Losing weight on “coals”: what is the danger of such a fight against excess weight?

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A few years ago, the weight loss technique made a noise by taking activated carbon tablets, and until now it has been stubbornly appearing on various sites with some modifications. Is activated carbon real, eliminating bloating and passing through the stomach and intestines, helps to eliminate excess weight? How does it affect subcutaneous fat and is it not harmful to health? We will examine in detail from the point of view of physiology and medicine.

“Revolutionary” weight loss technique

Today, weight loss is an urgent problem for many, but not everyone is ready to switch to proper nutrition, increase physical activity and refuse sweets and sweets. Therefore, the tempting slogans that you can take black pills and quickly lose weight excite the minds of many sufferers, given that activated charcoal is in any pharmacy and it costs a penny. The creator of this masterpiece remained unknown for nutritionists and doctors, but judging by the colorful descriptions of the working principle of the technique, we can conclude that he is completely unfamiliar not only with medicine and the principles of losing weight, but even with biology as part of the school curriculum. Although weight loss on activated carbon at different sites has different interpretations, the principle is clear: tablets are taken and excess weight is eliminated, as well as digestion is normalized, bloating, stool problems, etc. go away. This is only promised, but what will happen in reality whether weight loss and how? MedAboutMe examines in detail the problem of weight loss “on the coals.” 

What are the pills and what is their feature?

Activated carbon tablets are classified as drugs. They are sold in pharmacies, but no prescription is needed. However, this does not mean at all that the drug is completely devoid of side effects and contraindications, and it is permissible to use it without a doctor’s prescription. Tablets have sorbent properties, binding and removing organic and inorganic substances from the intestine throughout its length, as well as helping to cope with diarrhea, including toxic and microbial. These tablets are the result of organic synthesis processes with a base in the form of coke or charcoal, petroleum products and coconut or nuts. Based on the characteristics of production and the basics, the activity of the drug may vary. Not many people like the classic activated charcoal, which dyes the tongue and feces in black, and slimming on white charcoal tablets is also offered as an alternative. This composition is generally a mystery for doctors, since at least there is a strictly prescribed composition in the classical preparation, and various manufacturers add polyphepan, cellulose mixed with silicon dioxide, and various other sorbent compounds to the “white coal” . This makes the product more expensive than regular activated carbon, although the principle of action and the sorbing effect are approximately the same. 

Let’s analyze the methodology: rashes, bloating, toxins, and where is the fat?

According to the description of the methodology given in various interpretations, it is suggested that activated carbon tablets be used to lose weight for those who have bloating, problems with stools (moreover, diarrhea, and constipation), as well as those whose body is slagged and full of toxins, and there is rashes, dermatitis and other imperfections. Allegedly cleansing the body – the essence of weight loss. But speaking from the point of view of medicine, this description corresponds to the symptoms of allergic reactions or dyspepsia, functional digestive disorders – bloating, stool problems and malaise are typical for them (but this is far from the effect of toxins and toxins!). As such, the clinic for obesity and overweight is not described, which is already alarming – the technique is intended to get rid of excess weight. Then, the technique spatially and ornately explains the picture of a terrible bloating of intestinal loops, which leads to an increase in the stomachs of unhappy obese people. And there is not a word about the change in fat metabolism, subcutaneous fat, which gives shape changes. Judging by the thoughts of the author, being overweight is exclusively air from bloating of intestinal loops!  

Where does excess weight go?

According to the developer of the “coal” weight loss technique, tablets cleanse the intestines of toxins and terrible slagging, eliminate bloating, absorbing intestinal gases, and a feeling of lightness, vitality comes and after a couple of weeks the body becomes slimmer like cypress. And here a logical question arises, where does the extra weight go? According to the author, as such, subcutaneous fat is the cause of excess weight in only about 2-5% of people, and the rest of the figure is spoiled by gases, bloating and dysbiosis, toxins and toxins. It is for these 95-98% of people that a two-week course of getting rid of excess weight on charcoal is a practically guaranteed slim waist. Doctors are horrified at how you can believe this, practicing the technique, having at least initial ideas about the anatomy in the framework of the school curriculum.

As suggested to lose weight: a little about subcutaneous fat

The author of the technique, realizing that this does not change the essence, suggests losing weight on black coal – it is cheaper. This is followed by a blockbuster scenario about how activated charcoal in the stomach collects food particles with gases that have been stuck there for too long, decompose, forming toxins and toxins, giving a bloating and fat stomach! Here I would like to dwell a little on the physiology of digestion, so that the essence of the claims of physicians becomes clear. Bloating is the result of microbial decomposition in the intestines (not in the stomach) of glucose with the formation of carbon dioxide and water, as well as the decomposition of organic molecules with sulfur compounds with the formation of foul-smelling volatile compounds. In the stomach, the breakdown of protein molecules occurs due to pepsin and treatment with hydrochloric acid (by the way, it kills microbes due to its high concentration). If the germs in the stomach are a clinic of intestinal infection and acute gastritis with vomiting, but not a fat stomach. The stomach may swell as a result of taking carbonated drinks and swallowing air when talking with food. And the belching mechanism expels these gases immediately into the esophagus and oral cavity, without affecting the waist! Moreover, in the methodology, not a word about subcutaneous fat, which in reality leads to obesity and accumulates in critical areas.

Further, the story is about how in the intestine coal collects microbes, toxins and suppresses putrefactive processes, as a result of which the waist spoils. However, gases in the process of decay can spoil the air and mood of others, but not the waist (this is done by subcutaneous fat, which, again, does not say a word). Moreover, such a volume of gases, which could visually give such thick bellies that some of our fellow citizens have, would simply break the loops of the intestine and cause severe pain. Therefore, you need to understand – the waist problems (not to mention the hips, arms, face) are not gases, but subcutaneous fat, its activated carbon does not concern in any way. 

Will there be an effect?

Doctors say: this technique is not only useless, it is dangerous to health. It does not affect the deposits of subcutaneous fat formed over the years, but the body itself deprives vitamins, nutritional components and when consumed in the amount specified in the methodology, it threatens with severe constipation. By the way, the author claims that, along with the tablets, fasting is also required (against the background of their intake, it is not necessary), as well as the rejection of fatty, fried and a lot of other things. That is, in fact, a hypocaloric diet is proposed, but with pills in addition. Therefore , coal will not be “guilty” of losing weight, but starvation, and even with a sharply negative impact on health!

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