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Some two hundred years ago, the idea of ​​what it means to eat well was very different from today. We began to eat foods that our dim-witted ancestor would hardly have recognized as food. And some practically stopped eating altogether. Have our biological needs changed so radically?

How delicious everything was in childhood! The simplest things are: a cup of cold milk and bread, a plate of pasta, or a bowl of sauerkraut. An adult, in order to feel the same acute pleasure from food, needs to at least run up and get really hungry. And do not stifle your appetite with tea and cookies.

But adults are pretty frivolous about the matter, especially when it comes to their own, and not about baby food. For the children, perhaps, we will cook a full meal. And for ourselves, most likely, we will be lazy. Hungry, we will chew the first thing that comes to hand.

Then problems begin: overweight, feeling unwell, low life expectancy, finally. So food is very serious. In order for it to be a source of daily joys and the foundation of health, at least one person in the family should think about it, know a lot about proper nutrition, devote enough time and part of their soul to cooking.

It is even better if all family members know how and love to cook. Of all household chores, this is the easiest thing to instill in hunting. It’s so grateful and exciting! It has been noticed that gourmets, and especially lovers of artistic cooking, are not subject to depression. This attack literally mows the population of developed countries – maybe the reason is that they have ceased to serve themselves for breakfast and cook dinners at least on weekends?

For those who know how and love to cook, a reliable remedy for blues is always at hand. Such a bright, interesting – and, moreover, a practical and useful activity. Creativity, the fruits of which are available and understandable to everyone. The play may fail, the picture may not be liked, the symphony may remain misunderstood. But your pies with mushrooms and onions, kulebyaki or sour cream cake, even a simple omelette and ordinary porridge will find their enthusiastic connoisseur and admirer. For cooking is the most democratic of the arts.

Food as an adventure

30% of all pleasure we get from food. A solid reason to take any meal seriously. Most of all pleasure is received not by gluttons, but by gourmets. Those for whom food is an adventure. Who loves to try outlandish dishes. Get acquainted with the cuisines of different nations. Master new recipes and unusual technologies.

You can taste culinary masterpieces with a national flavor not only once a year on a foreign vacation tour, but even on weekdays in the nearest ethnic restaurant. A small trip that doesn’t take long. In addition, it can be inexpensive if the establishment is without big claims. It may not be cheap, but then there will be other components of a good journey: ethnic music, original design, elegant decoration and spectacular food presentation.

Finally, for the most groovy and creative people, there is the next step: to learn how to cook at least the most favorite exotic delicacies. Such an impulse inevitably entails adventure: trips to the markets or specialty stores for the right products and seasonings, maybe even buying new kitchen utensils. It would also be nice to buy suitable music – to create an appropriate mood. People who are so approached to food and cooking usually do not suffer from extra pounds.

Today the gastronomic compass points to the East – this is the most fashionable, “hot” direction. Oriental cuisine is unusual and endlessly varied.

Indian will supply you with vital energy or prana . Its connoisseurs and the sacred books of the Veda are convinced of this, which teach, for example, that the god Krishna tries any dish first . Therefore, Indians always cook with diligence, seasoning their cooking not only with curry, but also with love, so that it turns out divinely delicious.

The Japanese will reveal the secrets of Eastern health, because the representatives of this mysterious nation directly associate their wonderful longevity with
what they eat and how. Already, European doctors strongly recommend replacing the usual fork with intricate chopsticks – hasi from time to time. If you don’t eat properly, you will at least train small muscles and, therefore, stimulate your mental abilities.

Thai cuisine will teach you how to harmoniously combine in one dish all the flavoring elements that correspond to the elements of nature. This balance, the residents of Thailand are sure, has the most beneficial effect not only on health, but also on the figure.

The foundation of beauty

Many women sincerely believe that beauty is achieved with creams and masks, peels and braces. And the more money there is, the more beauty you can buy. In fact, the basis of beauty is proper nutrition. It maintains in tone and order not only the skin, but the entire body. What kind of beauty can we talk about if there are problems with the stomach, liver, kidneys, if you are tortured by constant ARVI or a toothache?

The lack of nutrition affects the appearance. Lack of minerals negatively affects the condition of teeth, hair, nails. Lack of vitamins, especially A, E and especially C, for the beauty and health of the skin. It is ascorbic acid that participates in the construction of collagen – the very substance that “reinforces” all our tissues, gives them elasticity and strength. It is collagen that determines the condition of the skin – its youthfulness, elasticity, smoothness or lethargy, flabbiness.

Of course, you cannot build tissue from vitamins alone. You need a building material – protein: meat or fish, eggs or cottage cheese, soybeans, beans, lentils. Little by little, but every day. What else? A teaspoon of seaweed a day – and you are provided with essential minerals. Oatmeal for breakfast and kefir at night are simple but effective remedies that will help keep your fresh, blooming look. Beauty shouldn’t be superficial! The one that comes from within does not cost much and stays with you for a long time.

Holiday every day

He is in those families where it is customary to gather every evening at a common table – to have dinner or drink tea.
Let it be small, but a holiday of family unity. The table will not cover itself. So, preparations are underway: something is being bought, something tasty is being prepared, it smells, the appliances are being laid out …

If it is impossible for everyone to get together for dinner on weekdays, it is important to arrange a full family meal at least once a week, on weekends: with a ceremonial menu, a solemn change of dishes, and an elegant tablecloth. And for two, you can set a beautiful table at least once a week (or better often). If you don’t, homemade meals will gradually be reduced to eating potatoes from a skillet in the kitchen or pizza in front of the TV.

Often a common meal is the only opportunity for everyone to get together and talk. Seating at the TV does not give such a chance. And where, if not at a common table, can children find out how their elders live? Where else can they learn to behave correctly, eat beautifully, maintain a conversation? These are all very important skills in life.

Food of youth

“A long life is a long old age,” said Faina Ranevskaya. Nobody dreams of a long old age. Everyone wants a long youth. And it seems that there has been some shift in this issue. People now live longer than their ancestors. At first, life expectancy increased thanks to the miracles of medicine. Recently, however, scientists have noted that people are not just living longer – they are biologically younger than their passport age. This amazing phenomenon came with the advances in dietetics and in general the science of a healthy lifestyle. Almost eternal youth is something worth fighting for!

The inhabitants of Okinawa live the longest. In this archipelago, the density of centenarians is much higher than anywhere else on the planet. And these are not decrepit, feeble old people, but healthy, happy people. They don’t retire at the ridiculous age of 60. At 80 and 90, they work in the garden, live independently in their own homes and go out on the ocean shore on holidays to have fun and dance.

Until recently, we were told
that our life expectancy is in our genes. Do you think Okinawans have the best genes in the world? Independent studies have found, however, that the inhabitants of the archipelago who have moved to other countries and adopted the way of life there live on average as long as the locals. That is, genes do not give them any particular advantage if they part with their healthy habits.

Discovery is important not only for Okinawans, but for all of us. After all, this means that we with our imperfect genes can live just as long and happily if we learn the right habits, including food. It’s easier to start with food. We still sit down at the table at least 3 times a day. So, regularly at breakfast, lunch and dinner, we can prolong our youth.

The peculiarity of the Okinawan diet is in a certain range of foods that neutralize the effects of free radicals that cause aging and actively promote cell renewal. And also in the dominant position of some food groups over others. The islanders lean on whole grains and vegetables, primarily rice and all types of cabbage, soy and its derivatives, green tea and seasonal fruits. The daily menu also includes seafood, fish, vegetable oil.

They do not categorically refuse some dishes, but they believe that it is not worth eating meat, like other unmentioned products, more often 1-2 times a week. Okinawans don’t bother cooking. In their opinion, the best food is the one that has undergone a minimum of processing, retained its original appearance and taste. For such culinary primitivism, only natural, fresh, top quality products are suitable. Few of them are required, as the locals are convinced that each meal should resemble an exquisite tasting.

And that health from ancestors is true. Your parents wisely saved up or unwisely squandered not only their own, but also your health. Today you are laying the foundation for the health of your children and grandchildren by choosing a way of life and nutrition. A solid foundation?

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