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Spelled is a rather incomprehensible name for a food product in our region. Although this is just a subspecies of wheat. It is very similar to wheat spikelets, only covered with a hard husk, due to which the product contains much more useful substances.

Spelled is used as flour and as a cereal, which can easily be confused with rice. Today, the main suppliers of this product are Turkey, Armenia, Dagestan, USA, Iran and India. By the way, in America, spelled appeared only in 1899, but completely replaced rice.

Calories per 100 g, (kcal):337
Protein in 100 g, (g):14.7
Fats in 100 g, (g):2.2
Carbohydrates in 100 g, (g):61.2
Glycemic index:40

The composition and calorie content of spelled, vitamins and minerals

Spelled grains contain a huge amount of protein – as much as 37%, which is quite rare in plant products. In addition, there are a lot of polysaccharides, unsaturated fats, protein and as many as 18 independent amino acids in cereals.

Spelled contains vitamin E and biotin, B vitamins and folic acid. Spelled is rich in mineral content. These are iron, phosphorus, selenium, copper, calcium, copper and zinc.

The cereal has a low calorie content, in comparison with other types of cereals – 127 units.

What is useful spelled

Useful properties of the product have long been established by mankind. The product is widely used in vegetarian nutrition as a partial substitute for protein products.

Spelled allows you to increase the efficiency of the body and stimulates the functionality of the digestive tract. Groats help get rid of constipation and saturate the body with useful substances that can improve the immune system.

Consuming spelt on an ongoing basis can significantly improve brain activity and memory. Krupa allows you to increase concentration and make it easier to endure stressful situations.

The benefits of spelled for women

For the beautiful half of humanity, cereals will be useful for improving the general condition of the body. It helps restore reproductive function. This happens due to the stimulation of female sex hormones and strengthening the muscles of the uterus.

Croup is an excellent prophylactic against the development of neoplasms in the mammary gland.

The benefits of spelled for men

For the strong half of humanity, spelled is not only useful due to the ability to improve the general condition of the body, it also stimulates the work of male sex hormones. And this, in turn, helps to reduce the risk of infertility and prevent the development of cancer.

Men who regularly consume spelt will never face the problem of a decrease in male libido.

Spelled during pregnancy and breastfeeding

This cereal will be an ideal assistant for maintaining health while carrying a baby. It is no secret that during this period the woman’s body quickly weakens and requires constant “feeding” with vitamins and nutrients. It is spelled that will help to cope with this problem.

Croup allows you to cope with the constant feeling of hunger, which often haunts pregnant women. At the same time, it quickly saturates and does not allow you to gain extra pounds. With regular use of this product, a woman will not experience constipation, which is typical for this period of life.

During breastfeeding, spelled porridge will be a great help on the menu. It is very useful and will saturate the female body and the baby’s body with vitamin substances, it will be an ideal supplier of amino acids and minerals.

However, you should always remember that spelled contains an increased amount of gluten. This substance is allergenic, so it is always necessary to monitor the reaction of your body and the body of the child.

Is it possible to use spelt for children

For children, spelled porridge will also be very useful, but subject to normal absorption of gluten by the body. Complementary feeding is allowed at 8 months. Due to the gluten content, complementary foods start with minimal doses. At first, a small portion is given, literally a spoonful of porridge, and the baby’s condition is monitored throughout the day. If there are no side effects, then porridge can be used on an ongoing basis.

Is spelled good for weight loss

There is a lot of controversy regarding the inclusion of spelt in the diet. On the one hand, it is a product with a high calorie content, on the other hand, spelled saturates the body with vitamins and relieves constipation. Therefore, the middle is where the dose of the product is observed. Simply put, if spelled is used “wisely”, then it will only enhance the effect of losing weight.

Porridge from this cereal quickly saturates, allows you to fill the body with B vitamins. These vitamins can accelerate weight loss and normalize the intestinal tract. Naturally, do not forget about physical activity and drinking regimen while dieting.

Spelled in diabetes

Alas, diabetes is too serious a disease that requires a serious approach in the selection of food. Spelled has an average glycemic index of 45 to 55 units. Such indicators give the right to use cereals in rather limited quantities.

On the other hand, porridge from this cereal will enhance metabolic processes, due to the rich content of B vitamins. It allows you to remove cholesterol and stabilize sugar levels to some extent. Magnesium contained in spelled has a positive effect on the body of a diabetic.

But it will be possible to achieve a positive effect only in one case – if you use the product in moderation.

How to take spelled for medicinal purposes

Spelled flour is widely used as a cough remedy. For this, 2 teaspoons of the product are mixed with honey. Then add the egg yolk and a spoonful of butter. All components are thoroughly mixed and brought to a homogeneous mass. Use the resulting mixture in a teaspoon throughout the day. The number of times the drug can be used is not limited. The medicine can be stored in the refrigerator.

From diarrhea, you can mix 2 tablespoons of flour with a glass of boiling water with the same amount of honey, which is pre-fried in a pan with flour. All components are mixed. The mixture is consumed immediately, until it cools.

Spelled is also used to get rid of fungal diseases. Two tablespoons of unpeeled grains are mixed with vinegar (3%). The mixture is boiled for 15 minutes. The resulting decoction is used to treat the skin surfaces that are affected by the fungus or make applications, depending on the degree of damage.

But the easiest way to use spelt is to cook ordinary porridge, which is consumed in small quantities, but regularly.

To do this, 1.5 cups of grain are added to 1 liter of milk (boiled). Sugar and salt are added to taste and boiled for half an hour. Then, the porridge is removed from the heat and a small amount of butter is added, the pan is left in a wrapped state for an hour. After that, the porridge is ready to eat.

The use of spelled in cosmetology

Spelled has a positive effect on the structure of the hair and strengthens the nail plates. If you use it for the skin, you can achieve an even tone and improve the structure of the skin.

Creams, in which spelt is added, are distinguished by cleansing and soothing properties. Scrubs are made from the product, which reduce the degree of manifestation of cellulite.

Spelled harm and contraindications

Spelled, like most other foods, can cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, in the presence of individual intolerance to cereals, the product is introduced into the diet with great care.

The presence of a large amount of gluten also puts spelled in the category of especially allergenic products. Even when compared with wheat, spelled has a much higher content of this substance. Spelled is especially dangerous for people who have a history of celiac disease.

How to choose and store spelled

To make the right choice, you should be based on the rules applicable to all cereals. The grains must have a flat surface and must be clean. It is better to buy spelled in plastic bags that allow you to see the grains. The packaging must not be damaged.

Always look at the expiration date. The maximum shelf life for this type of product is 6 months. After opening the package, smell the cereal. It should not have a strong smell, especially the smell of mold.

Most often, cereals are found in specialized stores that sell products for dietary and healthy eating.

Spelled is best stored in the refrigerator, but always in a hermetically sealed container, away from products with a pungent odor.

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