Proper nutrition and a comfortable pregnancy. What is the connection?

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Pregnancy is an amazing stage in the life of every woman. This is a special period of time that changes absolutely everything: worldview, perception of oneself and others, habits, lifestyle and, of course, nutrition. We explained in the article “Gastronomic whims of pregnant women: the norm or the whim?” About why unusual magical desires arise during these magical months. This time, as promised, we will touch upon another, no less interesting and useful topic. 

There are no identical people, which means that there are no identically occurring pregnancies. Each one is different. One mom feels sick in the morning literally from the very first days of the birth of a new life in the womb, another does not realize this for several weeks, or even more, a third suffers from toxicosis throughout the term, and there are those who, on the contrary , suffer from an awakened unprecedented appetite. What is there for the child to have enough vitamins and nutrients than to eat, so that she herself does not turn into a fat ship after this period? How to correctly design a diet so that a pregnancy proceeds without complications? What to exclude from your diet, so as not to harm the little man? These and many other similar questions periodically arise in the head of the future mother.  

Gastronomic moods of a pregnant woman, according to experts, are due to a number of factors. These include psychological, physiological, and even cultural … But whatever they are, in any case, almost every woman, if there is a desire, is able to understand her body and its needs. And that means avoiding many undesirable consequences, be it tens of extra pounds, striae, skin rash or anemia. And as a result – dissatisfaction with oneself and one’s appearance, a dull mood, apathy for everything around, feeling unwell and constant weakness. Here are some simple but effective tips that will help to cope with the vagaries of food during the gestation of a little man and make your pregnancy easier and more enjoyable …   


No one has canceled it, but, depending on the circumstances, the power system can be adjusted in the right direction. Try, if possible, and your toxicosis is already behind, start the day correctly. Have a full breakfast, so that there are forces for labor exploits, and the feeling of heaviness does not interfere with creative accomplishments. Cottage cheese, a plate of oatmeal with dried fruits, buckwheat porridge with milk , etc. 


Keep track of the quantity, especially if these are all kinds of goodies (chocolate, sweets, cakes, pastries, etc.). Completely deny yourself a pleasant and tasty pleasure, of course, it makes no sense. Worse, if the permanent prohibitions sooner or later turn into a real nervous breakdown, when the only desire is to arrange a feast of your stomach and eat plenty of forbidden foods. Allow yourself a lot, but in small portions (a tiny bar of chocolate, a tiny slice of a light cake , etc.). 


During pregnancy, they are definitely needed. Here are just useful and necessary. Are you stuck in traffic or just feel hungry, and you can’t saturate your hungry stomach with a full serving? You should not resort to useless products. Another candy and a cup of coffee will not fix the situation, the effect of satisfaction will be short-lived, and, alas, will not appear. Yogurt, fruit, cottage cheese, a loaf of bread with a slice of cheese , etc. – this is what you should pay attention to.  


All the same sooner or later bothers. Try to make your diet rich, healthy, and fun. For lunch – chicken, for dinner – fish, tomorrow go to the turkey or rabbit. Lentils with vegetables, baked potatoes, buckwheat with beef … You can’t count the options , the main thing is imagination and the right approach. And remember: no semi-finished foods and soups in a couple of minutes.   


It is clear that if you constantly eat only what you want, and not what you and your child need, nothing good will come of this venture. Mom’s body will be even harder to cope with unprecedented stresses, and this will certainly affect your condition and the course of pregnancy. Try to adhere to the useful nutrition tips that obstetrician-gynecologists give, read the recommended scientific literature, which provides a detailed description of all wholesome and harmful foods. Watch how the consumption of certain foods is reflected specifically in your well-being, what signals the child sends you. Replace one with the other: you always want something sweet – pre-cook a plate with dried fruits (dried apricots, figs, raisins …). It is not only healthy, but also delicious. I want chips or crackers – replace them with nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds , etc.).   

A competent approach to their gastronomic addictions is the basis for the successful bearing of the baby, the sparkle in your eyes and inexhaustible energy, pep and optimism. These are beautiful hair and nails, skin, less suffering from hormonal fluctuations, the correct weight gain, full and timely development of the child. This is your excellent health and good health of the little man, who for 40 weeks every second depends only on you and your actions. 

Who said being pregnant is boring, dull, and unbearably hard? Do not believe it! It is insanely interesting, nice and easy! If, of course, you don’t create unnecessary problems for yourself and be able to get incomparable pleasure from this amazing process! Allow yourself to be capricious not only in food, use your interesting position, but do not go too far … Be healthy and happy! 

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