How to lose weight girl: tips and secrets

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Every girl at least once was in the process of losing weight. Someone needs to get rid of a couple of extra centimeters at the waist “bored” over the winter. Someone is fighting obesity for health and life. When it comes to 5, and about 50 extra pounds, you need to know how to properly lose weight girl and what you need to do.

How to lose weight modern girl?
The ideals of feminine beauty tend to change from time to time, but excessive fullness has never been in fashion. Not surprisingly, many girls are puzzled by problems with the figure, as soon as they begin to understand that being overweight is not only an aesthetic problem. It is the cause of significant problems in the body and many chronic diseases.

Of course, it is better to prevent obesity initially. But what to do if the hated extra pounds have already appeared? How to lose weight girl, so as not to harm health and save the results for a long time? The answer is unequivocal: it must radically change its lifestyle.
Diet vs diet
It is undeniable that in most cases, the excess weight is “fed up.” Therefore, to lose weight without revising your diet, most likely, will not work.

And here the girl who wants to find a slim figure faces a choice: to find a diet or start eating right.
1. Diet – a way to quickly lose weight girl
Options and types of diets today are infinite. Some of them are quite rational and effective, others are completely commercial and exist solely for the enrichment of those who invented them. In any case, choosing a diet on your own is dangerous, some of them can significantly undermine health, leading to irreparable digestive and metabolic disorders.

A dietitian develops an individual diet based on a thorough examination. And he is unlikely to give the go-ahead to fashionable now mono-diets or express weight-loss methods that are brutal but questionably effective ways in three days – a week to lose 5-10 kg. Most likely, the nutritionist will be offered a complex nutrition system, which has a guaranteed, but unfortunately, remote result in time.
2. Proper power on the system “Traffic Light”
Many people mistakenly believe that for weight loss, it is enough to reduce the daily calorie intake of food. But it must be remembered that the calorie calories – strife. It all depends on what products they contain. You can take 1500 kcal of those that are rich in fats and carbohydrates. And you can eat more useful and easily digestible food of plant origin, for example, which is saturated with vitamins and other useful substances. The quality of weight loss and the body’s response to it in this case will be completely different.

If there is a question, how to lose weight to a girl on proper nutrition, she can take the so-called ABC diet, or the “Traffic Light” food system, as a basis.

The basis of this system is the division of all products of human nutrition into three groups, each of which is assigned its own letter and color.

– Group A (red) – these are products that should be consumed in minimal quantities and, if possible, should not be consumed at all.

This includes:
fast food,
genetically modified products,
fatty dairy products (milk, sour cream, cream, butter),
smoked meat
fat meat,
yeast pastry,
White bread,
pastries with creams,
alcoholic, low alcohol and carbonated drinks.
– Group B (yellow) – this is food and dishes, which should be about 40% of the daily diet. They are recommended to use no later than 4 hours before bedtime.

The “yellow” group consists of:
cereals and cereals,
durum pasta,
savory sweet pastries
lean meat
milk products,
hard cheese
sweet fruit
homemade hot sauces
tea and coffee.
– Group C (green) is an extremely healthy and figure-friendly food that can be eaten all day without restrictions.

These include:
Fish and seafood,
low-fat dairy products,
fresh vegetables,
savory fruit
the eggs.
The “Traffic Light” system also gives some recommendations regarding catering services.
For example:
– It is desirable to cook dishes by boiling, stewing, baking, steaming, but not frying;
– one meal should consist of no more than two courses;
– in one meal one cannot combine two products of the “red” group;
– the combination of products of the “red” and “yellow” groups is undesirable;
– eat better fractional, 4-6 times a day;
– it is permissible to arrange fasting days, but not more than one per week.

It is not necessary to speak about the duration of the ABC diet, because to maintain a slim figure and health, it is always recommended to eat on this principle.

Losing weight, a girl should not forget to drink the required amount of water – about 2-2.5 liters per day.

Moving … to a beautiful figure
If the girl is too full, most likely, the sport was alien to her. It is clear that without physical activity to bring a figure in order will not work. But, unfortunately, in many sports, obesity is among the contraindications.

To do jogging or cycling, for example, will have to prepare.
But yoga, Pilates or bodyflex provide untrained muscles and ligaments with a moderate load; they can also be used by those who have an extreme degree of obesity.

It must be remembered that to maintain optimum physical fitness it will be enough to attend two classes of such types of gymnastics a week (about 1.5 hours). But to get the form, it is desirable to increase the load time to about 5 hours. To do this, for example, alternate yoga with swimming in the pool and long walks.

IMPORTANT! Scientific studies have shown that in order to maintain health a person needs to be carried out in active movement at least 1.5 hours a week, with regular daily loads. To restore health and figure, you need a greater number of active exercises – at least 5 hours a week.
Result as an incentive
Slimming requires motivation, which each has its own. But nothing encourages the introduction of proper nutrition and regular exercise to normal life, as the first kilos lost!

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