Malnutrition negatively affects children’s heart function

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A group of American scientists from Northwestern University conducted a study, according to which it was found that malfunctions in the heart of children can be triggered by malnutrition. According to experts, very rarely a child is born with heart disease. As a rule, the appearance of various pathologies is due to bad eating habits.

About 9 thousand children aged 2 to 11 years were invited to participate in the study. When studying the diet of each participant, scientists were based on such aspects as the presence in the dishes of fish, sugar, salt, whole grain products, as well as vegetables and fruits.

Also, during the study, scientists noted that most parents cannot provide their child with a balanced and healthy diet. In addition, almost 30% of the subjects were characterized by being overweight. Only every tenth child in the diet had vegetables and fruits, and whole grain products were consumed even less (girls – 2.5%, boys – 3%). One of the most crushing facts was that the diet of 90% of the participants contained a large amount of sugar and salt.

All these factors contributed to the weight gain of children and the appearance of disturbances in their heart function. Moreover, diseases received in childhood with this attitude to their nutrition will become constant companions of a person in adulthood.

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