The body parts we sit on grow 50% faster than the rest

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According to a study published by The Telegraph, the areas of our body that are exposed to pressure when we lie or sit, increase the production of fat by 50% compared to other parts of the body. Accordingly, the scientists concluded that some parts of the human body that are subjected to systematic pressure during a sedentary lifestyle are enlarged.

Thus, it is quite appropriate to explain the excess weight in people whose lifestyle is not very mobile. According to the professor from Tel Aviv, A. Gefer, even proper nutrition, as well as periodic training, still do not stop this process.

The study was aimed at studying the precursor cells of adipose tissue – preadipocytes. The study showed that such cells, under stress for a long time, turn into fat cells faster, and the process of creating new pre-adipocyte cells is accelerated. This conclusion was made by studying patients with spinal injuries, and for a long time staying in a sedentary state. Scientists have noticed that over time, fat cells begin to penetrate the muscle tissue of a person, and the reason for this is the mechanical pressure exerted by a motionless body mass.

An experiment was carried out, laboratory grown pre-adipocytes were placed in a special device in which they were stretched and some pressure was exerted on them. A control group of cells was cultivated in parallel, without pressure.

After just two weeks, the result could be increased: in the first group of cells, the fat content was 50% more than in the control group.

Being overweight is a very common problem these days. However, it is not insoluble. There are many diets that help to normalize your weight, such as the diet of Dr. Kovalkov. However, if excess weight is not a consequence of a sedentary lifestyle or excess nutrition, but is caused by disorders in the body, then it is imperative to consult with your doctor and in no case take independent attempts to lose weight. 

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