Sour cream benefits and harm to the human body

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Perhaps no one will argue that sour cream is one of the most delicious dairy products. It is perfect for dressing salads and dumplings. This is a real national product in our country. Outside of our country, sour cream appeared only in the post-war period, then, as well as now, it is called “Russian cream”.

Calories per 100 g, (kcal):184
Protein in 100 g, (g):2.5
Fats in 100 g, (g):18.0
Carbohydrates in 100 g, (g):3.6
Glycemic index:56

What is sour cream

The classic recipe for making sour cream, that is, which is not used in industrial enterprises, actually involves skimming the cream. The milk was defended until the cream rose, they were removed and stored in a cool place.

To date, a separator is used for these purposes, then they follow the normalization technology in order to obtain the desired degree of fat content of the product. Then all pathogenic microorganisms are destroyed and leaven is added.

After fermentation, it takes only 1 day to get sour cream.

What are they trying to replace sour cream in stores

Alas, but urban residents often have to be content with sour cream obtained by separation. Real sour cream is very hard to find, except perhaps in a remote village.

But under any circumstances, the manufacturing technology of this product does not imply the addition of chemical ingredients, fat substitutes, dyes and flavor enhancers. In fact, in stores you can usually buy only a surrogate, which does not bring any benefit to the body. Usually such products are called sour cream mixtures and products. In the composition of such products, you can find emulsifiers, vegetable fats and stabilizers. Such “sour cream” is inexpensive, but the human body does not need it.

What is the fat content of sour cream

On sale there is sour cream with a fat content of 15%, but there is also a lower figure, down to 0%. The higher the fat content, the higher the calorie content; 15% fat content accounts for 158 kcal. A 30% product already contains 294 kcal. And in 48% – as much as 500 kcal, but usually such sour cream is not on sale. With higher fat content, products are more like butter.

A fat-free product is also sold, which is suitable for individuals who are trying to shed extra pounds, although the taste is not as pleasant as that of standard sour cream.

Composition of sour cream

The composition of sour cream contains vitamins PP, E, C and group B. The product contains a very rare vitamin H, it is also called the vitamin of youth. There are micro and macro elements, other useful chemical compounds: iodine, organic acids, phosphorus, zinc, riboflavin, animal protein, magnesium and carotene.

Useful properties of sour cream, vitamins and minerals

In sour cream, the composition of useful substances is as balanced as possible, it allows you to normalize almost all processes in the body. Improves brain function and has a positive effect on reproductive function.

The product is widely used in folk cosmetology, as it allows to improve the structure of the skin and cope with some problems: fine wrinkles, acne and pigmentation.

The proteins contained in the product allow you to replenish energy reserves and improve the functioning of the immune system. For these purposes, sour cream with 15% fat is suitable.

Sour cream also contains cholesterol. But if you use the product wisely, then it will only benefit the body, as it is involved in the formation of cells and hormones.

Sour cream contains a large amount of calcium, which helps strengthen bones and teeth. It helps improve heart function. Riboflavin is important for the formation of red blood cells. By the way, the human body is unable to produce this component on its own, so it must be supplied with food.

Phosphorus helps prevent the development of kidney disease, helps build muscle mass and has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the nervous system, like vitamin B12. Sour cream also improves visual acuity due to the presence of vitamin A.

The benefits of sour cream for women

For the body of the beautiful half of humanity, sour cream is useful for normalizing hormonal levels, that is, it prevents constant mood swings. Calcium improves the condition during menopause, when the body is actively rebuilding and requires an increased amount of nutrients.

Sour cream helps improve the functioning of the digestive tract and is widely used for cosmetic purposes.

The benefits of sour cream for men

For the strong half of humanity, sour cream is useful in that it helps to increase potency. It gives energy and improves the functioning of the nervous system.

It is recommended to use this product during sports and regular physical activity to increase endurance and strengthen bone mass.

The use of sour cream during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Sour cream will be useful for women both before and after childbirth. If there are problems with being overweight, then you only have to limit portions. This product is well tolerated by the body and will be useful for the newborn baby. Sour cream rarely causes an allergic reaction.

Is it possible to use sour cream for children

For children, sour cream (of course we are talking about a natural product) will be very useful. It strengthens the skeleton, bones and stimulates the growth of teeth. This product also has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the brain. Replenishes the energy reserve, which is very important in early childhood, when babies are very active.

This product can be introduced into the diet only with the onset of 1.5 years. But you should not start with very fatty sour cream, as there is a risk that the baby’s body will not cope and there will be indigestion.

At first, it is better not to give sour cream in its pure form, but to add it a little to soups and salads.

Is sour cream good for weight loss

Many believe that sour cream is the real enemy of weight loss. In fact, it all depends on the amount of food eaten. Naturally, if you use the fattest sour cream and in unlimited quantities, then there will be no talk of any weight loss.

If salads are seasoned with this product, then it will only positively affect the work of the whole organism and prevent constipation, due to the high fat content. For example, in two tablespoons of sour cream there are only 20 calories, and this amount is enough to fill a salad. You can always give preference to a fat-free product or with the lowest fat content.

The use of sour cream for diabetes

Sour cream, like most dairy products, is ideal for the menu of people with diabetes. Sour cream will normalize metabolic processes and saturate the body with useful biologically active substances.

Usually it is used for fasting days. But there should be no more than 2 such days with such a disease. It will allow you to quickly get enough even with a small amount. But you need to give preference to products with a fat content of up to 15%.

How to take sour cream for medicinal purposes

People say that men must necessarily consume a small amount of sour cream. It will allow you to always be in shape and significantly improves the quality of sperm.

If sour cream is mixed with carrots, then you can significantly improve vigilance and increase immune strength. Such a simple way of using it will also allow you to remove toxins from the body.

To maximize wound healing, use sour cream for external use with a high fat content. It is recommended to mix it with vegetable oil and egg white. And do not notice how the wound heals!

Sour cream dessert with the addition of sugar or honey will allow you to quickly improve your mood and cope with a depressive state.

The use of sour cream in cosmetology

Sour cream is an ideal base for cosmetic masks. It can be mixed with any fruits and vegetables. The main thing is that the sour cream is fresh and natural.

Face masks with sour cream are recommended to be done before going to bed to avoid skin contact with ultraviolet rays. The fact is that sour cream immediately after removal makes the skin very vulnerable to sunlight.

To achieve the maximum effect, masks are recommended to be done in certain courses, for 5-10 days. Can be done every day or every other day.

Sour cream harm and contraindications

With caution, it is recommended to use sour cream for people with kidney and gallbladder diseases. It is not suitable for the diet of people who are lactose intolerant. In other cases, there are no contraindications to the use of sour cream. The main thing is to buy a natural product and not get too carried away.

How to choose and store sour cream

When buying sour cream, you need to pay attention to the label. If the composition contains foreign substances and vegetable fats, then there is no talk of naturalness. Even if there is no such information on the label, then the long shelf life indicates that this is a surrogate, and the manufacturer is cunning.

Sour cream must be stored in the refrigerator. The optimal shelf life is 72 hours. If the product is stored longer, then it is better to refuse to use it, as it can cause poisoning and indigestion.

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