Therapeutic fasting: the main benefits and harms

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Many doctors and scientists argue that temporary refusal to eat has a positive effect on the functioning of our entire body.

The benefits of fasting are manifested in the fact that in a short time you can quickly cleanse your body of harmful toxins and toxins, and also give your stomach a “rest” from heavy food. An additional effect of this unconventional method of healing the body will be getting rid of many diseases. In addition, if you are worried about excess weight, then with the help of fasting you can quickly lose weight.

Rules that will ensure proper fasting But in order for this unconventional method not to negatively affect your health, you need to carry out proper fasting. Be sure to consider a number of rules that must be followed: 1. You cannot starve if you are underweight; 2. It is imperative to take preparatory measures before starting fasting. This can be a preliminary transition to a dietary regime or bowel cleansing; 3. Be sure to monitor the state of your body during fasting, and immediately react if you become very ill or some organ begins to hurt.

Fasting for health

Therapeutic fasting for the sake of health allows you to remove dangerous poisons from the body, and also stimulates the production of the adrenal cortex hormone, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. In this regard, fasting is useful for autoimmune diseases, atherosclerosis, rheumatism, bronchial asthma and any other inflammatory processes in the body. 

To carry out therapeutic fasting at home, consult your doctor. You can carry out medical fasting at home, but before that, be sure to consult with your doctor, he will tell you in more detail about how much and how to fast, taking into account your health condition. You cannot suddenly give up food, it is advisable to prepare your body in advance with the help of various health diets. Approximately a month before the expected start of medical fasting, you need to give up junk food (confectionery, baked goods, smoked meats). If you are a beginner and for the first time fasting for the sake of health, then you should not give up food for more than a day. It is also advised to additionally cleanse the intestines with enemas or laxatives. During the day, it is allowed to drink only plain water in unlimited quantities. The right way out of fasting is also very important. You should not immediately eat all the foods that are present in the refrigerator.

It is necessary to observe restorative nutrition, in terms of time it should be equal to the duration of fasting. Such nutrition consists in the fact that at first you need to consume only fruit and vegetable juices, and then gradually start eating fresh vegetables, fruits and dairy products. It is better to return to meat dishes as late as possible.

What is the harm of fasting But many opponents of this technique point to the harm of fasting. First of all, this applies to those who are not starving properly, because excessive refusal of food for a long time can lead to various diseases or death. In addition, fasting is unacceptable for people suffering from cancer, diabetes, cardiac arrhythmia, chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and cirrhosis.

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