it gets really bad, real bouts of gluttony begin. Then you feel remorse; feel a sense of guilt and self-inferiority.

Counteraction. First, calmly and honestly admit to yourself why you have such an attitude towards food. And for this you need to keep a food diary for several days and write down to the smallest detail everything that you put in your mouth, marking the time of day and accompanying circumstances, respectively. Also, write down your feelings: are you feeling sad, insecure, anxious? Then, after reading your diary, you will probably understand that food for you is just a psychological factor that needs to be overcome as soon as possible. The reasons and motivations for “eating for self-defense” should be recognized . Talk to acquaintances and friends about your fears and doubts, especially focus on your “nutrition strategy”.

Diets. Dried fruits, nuts, raisins, and sugar-free chewing gum are good options for those feeling sad or afraid. Once you have an unbiased assessment of your behavior and an honest analysis of your fears and trying to cope with them, you can start dieting, such as the Scoring Diet, as the first step in developing new eating habits.

Recipes. Divide your daily food intake into several meals. Eat slowly and calmly, chew food thoroughly and diligently and drink plenty of mineral water.

Physical exercise. All kinds of physical activity in the fresh air are recommended: skiing, cycling, hiking, swimming.

Strategy. Learn not only to avoid eating too much, but also to say no. Self-examination and self-affirmation groups are now being organized everywhere. The knowledge acquired there will help not only to lose weight, but also to take a clearer and more fearless position in communication with other people. Learn to make demands on others, then you can make demands on yourself.

Food type – “constant food”

People who constantly eat most of the time do not notice how much and how often they do it. During a meal in the company, they control themselves and eat rather restrainedly, but as soon as they are alone, they begin to quickly fill their stomachs, whether at the desk, in the car or in the late evening in front of the open refrigerator. Those who constantly eat mostly struggle with their own insecurities, boredom and inner emptiness. With the help of food, they fill a huge vacuum in life.

Counteraction. The first step is to review and honestly assess your “true” food intake. The best way to do this is to keep a food diary. And then you will have to be amazed that you just do not fill your stomach, and if you still count the calories, then for sure there will be much more of them than 2000 per day.

First you need to set a limit – after a certain hour, in the evenings, there is nothing else to eat. You will sleep better and wake up more refreshed in the morning. Then it is necessary to cancel small “snacks”. Instead, prepare yourself a low-calorie meal to snack between breakfast, lunch and dinner: nuts, fruits, yoghurts.

Diet. If you really managed to objectively assess yourself and admit the fact of excessive eating, then you can enter the nutrition system into normal mode.

Recipes. A rice diet is recommended, which can be seasoned as desired. After all, those who constantly eat are in most cases creative people.

Physical activity. To distract from food cravings and overcome internal dissatisfaction, you need to pay attention to three problems:

Hobbies and interests. Implement one of your plans that have been in your head for a long time.

Dispute and detente. Dedicate at least one evening a week to health promotion (volleyball, bike, sauna, etc.), take long walks on Saturday and Sunday.

Take care of yourself. Write your life story with as much detail as you can remember. Maintain friendships, exchange letters, reconnect with old acquaintances, and participate in social life. As they said before: “Try to unwind!” And then you will not have the time and reason for excessive food intake.

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