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Diets rich in fruits and vegetables are the best prevention for many diseases, help maintain body tone, cleanse the skin and improve overall well-being. Let’s learn more about common fruits and learn how to eat them with health benefits!


Quince, especially sweet varieties, has a beneficial effect on the psyche, invigorates, improves mood, relieves obsessive thoughts and some types of headache, strengthens the heart, liver and stomach, induces appetite, eliminates bad breath. Quince juice helps well with severe shortness of breath, bleeding, involuntary vomiting, as well as a hangover, and just quenches thirst well. It is better to eat quince in small quantities or steamed, as well as in the form of jam, especially with honey.

Oranges are rich in vitamins B, C and A. They help cleanse the blood, tone the entire body, endow it with vitality and energy, and improve appetite. Oranges contain antiscorbutic agents that prevent and treat gum disease. This sunny citrus works great for constipation of any complexity, in addition, it is useful for anemia, indigestion, loss of appetite, weakness and lethargy. Orange juice has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anti-allergic properties, prevents the formation of blood clots. And recently it was found that the juice of fresh oranges helps to lower blood cholesterol.


Literally translated – “a bunch of fruits.” Indeed, these huge fruits grow in clusters on large trees reaching a height of 10-12 meters, and bear fruit only once every 1.5-2 years. Grapefruit juice is considered useful, as it enhances metabolic processes in the body and, according to the testimony of some enthusiasts, contributes to weight loss. On a note for hypertensive patients: grapefruit juice reduces blood pressure. It is enough to eat a couple of grapefruits a day to feel normal.


Berries and a decoction of young strawberry leaves normalize blood pressure and metabolism, soothe the liver, which, for example, is important after parties with a strong drink. Strawberries have the strongest anti – stress effect: 150 grams of fresh berries neutralize negative emotions, eat them at night and they will save you from insomnia.


There are not so many vitamins in cherries: C, PP, B1, B6, B, B9, E, K. But it is rich in iodine (274 mg / 100 g) and potassium (223 mg / 100 g). Cherry is a medicine for rheumatism, osteochondrosis, and thickening of the walls of blood vessels. In addition, it cleanses the body of toxins and poisons, removes harmful substances from the blood. It can be used as a remedy for acne caused by blood contamination. Cherries have a similar effect. In addition to cleansing the body, it improves appetite. Cherry is recommended for hypertensive patients – it contains a lot of iron, folic acid and vitamin R. And also cherries and cherries cheer up, because these berries are very tasty.

Apricots are rich in potassium and iron salts, which have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. Just like cherries, they are especially useful for hypertensive patients and people suffering from iron deficiency anemia. In addition, apricots are rich in vitamin A, which the eyes and skin need. If you want your skin to resemble a peach, eat apricots.

Blueberries bring undeniable health benefits: rich in antioxidants, they normalize brain function, slow down aging, and remove radiation. But the biggest trump card of blueberries is the huge content of beta-carotene, which is simply irreplaceable for our eyes. During the season, it is recommended for everyone, but especially for people working at a computer, to eat a glass of this miraculous berry every day.

Grapes are one of the best fruits, it has great nutritional value, improves blood, softens solid substances, corrects the imbalance in the body. Grapes are rich in glucose, fructose and sucrose. They are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, which is very important for the quick restoration of human health and strength. Grapes are rich in organic acids – tartaric, gluconic , malic, citric, succinic and oxalic. In the human body, these acids are easily converted, generating heat and not causing oxidation of the blood. They help to improve digestion, appetite, and prevent the formation of kidney stones. The pectin contained in grapes removes radioactive substances from the body. Grapes are very useful for people involved in physical labor or sports. It helps with fatigue, anemia, nervous system disorders and diathesis. Grapes have a beneficial effect on the heart muscles, enhances metabolism and activates the kidneys. It prevents and cures urolithiasis, gout, normalizes the composition of gastric juice, and improves the absorption of food. Berries and juice have diuretic, diaphoretic and mild laxative properties, give some tonic and pressure-lowering effect.


The juice of pomegranate fruit, containing iron, is curative: eating pomegranates in food increases hemoglobin in the blood. Fresh pomegranate fruits are also recommended for coughs, colds, fever. In folk medicine, the juice of sweet pomegranates is used for kidney disease, and sour – as a remedy for kidney stones and gall bladder. Pomegranate juice quenches thirst well in feverish conditions, acts as an antipyretic. Pomegranate peel is used to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as an astringent for diarrhea (including dysentery), and the bark of roots and branches – to expel worms.

Peaches soften, moisturize and cool, therefore they are useful for dryness and overheating of the body. They have cleansing properties and help remove toxins from the body. However, people with an easily excitable nervous system are recommended to eat peaches in moderation.


Ripe sweet pears, both fresh and dried, have anchoring properties and are therefore beneficial for bowel disorders. Pear pulp is more easily tolerated by the body than apple pulp. Pears have an invigorating, refreshing and cheerful effect, improve mood, are useful for palpitations, strengthen the stomach, aid in food digestion, and are useful for burning in the bladder. Pear helps with severe mushroom poisoning.

Melon cleanses and removes adhered thick matter, thins the blood, is quickly absorbed, moisturizes the brain and the entire body and gives fullness to the body. Melon drives sweat, urine, helps to remove stones from the kidneys and bladder.

Apples are very useful: they contain malic and citric acids; tannins; trace elements – potassium, magnesium, iron, sulfur, manganese, phosphorus; pectin substances. Raw apples promote active secretion of gastric juice.
Baked apples actively improve intestinal motility and are a dietary product. There is a lot of iodine in apple seeds, if you eat 5-6 apple seeds, then the daily need for iodine will be satisfied.


This fruit contains a lot of vitamin C (1 kiwi per day covers the daily requirement of this vitamin). As you know, vitamin C strengthens the immune system, blood vessels, increases the body’s resistance to all kinds of infections, helps the body to fight stress. In addition, kiwi contains a lot of magnesium, potassium mineral salts and fiber, which helps to eliminate cholesterol from the body and normalizes digestion.


The coconut is the fruit of the coconut tree. Coconuts are about the size of a baby’s head, and the fibrous flesh is covered with a leathery shell. Coconuts ripen for 10-12 months and weigh from 1 to 2.5 kg. In the cavity of the coconut there is a pleasant-tasting milk that quenches thirst well and is very beneficial for the skin, and on the inner walls there is a thick layer of white flesh. Milk and coconut pulp are rich in micronutrients that rejuvenate and improve vision.

Banana differs from other fruits in its high starch content. It is very useful for gastrointestinal tract diseases. Some nutritionists cite bananas as a stand-alone first breakfast. Bananas go well with all sweet fruits, curdled milk, cream. Ripe and very ripe bananas are most useful. It is better to refuse unripe fruits.

Lemon is useful for headaches caused by heat, dizziness, hangover; with swelling in the throat, with palpitations, with accelerated blood flow, nausea. Lemon is harmful to people suffering from nervous system disorders, as well as those suffering from a cold cough and sensitive to cold.

Now, knowing the benefits of fruits, you can replenish your vitamin stores. I offer personally proven tonic diets, after which you will look simply gorgeous!

Watermelon diet

For hypertension, circulatory failure, nephritis, gout, liver and biliary tract diseases, obesity – consume 300-400 g of watermelon pulp 5 times a day. The diuretic and dietary properties of watermelons have long been known. The watermelon diet, like most “extreme” mono- diets, is not recommended for more than five days. During this time, you will thoroughly get rid of toxins, excess water in the body, as well as unwanted salts.

The diet is simple: during the day you eat watermelon at the rate of a kilogram of pulp per 10 kg of your weight. Carefully monitor your condition: in some cases, the body reacts negatively to such watermelon mono-nutrition . You can not carry out a watermelon diet with kidney stones, diabetes mellitus, severe diseases of the pancreas.

If on the second day you did not find any side symptoms in the form of heaviness in the abdomen, flatulence, frustration, feel free to continue the diet for all five days.

After the end of the diet, for which they usually lose up to three kilograms, switch to “watermelon nutrition” for another ten days.

For breakfast: Eat unsweetened oatmeal and a little cheese.

For lunch: a slice of fish, meat or poultry and a vegetable salad without a greasy dressing.

For dinner: a solid portion of watermelon at the rate of 1 kg of pulp per 30 kg of weight.

In fifteen days of watermelon eating, you can lose up to 8 kilograms!

Strawberry diet

The antimicrobial properties of strawberries are used to treat inflammatory diseases of the nasopharynx. In addition, the tannins included in its composition strengthen the gums.

On the basis of strawberries, you can compose a summer diet that will help you lose 2-2.5 kg of excess weight in 4 days.

Sample menu for the day


Fruit salad

Method of preparation: Rinse 250 g of strawberries, cut. Wash half of the apple, remove the seeds, cut into cubes. Peel and cut half of the banana into slices. Mix fruits with 50 g of natural yoghurt (1.5% fat) and 1 tsp . honey (320 kcal).

First snack

Strawberry milk

Method of preparation: Make mashed potatoes from 100 g of strawberries, add 100 ml of low-fat milk and 1/2 tsp . honey. Pour into a glass, add 50 ml of mineral water (without gas), mix everything (100 kcal).


Strawberry and Asparagus Salad

Ingredients: 300 g white asparagus, salt, 150 g strawberries, 100 g cucumber, 1 slice of turkey breast, 1/2 tsp. broth in cubes, 1 tbsp. l. lemon juice, 1 tsp. olive oil, 10 g chopped parsley, 20 g pine nuts.

Method of preparation: Rinse the asparagus, peel, remove the coarse ends. Cut into slices and cook in salted water for 5-8 minutes. Drain the water. Rinse the strawberries, cut into circles. Peel the cucumber and cut it lengthwise into thin slices. Cut the turkey breast into strips. Arrange the asparagus, strawberries, cucumber and meat on a plate.

For the sauce: 6 tbsp . mix water with broth, lemon juice and olive oil. Add parsley. Pour the salad over the sauce and sprinkle with pine nuts (270 kcal).

Second snack

Strawberry yogurt

Method of preparation: Rinse 150 g of strawberries, peel, depending on the size of the berries, cut in half or into quarters. Stir 75 g of natural yogurt (1.5% fat) with 1/2 tsp . honey until smooth and pour over the fruit, adding 2 tbsp. l. corn flakes (130 kcal).


Spicy salad

Ingredients: 300 g potatoes, 1/2 onion, 1/2 bunch of leafy celery, 100 g strawberries, 50 g low-fat cottage cheese, 50 g natural yogurt (1.5% fat), 5 g chopped parsley, 1 tsp … lemon juice, salt, pepper.

Method of preparation: Wash the potatoes and boil them in their skins. Peel and finely chop the onion. Rinse the leaf celery thoroughly and chop finely. Rinse strawberries, peel and cut into small cubes. Mix low-fat cottage cheese with natural yogurt,
parsley and lemon juice. Season the resulting mass with a little salt and pepper. Then add onion, celery and strawberries. Drain the potatoes and serve with the strawberry curd cream (330 kcal).

Strawberries have the strongest anti – stress effect and help maintain a good mood. 150 g of berries quickly neutralize negative emotions. In addition, strawberries normalize metabolism and blood pressure!

Diet “Summer freshness”

A delicious 7 Day Diet that is easy to follow once a month. It is especially good to use it in summer, because this time of the year is replete with all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

So, choose for yourself those vegetables and fruits that you love the most, and consume them all day – for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


The first day is vegetable. Let’s say you chose cucumbers. You can eat them in any quantity: at least 10, at least 20 kg during the day. But, no matter how juicy cucumbers are, they will not replenish enough fluid in your body, so we advise you to drink plenty of mineral water on this day.


If the previous day was vegetable, then it should be followed by fruit. For example, apple, orange or pear. Divide the fruit into four to five meals, and consume the bulk at lunchtime. If you feel unbearable hunger, then drink a glass of kefir or yogurt.


Today you can eat berries. It can be fragrant fresh strawberries, plums, or gooseberries. Eat berries throughout the day and drink mineral water or boiled water in unlimited quantities.


On this day, you should give preference to fermented milk products – kefir, yogurt or fermented baked milk – they should be drunk in small sips throughout the day. If your empty stomach constantly reminds of itself, then eat some low-fat cottage cheese with a little sugar without sour cream. It is best to end this day with a glass of kefir.


Vegetables again. Choose them at your discretion – it can be cabbage, pumpkin, potatoes (but not fried, but boiled) or juicy tomatoes. Eat only vegetables throughout the day and do not forget about the mineral water .


Dedicate this day to some fleshy berry: cherries, apricots or peaches. During the day, eat the berries of your choice, and at night do not forget to drink a full glass of kefir.


The most, perhaps, the most difficult and difficult. During the day, you will need to drink some kind of fruit juice – apple, grape, or orange.

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