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Most of the diseases that occur in modern people, in one way or another, are associated with malnutrition. Excess in the body of fatty, high-calorie foods, as well as semi-finished products, representing not only the food but the chemical industry, lead not only to the appearance of excess weight. The whole body suffers from them – the heart, kidneys, liver, blood vessels. Then the consequences of eating the “wrong” food appear externally – the hair loses its healthy appearance and begins to fall out, the skin turns gray, and the nails, like bones, by the way, become extremely brittle.

An equal blow is caused by improper nutrition to the hormonal background and sexual function. So, it has already been scientifically proven that beer so beloved by our men leads to the production of female hormones and infertility, and the taste additives that “stuff” food cause irreversible changes in the hormones produced by the thyroid gland. No less harm is caused by lack of water – due to the fact that people use less clean water, blood thickens, and toxins and waste are not removed. They accumulate in the stomach, enter the bloodstream and are the culprits of the appearance of cancer of the stomach, rectum and thrombosis.

That is why all doctors, without exception, always ask patients about nutrition and adjust their diet so that it is as healthy as possible. What does it mean? The use of healthy whole grain cereals and fresh meat, vegetables and fruits, dairy products, and a minimum of fats. Food should be minimally processed in order to preserve the whole complex of useful substances laid down by nature, and bring a person not only pleasure, but also health!

By the way, the tendency to a healthy lifestyle, an integral component of which is a healthy, proper nutrition, is global. That is why lately specialized stores have been opening where you can buy organic food, as well as catering establishments – cafes, bistros, restaurants, whose menu contains only healthy food created by the best chefs. Such establishments greatly help people who, due to their busy work schedule, cannot afford the luxury of eating right and buy instant food that is gradually killing them.

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