Kvass benefits and harm to the health of the human body

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Kvass is a traditional Slavic drink. Mentions of it can be found in ancient historical records. Each nationality had its own characteristics of the preparation of the drink. Back in 989, Prince Vladimir I ordered to give the peasants honey and kvass in honor of the Baptism of Russia.
Today it is considered as a non-alcoholic drink that can be consumed even by children. Although a small percentage of hops is still contained in it. After all, it is obtained in the process of fermentation. In some countries it is classified as beer.

Calories per 100 g, (kcal):27
Protein in 100 g, (g):0.2
Fats in 100 g, (g):0.0
Carbohydrates in 100 g, (g):5.2
Glycemic index:15-45

What is real kvass

When it comes to kvass, we immediately think of a drink made from rye bread. It is obtained as a result of fermentation and various natural additives can be added to improve the taste. The percentage of alcohol should not exceed 1.2%.

Kvass has a pleasant, but sharp taste and aroma. The color is dark brown.

The drink is obtained as a result of an unfinished fermentation process.

Varieties and varieties of kvass

Kvass is made not only from rye bread, there are also fruit and berry drinks.

There is also kvass for okroshka and with a thick consistency. Modern people have gone even further, the drink is made from honey and Icelandic moss.

On the territory of our country, a drink made from bread and beets is considered traditional, depending on the season and the availability of the main component. Gourmets prefer a drink with the addition of honey.

The composition and calorie content of kvass

If we talk about kvass, which is made at home, then it contains a large amount of vitamin C and B1. There are minerals, enzymes, proteins and organic acids. Depending on what the drink is made of, the vitamin and mineral composition and nutritional value will also change.

The calorie content of homemade bread kvass is around 27 units.

What is useful kvass, vitamins and minerals

First of all, kvass perfectly quenches thirst, activates metabolic processes and eliminates beriberi. It is useful to combine it with heavy meat dishes, as it helps the body digest fats and restore the water-salt balance.

Vitamin C relieves beriberi and prevents the appearance of scurvy, prevents exhaustion of the body.

The acids that appear in kvass during fermentation act on the intestines like fermented milk products, maintaining its microflora in a normal state.

Thanks to magnesium and potassium, the drink helps to improve the functioning of the heart muscle and prevent the onset of a stroke. Kvass allows a person to sleep well and get rid of nervous tension. In combination with acids, vitamins help lower cholesterol levels.

Microorganisms formed during the fermentation process prevent the development of dysbacteriosis and prevent the development of gastritis and ulcers.

Kvass improves working capacity and improves tooth enamel. The malt contained in the drink prevents the development of hemorrhoids and diseases of the urogenital area. Yeast has a positive effect on the normalization of blood glucose levels, reduce the toxic effects of harmful products on the body. The drink is useful for liver diseases.

The benefits of kvass for women

The high content of calcium helps to cope with a rash on the face. And if you rinse your hair with a homemade drink, then they will always look silky and beautiful. The drink prevents the development of eye atrophy and prevents the appearance of pigmentation. It has an antioxidant effect and stimulates activity. However, it should be remembered that when drinking a drink on an empty stomach, it will increase appetite.

The benefits of kvass for men

If you believe the ancient Russian manuscripts, then with the help of kvass they increased sexual activity in men. It must be consumed before the wedding night. Our ancestors believed that the drink helps to produce healthy offspring.

Kvass during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Before and after childbirth, women are not recommended to use kvass. After all, it, albeit in a small amount, still contains alcohol. Although, in order to achieve intoxication similar to that which occurs after a bottle of beer, you will have to drink at least 2 liters. Therefore, there is no strict contraindication to the use of kvass, but you still need to know when to stop.

Is it possible for children to kvass

It is allowed to introduce kvass into the diet from the age of 3 years. In addition to the fact that it contains alcohol, the drink can cause turbulence in the stomach, and it retains water in the body. Therefore, children can drink this drink, but not in large quantities.

Is kvass good for weight loss

In fact, if you use kvass in a small amount, about 100 g, then there will be no harm to the figure. But it must be a homemade drink without sugar.

Kvass for diabetes

Definitely purchased kvass is not suitable for diabetics. It contains burnt sugar, preservatives, which are extremely harmful to an insulin-dependent person. But if you make a drink at home, based on beets or blueberries, then such a liquid can be consumed, no more than 250 ml per day. Nothing but honey can be added.

It is best to make your own oatmeal kvass at home.

What cures kvass. How to take for medicinal purposes

Kvass is widely used in the treatment of alcoholism. Due to the presence of alcohol, albeit in a small amount, the drink helps to alleviate the condition of the “alcoholic”, do without stress and more easily cope with rejection.

You should not be treated with this drink, it is still with alcohol, and if it enters the body in large quantities, it can cause weight gain.

The use of kvass in cosmetology

Modern girls do not really like products such as kvass, however, it can prevent many negative manifestations on the skin.

But to rejuvenate the skin of the face, our ancestors just mixed bread kvass with water in a ratio of 1: 1 and wiped their faces with it. And women of the Balzac age applied a napkin (gauze) soaked in a drink for 20 minutes on their faces and, thus, got rid of fine wrinkles.

Our grandmothers also made baths with the addition of kvass. At a water temperature of +37 degrees, 1 liter of kvass was added and they were in such a bath for 20 minutes. After such a procedure, it was possible to delay the manifestations of old age and restore the acidity of the skin.

To strengthen the hair, kvass was applied to its entire length and carefully rubbed into the roots. They warmed the head and after 30 minutes washed the hair with plain water. After such a procedure, they became silky.

And to make strong nails, a tablespoon of the drink was mixed with half a spoon of honey and the same amount of lemon juice. The resulting mixture was rubbed into the nail plates daily for 4 weeks.

Kvass harm and contraindications

With the normal use of the drink, it will only go for the future, but if you get too carried away with it, you can get increased acidity of the stomach, gastritis, and even lower or lower the pressure too much.

You should not drink a drink in the presence of celiac disease, stomach ulcers, oncological diseases. It is better to stop drinking during lactation.

How to choose and store kvass

When purchasing bread kvass, pay attention not only to the main components: rye bread, malt, but also to the presence of yeast, which must be pressed or dry. If they are not, then the drink was produced under artificial conditions.

Consistency also says a lot. Density and opacity speaks of naturalness. Presence of sediment is allowed. If you shake the bottle, the bubbles should not be large and should not disappear for a long time.

Filtered drinks have less benefit but last longer. Clarified (unfiltered) liquids have a large amount of nutrients, but are stored for a shorter time.

Kvass is not only a summer refreshing drink, it is a healthy liquid that allows you to eliminate the manifestations of beriberi. It tones and restores the intestinal microflora , improves the functioning of the heart. Kvass is just a delicious drink. Drink it and be healthy.

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